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  1. FacelessDude

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Another of Cersei's chapters I find amusing is when she allows the Warrior's Sons to be recognized by the crown. I'm paraphrasing here but she says something along the lines of "my father would be proud if he could see me now.' I was humiliated for her at that specific moment!
  2. FacelessDude

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    My favorite moment was when Brienne and Podrick run into septon Meribald and he gives the broken men speech. It was quite moving. Another moment I enjoyed reading of (it seems to be a common favorite) is Cersei acting as Queen Regent. She becomes so paranoid, foolish and arrogant that she does all the wrong things. I found it especially comical when she gives Aurane Waters the title of master of ships. Once Cersei is arrested Waters just takes off with the dromonds.
  3. FacelessDude

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    I would bend the knee to Stannis if I had to choose between those seven. By "law" Stannis is supposed to inherit the Iron Throne, he is Robert's successor. Stannis doesn't harbor any of the madness that Dany does. Robb is a great war leader and warrior but he's not politically cunning and is clueless when it comes to playing the game of thrones (in that he is very similar to Ned). Balon Greyjoy is too ethnocentric and close minded to rule all of Westeros. If he conquered all of Westeros he would establish the Old Way everywhere he possibly could. Yes I agree he's a fantastic naval strategist and commander, but he's too narrow minded and he has almost no diplomacy.
  4. Enjoying a tankard

  5. Re-reading a Game of Thrones

  6. FacelessDude

    How would you rate episode 208?

    I gave this episode a 7, that's the lowest I've rated an episode. I did enjoy the Theon and Asha scenes. Jon's scenes were ripped apart a little, but I'm hoping his scenes and parts will come together. I think eventually he will have to fight Quorin. I just didn't like how he was captured and then he runs into Quorin who is also captured by the wildings, I liked how they were evading capture together in the books and then they are forced to fight once cornered. Plus, no Weasel Soup :(. But Arya's chapters are okay, they still capture her character correctly in my view. But they make Tywin appear way to kind and easy going, when in actuality he is a cold hearted bastard who would've had Arya executed if he had the slightest idea of her being a Stark. Tyrions scenes are ok, but they are whitewashing him too much. Also, they made Catelyn look more ridiculous when she freed Jaime. She was never shown recieiving news of Bran and Rickons 'death' in the books, therefore giving her more incentive to get her only remaining children back, maybe Arya and Sansa. So they made her look more irrational because they didn't show that in the show.
  7. FacelessDude

    How would you rate episode 207?

    Overall an ok episode. I was looking forward to Jon letting Ygritte go and then havin Jon meet back up with Quorin Halfhand and the rest of the rangers. The chemistry between Jon and Ygritte happened more in SoS, but I enjoyed their scenes together. It really hit me when she said "you know nothing Jon Snow". The actress who plays Ygritte is pretty and feisty. They did a good job on Theon's character arc. I liked how they mixed Black Lorren with the guy that was killed in CoK by Theon when raiding the fishing villages. So they combined that well. I also liked the look of emotion on Theon's face when he sees the 'bodies' of Bran and Rickon, priceless. They do a great job of replicating the book version of Theon.