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  1. All Souls Bass

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    Valyria would have been extremely expensive, even for a $100+ million/season level show that a Game of Thrones prequel would inevitably be. All those dragons and the unusual architecture (assuming they didn't just change the latter into something much more bland).
  2. All Souls Bass

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    Watching the Shymalan movie, I could see how it could have been good - or at least okay. Get rid of the whole stupid "do the martial art move and then the bending happens" instead of having it happen along with the movement like in the show, get rid of the stupid "fire benders must use lanterns to bend fire", and for god's sake get rid of the constant voice-over exposition. Of course, that only made it annoy me even more. Shymalan loves his heavy exposition in fantasy and SF stuff.
  3. All Souls Bass

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    Maybe online, but the TV ratings for Korra declined even within the same first season (when it was the highest rated cartoon show in 2012). The season finale was down nearly a million viewers from the premiere two-part episode. It did get screwed for the second season, with a Friday Night Death Slot. And you're right that this won't be an issue for Netflix - the whole season will drop at once.
  4. All Souls Bass

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    A live-action remake is not going to be a shot-for-shot copy of the original animated version. The overall story and characters will be the same, but how that gets played out will likely be quite different because of the change in medium - there's a lot you can do in animation that just doesn't work well in live-action (or is far too expensive, even for a high-budget Netflix show). As for different stories, a live-action show doesn't need to end where the original animated series ended. It could continue onward, borrowing stuff from the comics to build storylines. I'm also skeptical that there's a big audience (so far) for TV stories set in the same universe - when they did Legend of Korra, the ratings largely declined both across episodes within the same season and from season-to-season (until they yanked it from a TV release mid-season in Season 3).
  5. All Souls Bass

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    I'm looking forward to this. I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix is hoping this become a big international hit as well (I wouldn't be surprised if they do a lot of the filming that requires extras at a site in Asia). 2020 is going to be a wild year for new giant fantasy streaming shows. There's going to be one every month.
  6. All Souls Bass

    Tolkien 2.0

    Eru gives pretty broad leeway for his children - Ainur, Men, Elves, etc - to behave, although he then responds to and shapes the consequences of that behavior to his ends.
  7. All Souls Bass

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Utah's defense has been playing pretty good this game, despite the two ejections. Not that that was enough when the offense repeatedly shot itself in the foot with unforced fumbles and unguarded incompletions at the worst possible time. There were at least two touchdowns there for Utah that they screwed up with that stuff. Congrats to the Y for beating Wisconsin. I wouldn't read too much into it about them - it wouldn't be the first time that BYU pulled off a major spoiler victory against a top-ranked team, only to turn back into a pumpkin in the next game and lose by something ridiculous like 55-21.
  8. All Souls Bass

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    Thank you! 'Tis the season (almost).
  9. All Souls Bass

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Or Yennefer. She doesn't come from any special background IIRC aside from her mother being half-elvish - she was just a poor, hunch-backed girl with shitty parents.
  10. All Souls Bass

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Min's visions might not adapt well from text to screen. On-screen, she'd . . . just be saying prophetic stuff once in a while?
  11. All Souls Bass

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I'm guessing Aaron Paul as sleazy business executive that Dolores is manipulating for her own aims. I kind of wonder how they're going to do this in seasons 3 onward. Dolores is straight up genocidal, which is probably going to get more and more uncomfortable to watch as time goes on. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the way that the overthrow of humanity happens is with trickery - i.e. dangle the process of digital immortality and paradise for humans, watch as most of them get uploaded into a completely simulated world (which is the only place where they're stable, unlike in host bodies), and boom! Dolores and her ilk now own the real world.
  12. All Souls Bass

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    If they really want to try and screw things up even more, they could forcing global companies with a presence in Europe to abide it (just like they're trying with the Right to Be Forgotten*). A bunch of big sites might just straight-up geoblock continential European IP addresses to avoid that. * I actually like the idea of that right, don't get me wrong.
  13. All Souls Bass

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    That's pretty bad news. If you have an internet forum or website with comments based in the EU, better hope this doesn't end up ultimately going into law - otherwise you're going to have to pre-post moderate every comment to make sure nobody is posting copy-righted content (or put it through a Content ID filter).
  14. All Souls Bass

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    Thirded what others have said. I'd recommend reading it aloud at first, which really helped me get into it (standing at first while doing that helps too - I know that sounds silly, but it does).
  15. All Souls Bass

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    The part of FOTR where they travel from Bag End to Bree is usually the "drag" part that stops more than a few readers, but I found I enjoyed it a lot more when I re-read Lord of the Rings again. There's a building tension to it after their first near-encounter with one of the Ringwraiths, which doesn't let up until they get some relief at Tom Bombadil's. It just worked for me. Also, reading it against after reading The Silmarillion was good. You really notice some of the continuities of theme.