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  1. Winter Bass

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    It's an uncrewed mission, so Falcon Heavy and Delta IV Heavy not being human-rated wouldn't be an issue (for this flight).
  2. Winter Bass

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    The NASA administrator indicated that he was open to launching the Orion and Orion Service Module on commercial launchers for the EM-1 mission in 2020, given that SLS appears quite unlikely to be ready by that date. Given that there are really only two launchers that can potentially do the two-launch replacement (SpaceX's Falcon Heavy and ULA's Delta IV Heavy), it seems quite likely that SpaceX will get to do one of those missions if this alternate arrangement actually happens (which it very well might not - SLS has powerful supporters in Congress). My guess would be that Falcon Heavy gets the Trans-Lunar Injection stage, while Delta IV Heavy (assuming they can have one ready for launch in just over two years) gets the Orion Capsule and Service Module. Either rocket would need some modifications to make the latter work, since the Orion Service Module is wider than the payload fairings for both Falcon Heavy and Delta IV Heavy.
  3. I absolutely think it could work, provided they cast the right people for the key roles and got the tone right (and the music!). The first couple episodes need to feel like a rollicking ride with good music and some good lines. After that, they can sprawl out more in character development and back-story. RE: Sword in the Stone My biggest worry is that they'll completely screw up the tone on this and try and turn it into a more epic fantasy. The charm of Sword in the Stone is that it's actually a pretty small movie with a small cast, with 95% of the movie taking place at Ector's Castle and the surrounding woods. But if they can get it right, then I think I'd love this movie (also, they should cast Jim Broadbent as Merlin - that would be casting perfection).
  4. With the original show-runners of the cartoon heavily tied into it. That could be really awesome if Netflix gives them the budget and the right casting.
  5. They will absolutely do a CGI remake of Robin Hood if the remake trend doesn't fizzle out before then. Lion King is the test on that - if it makes giga-money, then all the rest with animal protagonists will be on order to be remade next. 101 Dalmations (again), Aristocats, etc.
  6. I'd be fine with Sword in the Stone, if they got the tone right and didn't try to make it an epic (as with Jungle Book, there's an opportunity to do an ending for it that doesn't feel quite so sudden). Atlantis would be a good one, if only because a live-action movie would probably improve upon it and take a somewhat different tack (it's not that great). Another go at a Mario Bros movie could work really well - what screwed up the first shot at a live-action film was the weird "We're in love with Blade Runner and want to incorporate that somehow" thing with the directors (plus the production being a shit-show in general).
  7. Winter Bass

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Is that for the high-speed three month transit? A 6 month transit would be fine if it gave you extra fuel to spare for slowing down and landing.
  8. Winter Bass

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    I don't hate how the Genie looks. He could ham it up more, but in motion and with sound he looks fine (the still picture looks worse). High-pitched Jafar kind of bothered me, though. It makes him seem a lot younger, and Jafar really shouldn't be young.
  9. Winter Bass

    On realism, grimdark and childishness

    Without outside enforcement (either by a state or something else), I think most people would behave well and cooperate . . . but some small fraction of folks would be violent and co-opt others into violence for personal gain, and then many of the people who would otherwise cooperate and behave well have to become violent in response.
  10. Winter Bass

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    NASA should buy a starship flight with a modified internal cabin, then have it spin up end-over-end to test out simulated gravity at 6 RPM or less (specifically what it takes to simulate Martian and Earth gravity). Starship has a big enough internal volume that it could theoretically be used for a crewed Mars mission (although you'd need to refuel in both Mars and Earth orbit, and probably land something on Mars to refuel it on site - and of course this assumes that the fuel tanks are configured so they won't bleed off all the fuel in the transit to Mars).
  11. I doubt it. The costs of extracting and returning helium to Earth from off-world sources would be enormous - it's probably cheaper to try and figure out ways to conserve supplies of it instead, and use alternative materials when necessary.
  12. Winter Bass

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    Pretty quiet finale for this show. A little bit of a reboot, the episode name drop near the end, and . . . who knows? I was half expecting them to time-skip for the finale, but they didn't. I'm not sure how I feel about that. The romance subplots weren't ever really that interesting, except as a kind of ironic twist - Eleanor and Chidi were paired to drive each other crazy, and they turned out to actually be soul-mates.
  13. Winter Bass

    U.S. Politics: 5.7 Billion Problems But The House Ain't One

    But with very different impacts. Capital Gains only affects when the assets are sold, inheritance tax when they are passed on. This would tax them while they were held, which means that they disproportionately punish people with their wealth in illiquid assets (imagine a stock portfolio where you have to liquidate part of it every year to pay your share of the tax, or a single-owner company that is asset-rich and cash-poor because they're new or in a really competitive industry). Jeff Bezos, for example, would be on the hook for $4.1 billion, and since his wealth is almost all Amazon stock that means he'd have to sell some of it to . . . someone (probably foreign buyers, since other US potential buyers would be hit by the same tax unless they're a pension fund). The Intercept has a more detailed break-down of the plan, and it looks like they kind of address some of that: This does open one interesting possibility, namely that of a big Sovereign Wealth Fund. If the government wanted to build one up quick, they could allow asset owners to pay with ownership instead "in-kind", or make the proceeds from selling the asset to the government tax-exempt. . . . But I suspect will happen will be a lot of tax evasion. Companies are pretty insanely creative at figuring out tax-evasion schemes, and even a better funded IRS can't afford to fight all of them.
  14. Winter Bass

    U.S. Politics: 5.7 Billion Problems But The House Ain't One

    Elizabeth Warren's campaign might be testing the waters for a Wealth Tax of 2% on wealth over $50 million, and 3% of wealth over $1 billion. I kind of think that's a bad idea. A wealth tax taxes wealth, but unless your wealth is all cash then you can't pay the tax in wealth - you have to pay it in cash (not literally cash, but currency). That means what it really is taxing is the returns on wealth, and it disproportionately punishes wealth held in long-term, not-so-easy-to-convert-into-cash assets and US Treasury Bonds. The former because the owner of a business can easily be asset-rich and cash-poor (meaning they'd have to borrow money or sell assets to pay the tax), and the latter because anyone with net worth over $50 million (or a share in a company worth more than that) would be essentially burning money by buying them (since the returns would be lower than the annual tax). It's not really a surprise that most wealth taxes have been repealed over the years, and those that still have them have a ton of loopholes to mitigate the effects (which not coincidentally also mean it tends not to collect a lot of revenue).