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  1. Stieg Larsson: I've never read any of his books, but I saw one of his movies, I think. It was pretty good, but it was in some foreign language, so I couldn't really follow it. But anyway, he's had like four movies made from his books, in two different languages, and I keep hearing about dragon tattoos everywhere, so he's probably a frontrunner for the prize.

    Well, Stieg Larsson is sort of dead, and I think it just may disqualify him.

    As for Dylan, I can only say he is way better poet than some who actually did win.

  2. [quote name='Greycox' post='1349314' date='May 10 2008, 00.19']"Purposefully shaped"? It does seem so. But, from what we know of the Boltons this might even trend towards normalcy - and perhaps even more so where bastards are concerned. Also, one might argue that Roose's [s]child[/s] monster rearing techniques are necessary in order to raise someone that's [s]worthy[/s] adequately monsterous to one day be the Lord of the Dreadfort.[/quote]

    The Boltons as Siths? Roose as Master and Ramsay as Apprentice who can replace a Master only by killing him? This sure sounds like a new theory. Seems interesting.
  3. [quote name='Ran' post='1302659' date='Apr 6 2008, 12.46']From remarks Odie made elsewhere, George seems to have already changed some sort of detail related to Tywin's death and the events in this chapter. I'm guessing that he dropped Slynt's reference to Tywin, but that's just a guess. :)[/quote]

    This would clear it. I suspect it was continuity error analogical to Dorne chapter in AFFC. That one was removed in paperback edition, IIRC.
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