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  1. They could use a non-weirwood heart tree as a substitute in a pinch. Surely it's the intent that matters. It makes more sense than picking a completely different set of gods... And Riverrun does have a weirwood tree - check that scene in AGoT where Robb and the other Northern leaders (and Tytos Blackwood) are kneeling before it. They have them in various other places in the South as well - Casterly Rock, Oldtown and possibly one at Storm's End that was burned by Mel (?).
  2. I'm fairly sure that there was a bit in the books where Stannis remembers that "Lightbringer" had served him no better than any ordinary sword on the Blackwater, so he did indeed get caught up in the melée. Edit: Yes, it's from ASOS, Davos V: "It glimmers prettily, I grant you, but on the Blackwater this magic sword served me no better than any common steel."
  3. I don't mind the "Talisa" thing in itself, but I just don't see how they're going to have Robb marry her without being even more of an idiot than in the books. At least in the books, he only slept with her when he was wounded and emotionally unstable due to hearing about Bran and Rickon, and then married her afterwards for her honour. But in the show, there's no reason why he wouldn't be perfectly clear-headed when he has sex with her (he's not injured and hasn't heard about his brothers) so he knows what he's doing, and he's a grown man as opposed to a 16 year old. It's going to be a lot harder to sympathise with him when he screws up the war and loses his kingdom and the lives of his men over an infatuation. That said, I enjoyed the Stannis bits, as well as Jaime and Brienne and the scenes in KL. The Harrenhal scenes are always nicely acted and entertaining but I agree with what people are saying about Arya's development. Fast-forwarded through Jon and Dany.
  4. I'm normally one to complain about big changes from the books, but I actually liked this episode - 8/10. I've come to believe that the more sympathetic Cersei is an improvement over the ridiculous book character (I hope they never mention Maggy the Frog), and her descent into madness come Season 4/5 will be more effective this way. The only points that really annoy me are: - Casual kinslaying Jaime. You can't really compare it with Lancel (or Bran). "Alton" had done nothing to offend him and posed no threat to him, and the escape plan was foolish and never likely to work in the first place. As people have been saying, this will really make his redemption harder to swallow. - Jon is still portrayed as far too incompetent and gormless, although Ygritte was done well. - Dany was annoying as usual (but I don't really pay much attention to her stuff anyway).
  5. I was just wondering something about Blackfyre (the sword). The wiki article (http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Blackfyre) calls it a greatsword, but we know that Daemon used it against Gwayne Corbray from horseback. Now, I suppose it's technically possible to wield a two-handed 5-6 ft greatsword whilst mounted, but it would be very awkward. Has it ever actually been called a greatsword in one of the books or an SSM?
  6. Have the Brave Companions even been mentioned yet? I'd like to see the goat. Also, not having Roose at Harrenhal means that there won't be a set-up for "Jaime Lannister sends his regards", which would be a disappointment. Unless they decide to change that to "Talisa from Volantis sends her regards"...
  7. But what does he expect to do with her? He was supposed to dispose of Ygritte. The other rangers aren't going to accept him just dragging her along as a prisoner if he meets back up with them - or is he about to try taking her back to the Wall by himself?
  8. I didn't think this episode was up to par. The Winterfell and KL scenes were quite well done (although I'm not sure what's supposed to have happened to Ser Rodrik's army - were they all crushed at Torrhen's Square?), but some of the changes are completely pointless. - Myrcella crying when the book specifically made a point of her not crying? This feels like the writer is trying to stick it to GRRM or something, for no reason at all. - I have no idea where they're going with the Ygritte thing. I hope it doesn't end up being something stupid - like Jon actually deserting or ending up with Mance because of her. These bits are important for his character and they can't afford to mess it up. - Harrenhal...some nicely acted scenes, sure, but the Amory Lorch stuff just seems to be there for a cheap thrill. And Tywin is being randomly warm and open to his suspicious cupbearer. - Littlefinger, Littlefinger everywhere. He is really getting on my nerves.
  9. 8/10 I really enjoyed this episode. It's definitely the best of the season so far. Most of the changes make sense - I only have a few minor quibbles: The whole Theon scene seemed a bit over the top to me, with his crew randomly taking the piss out of him. Didn't like Dagmer Cleftjaw, and the less said about Yara the better. The bit with Qhorin Halfhand was slightly off. The Old Bear came across as too passive (and strangely jovial?) and not really the man in charge, Jon was obnoxious and the Fist of the First Men didn't look like much of a fortifiable defensive position (and is everything North of the Wall supposed to be so completely...frozen in the books? I had the impression that that only really applied to the Lands of Always Winter) The changes to Renly's death felt unnecessary, with Brienne actually killing people rather than Loras going berserk.
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