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  1. @TeleprompterRS Jel ga zato nema nigde na TV-u? Da se osigura da ce da uzme glasove?

  2. RT @communiess: Spread the word and nominate @CommunityTV Favorite Streaming Series #PCA2016 #andamovie https://t.co/yDIeUb17sF https://t.…

  3. @NorthernlionLP NL there's a dank Holiday/Christmas Event and stage in Rocket League. You might want to check that out. Its super awesome.

  4. @IrishThrones If Tytos Blackwood appears I'm going to lose my shit.

  5. @NorthernlionLP NL, the month with most car accidents is actually August. Fatalities actually drop from average during snowy months ~ Forbes

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