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  1. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    5. Pretty boring episode, but not too many pull my hair out stupidity moments. Only major issue I had was with Arya. In fact, her entire role in this episode is a pretty good insight or a metaphor to the continuing decline of the show. In season 1, Arya's struggles seem pretty realistic when she finds herself begging in the streets while trying to hunt pigeons because she is a child who is all alone. I loved that kind of realism. Now, somehow she inexplicably pulls bags of coins out of midair with no explanation at all. Furthermore, I am guessing she is going to survive 4 stab wounds, where one stab wound killed a stable boy in season one (as it should). I realize that this is a fantasy show. However, my love for the show was based on the fact that this is a fantasy that is guided by realistic events. Now, all logic has gone out the window. It is truly a typical fantasy show where all plots are solved by a magical or unrealistic device. I'm glad they are doing the Jaime story, but his acting and the Black Fish were not all that great. That scene was really the only part of Feast that I liked, so I was wanting more.
  2. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I really liked this episode. I see there is a lot of hate for it and usually I am the first to criticize but I don't think this episode deserves it. Season 4 was terrible it took my favorite part of the books and turned it into the worst TV. This season took my least favorite part of the books and made it pretty entertaining. It was an up and down season and I was a little worried after the 9th episode but I think it ended very well. A note on the general story lines during the season: -The Wall: The choosing was terrible, everything else was excellent (aside from Jon and the wildlings showing up at the middle of the wall) -Winterfell: They could have done more, just seemed like they had nothing else for Sansa to do. I liked the end a lot. -Riverlands: Probably the best part of AFFC and it wasn't used at all. bad choice. -Kings Landing: Cersei and the High Sparrow was all very good, missing the proper ending to ADWD though. -Stannis: pretty good, I was moved by the final episode in each aspect. -Arya: way worse than the books. I wasn't really invested in the story at all. -Dany: The fighting pit was a huge let down. That was really the only point to that plot for the season and they blew it. -Dorne: What can be said that hasn't been said already. Really bad acting and story. I kind of liked the ending but it could have been arrived at way better. Over all it was my second favorite season. Way better than S4
  3. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I take it that you are not a "book baby" Do you actually find the Dorne story line entertaining? Was Arya's lengthy scene really interesting? Did Jon arriving on foot at the middle of The Wall make any sense? Hard to give an episode an 8 when 50 percent of it was wasted. That's just math.
  4. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I think your opinion of the episode and your rating should be introduced to each other.
  5. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I gave it a 3. I won't touch on the major elements to the episode as it has been well covered already. I will say that Dorne continues to be awful. What was the point of the jail cell scene? We sacrificed Jaime's plot line from AFFC for this? Is Arya just going to poison some seafood to kill the insurance guy? How is that training to be some great assassin? In fact her whole scene dragged on for ever. It had no pay off either. The Wall was a waste of time, was the whole thing just to have Olly scowl at Jon once more? I get it hes dislikes this decision.
  6. Hour of the Wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Quite good, but I wanted more from Tyrion and Dany. Maybe it will come later.
  7. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 504?

    You can usually tell how bad an episode was by seeing how many pages the rant thread is. I'll give it a 4. Sand Snakes are off to a bad start. I think this season is very up and down. But this is my least favorite source material so they are kinda playing with house money.
  8. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 503?

    This has got to be the first scene where I liked Brienne. She is supposed to be as humble as she was there. High Sparrow is going to be great. Not sure of Cersei's reason to like him so quickly though. I kind of like the new Sansa. She is obviously going to be Manderly I'm not sure about the pie though. First time I enjoyed a Tyrion scene this season. I wonder how it will play out from here. The Wall got a bit better after they F'd up the election. I think it weakens Jon's resolve to make up his mind after he is voted LC. Having Davos and Jon conversations are a little bit of fan fic I actually want to hear. 9/10 from me, it has been up and down so far this season.
  9. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 501?

    7 I hated the season 4 ending, so this is an encouraging improvement for me. Only thing I can't stand is Brienne's story/personality/everything, I really liked the Cersei intro, although I wish it had been expanded a bit more. I don't think I had enjoyed an intro that much since the very first episode of the series.
  10. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 410?

    "A thousand eyes and.... two." Ridiculous. The show has steadily gone downhill from season 1. This season had the best source material and they only came up with 2 quality episodes out of ten in my opinion. I now begin my watch for many years from now, when this show had been forgotten and someone does Martin's books justice with movie adaptation. Here are the problems with this episode: 1. No Tysha. Really a problem with the entire series that they tried to replace her with Shae. Ruined so many things. My favourite part of the books was Tyrion's discussion with Jaime and the cause for killing his father. 2. Brienne's character. I always saw her in the books as someone who was physically unattractive, but her personality was her true virtue. Now her personality is as unattractive as her appearance. No redeeming qualities in her anymore and her dedication to her "oath" seems way more like stubbornness than honor. 3. 2 eyes. I could understand not going through the effort of giving him one eye, but why in seven hells would you have him say that quote? 4. Leaf, or whoever she was and her fireballs. If I knew that my actor could not throw, I would not have her weapon of choice be fireballs. It looked so amateur, that I would have laughed if it wasn't making me so angry. 5. Skeletons and Jojen's death. As comical as the fireballs. Only more frustrating in that Jojen's character was a mockery from start to finish. 6. Most importantly, the ending. They have had many great epilogues and prologues to work with, yet have only used one in the correct place and that was the first scene of the show. Instead each season ends and begins with some fluff, instead of capitalizing on some fan favorite moments. I'm done with the show, at least I won't have to make the hard choice of letting the show spoil the books for me when the pass Martin. So thanks for that.
  11. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 207?

    Best of the season, maybe 3rd favourite of the series. I am assuming the last episodes of the season will be very good. I haven't enjoyed this season at all, but this will likely turn it around. My biggest question before the season started was how are they going to handle the scene with Bran and Rickon being displayed in Winterfell. It was very well done. It was at the end of the episode like I thought it would be. Not a flaying, which I could not believe HBO would do, but burning is just as shocking. Luwin and Theon's reactions really were perfect and it was very emotional for me to see this, one of the most memorable moments from the books. It is pretty clear what they are going to do with Dagmer. I am a little disapointed, but I am liking the acting of the person playing him, so I am fine with the change. Brienne still does not cut it. Her impact was small though. I am not looking forward to her being more involved in the following seasons. Jon's story is going to be a bit of a surprise. I like how it goes in the books, so I hope it is still as good. I really like the changes in Qarth. It makes Dany's story more interesting by spicing up the people around her. I look forward to "Arstan's" arrival and I wonder how it will be different. Edit: I have to add, the wide shot of Harrenhal was amazing. I gave the episode a 9
  12. Hour of the Wolf

    How would you rate episode 205?

    4. I'm surprised by the high level of approval for this episode. This episode was going to be the true test for Gwendoline Christie, and I think it is clear that she will not be very good. She looks the part and that fight scene in the tent was great, but her acting is painful to watch. It was going to be a hard role to pull off, so I am not surprised, but it still has to be said that Brienne is a failure so far. The shadow at the end of the last episode got me really excited, and then fizzled with Renly's death in this episode. Bronn is still very good, but I think Tyrion is not as entertaining as I was hoping. ACOK is Tyrion's book, and he has yet to take over. He really took control in the book, but he only seems to be a side show so far. The Tickler becoming one of the deaths was brutal. Absolutely killed one of the best moments I was waiting for in ASOS at the inn. I don't mind changes, but my favorite Arya moment has no chance of happening now.