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  1. Winter Bass

    Strange Things That Just... Do It For You

    There's something about new pens that just pleases me immensely.
  2. Winter Bass

    A question to capitalists; how much should we fear AI?

    Consumption doesn't just mean physical goods. A high share of our consumption is already in the form of services and intangible goods (such as digital media).
  3. Winter Bass

    A question to capitalists; how much should we fear AI?

    We're not really close yet, but if we're at the point in the future where AI and robots could realistically replace virtually all human labor in comparative advantage*, then we need to talk about a Basic Income or its equivalent in goods and services provided. Luckily, if AI and robotics really are that good and cheap, then it would be straightforward for the government to purchase a ton of them and put them to work maintaining such a set-up. That tends to not get mentioned much in these scenarios - the same AI and robotics that could replace human labor also make it much cheaper to have them support humans. Personally, though I don't think we're close. More likely is that we don't really see a rise in unemployment, versus simply consuming and producing more goods and services while your average workers works atop an increasingly large edifice of automated systems. Maybe most of us will be robot shepherds, or work in maintaining an incredibly complex technological system. * This is a key thing to remember. The robots could have an absolute advantage in producing goods and services over humans, but we might still use humans because it's cheaper (and if AI really was putting people out of jobs en masse, human labor would be cheap).
  4. Saw Glass in theater today. The first 20 minutes are good, the last 40 minutes are good, but the middle hour or so sucks. I do not recommend seeing it in theater, versus streaming/renting it later and fast forwarding through the middle.
  5. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    I'm not making any predictions anymore, because I did not see this coming. Who knows what the final episode will bring? Will they time-skip? Either way, I'm interested.
  6. Tonight's was pretty meh. Middle Guy seemed like he was having problems with the clicker, and the final question was pointless because the guy on the far right was so far ahead that none of them could catch up.
  7. I'm hooked on watching Jeopardy again. Thank goodness for DVRs.
  8. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    They might, depending on how strong the critical praise is for the fourth season (and whether it shows some strong legs in on-demand and Netflix watches). Other shows have gotten at least four seasons because of critical praise despite mediocre ratings, such as Community and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  9. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    I think they're going to completely break the system altogether by the end of this season, with the reconstruction happening in the fourth season (which they've gotten, but which I suspect will be the last one unless the ratings get drastically better). The final two episode titles are "Chidi sees the Time-Knife" and "Pandemonium". In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up breaking things after something like what you suggest. Imagine the Judge taking into mind what they've said, and making changes for future arrivals . . . but they only apply to future arrivals, not all the people who got screwed over under the old rules (including our heroes). Michael then tries something drastic again, and pandemonium ensues.
  10. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    It didn't hurt it for me, and I was spoiled on the Season 1 surprise before I ever decided to watch the show.
  11. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    Yep, you pretty much did. It's basically impossible for humans to get into the Good Place now because even good actions can unintentionally cause massive amounts of harm*, and the world got drastically more connected and complicated once Trans-Oceanic travel started to knit the world together. I'm very curious as to how the rest of this season is going to play out, now that the show has a fourth season in line. The titles for the final two episodes are "Chidi sees the Time-Knife" and "Pandemonium", which makes me wonder if our protagonists (especially Michael) are going to break reality somehow - with the fourth season being them putting it back together. * Looks like Chidi was right, too! Remember his bit about how he thought it was because he bought the Almond Milk despite knowing the environmental problems caused by it? Turns out that's actually kind of right in general (if maybe not specifically in his case).
  12. Winter Bass

    U.S. Politics: Oh Donnie Boy, the Feds are calling...

    That 70% top rate is a good idea, for a couple reasons. If it stuck, it would at least raise some revenue and discourage further concentration of income at the top (although going up to 90% on the top rate would be better still for that latter part, albeit it wouldn't raise much revenue). But even if it doesn't stick*, it would be useful for getting a program passed ostensibly using the funding it would raise. * I generally think it won't stick, because Republicans will make it their obsession to repeal it - cutting taxes for rich people is the first and foremost priority of today's congressional Republicans.
  13. Winter Bass

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Maybe it was cheaper to make them from metal, even with the mass penalty. Back in the early 1960s there was a proposal for a truly enormous sea-launched rocket (the Sea Dragon) that would have been made from steel to help keep the cost down.
  14. I thought it was a ton of fun. There's some clunky dialogue (a bit too much exposition), but the movie moves at a good pace, the leads have chemistry, the action scenes are excellent, and the story is easy to follow.
  15. Winter Bass

    Aquaman surely deserves its own spoiler topic, right? Anyone?

    I really enjoyed it. It's a bit over-stuffed on the exposition (and the tone swings all over the place some times), but it works really well because the story is straightforward ("to save the world Arthur needs to become King and stop his half-brother, he needs the trident to do that, go find the trident"), the pacing is very good, and the two leads have some real chemistry (although I am surprised they never made a "Little Mermaid" joke with Mera). It also looks really good, too. Not the most gorgeous comic book movie I've seen this year (that's Into the Spider-Verse), but a good-looking movie.