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  1. And part of the problem is that as much as you might dislike a country's government, it's not fair to punish their fans. I perhaps naively believe that our passion for spec fic at least theoretically makes us part of the same Worldcon community. Plus, the US has a LOT to answer for and yet US fans get to control Worldcon as much as they like. Anyways, thanks to virtual components going forward, we can attend virtually and still participate. And Ran, I thought the Chair said he expected 10,000 attendees during the Business Meeting, but perhaps I misheard.
  2. Thanks to Ken for the reminder. The first BwB attendance at a con was in 2001. That makes this the 20th anniversary of BwB con meetups!
  3. Let's continue our discussion of the Hugos and other Worldcon Awards. @Lily Valley I recommend starting with A Deadly Education, then Cemetery Boys and Legendborn. I'll have to give Elatsoe another try because it was a DNF for me, and the others have been on hold at the library for weeks. ETA: this is a continuation of the previous thread found here
  4. God, I really want to participate in this discussion but this thread is so long I despair of even reading a few pages of it. I will say that I really loved that the episode had such a visual link to the tradition of ASOIAF art. So many of the scenes were laid out in compositions that couldn't help but be familiar to followers of fantasy art and art from the series. I thought the colors were stunning and some of the scenes had really spectacular imagery - the meeting of the two Bolton armies, the scenes inside the Eyrie (whether that wonderful winding LF stroll down the stairs, Sansa in her room, or the great shots in the LF trial) , the dramatic ugliness outside Moat Cailin with Theon on his horse, Grey Worm leaping into the river viewed from under water, Barriston and Mormont on the outside terrace, the absolutely stunning battle location in Kings Landing. So many of the episodes lack that epic visual element, but I thought it was well done in this case. It was a feast for the eyes. (Of course, as Pod says, it may helped that I was watching it in HD).
  5. To me it seemed like a way to establish for viewers what the situation was in Winterfell, with no parents and elder siblings. Also as a way to indicate how all the strong and able bodied men have been pulled out of the north, which will of course be relevent when Theon comes.
  6. Okay, I wasn't going to post because these threads were making me want to scratch my eyes out, but Humble Asskicker saved the day. I can't even begin to contemplate the reaction if Renly and Margaery start fucking like dogs. Anyways, I might as well join the fray. I continue to think Jack Gleeson is the greatest thing to ever hit television. That kid is seriously fucking brilliant. Not only was he wonderful in the Ser Dontos scene ('did you like that?), but the throneroom scene with Cersei was totally amazing. I thought Lena Heady was really fantastic in that scene as well, because you could see Cersei trying to remain calm and keep a straight face, while also 1) having her heart crushed by her own son, and 2) realizing just a little bit that she has no control over her son and he is in fact a monster. I thought they did a good job of sticking to GRRMs love of parallelism, since the violent, cruel, and twisted mother-son interaction of Joffery and Cersei was preceded by the scene with Robb and Catelyn, where Catelyn respects her son's role as king and Robb comforts and supports his mother, exhibiting just how a loyal and loving family is supposed to operate. God, those poor Starks. As for Cersei, I thought the Cersei/Littlefinger scene was fine. The Littlefinger in action there was the exact same Littlefinger we saw throughout the first season, a creepy, information hoarding, extremely confident douche. The show has to have him be like that for reasons of suspense, otherwise, when we get to the big Littlefinger 'reveal,' the audience will have been totally thrown for a loop and will likely be pissed and WTFing. What he says with Cersei is perfectly in line with what he said to Renly at the joust and what he revealed to Varys. On top of that, the fantastic 'power is power' line in that scene was one of my favorite parts of the episode. One other thing about Cersei. Her dress at the beginning of the episode in the small council meeting was so gorgeous I could hardly pay attention to what was going on. I kept wanting her to get up so I could see the whole thing. (Also another nice contrast with Catelyn who was still wearing that same green dress). Overall, the costumes were stellar. Joffery's outfit was stunning. They've really raised the bar this time. If they don't get nominated for costume awards I am going to go on a rampage. The design in general was impressive, as was to be expected, what with the giant wooden statues of the Seven, Craster's Keep, and the map table at Dragonstone. Very cool stuff. I felt fine with the wolves, especially because I was too busy being damn relieved that they didn't look like the Twilight wolves. I barely had time to register whether or not they met the actual laws of physics in their confirmation, even! Crazy, I know. I've already said it, but the dragon - holy shit. I want one! Baby Drogon looked totally convincing to me, very real. Definitely better than Newborn Drogon from last year. I hope we get lots of dragon appearances in the rest of the season because I was so blown over by that one minute. Craster was fine with me, and his keep was sufficiently perverted. I have to disagree with most complainers and with Milk Steak, although I like his thinking. There is no way in hell that any non-book reader will look at Craster and think he is fat and happy and clean. Get real, people. I'm fine with Ros being the new Chataya. No problem. I even liked that they referrenced the infamous sexposition scene from last year. Very tongue in cheek. The bastard slaughter at the end was great - I didn't see it coming at all and it was pretty heart-rending. That one gut-twisting scene with the Guard carrying the infant by its leg, oh my fucking god. I also liked that one guardsman refused to kill the baby and was weeping in a later scene. My assumption that he'll be Jacelyn Bywater. And the switchover to Gendry was perfectly done. I can't wait to see more of his and Arya's story.
  7. My favorite CGI was the dragon. Holy crap. He was so awesome and natural and realistic looking. I loved that he was awkward and unbalanced. I loved the way he jumped into Dany's hand. He should be on Cuteoverload.
  8. So you don't have to read through 27 pages anymore. Go!
  9. Welcome to the Board, you guys!
  10. Hi Pug. A (belated) welcome to the Board!
  11. For those who want to talk about Arya's mental state, here is a thread that was started less than a month ago on that very topic: Arya is not psychotic
  12. The detail that i particularly liked was that Tyrion wouldn't/couldn't look his Dad in the eye. He kept sort of glancing off and ducking his head and what not. And then we got that amazing stare from Tywin - no wonder!
  13. One of my complaints the first time around was that the wight's eyes weren't piercing-blue enough. After a rewatch, I still feel that way, but Ghost's piercing red eyes were phenomenal and made up for it. On a rewatch I was also further impressed by Dinklage as Tyrion, he was really stretching his chops in this episode. When we met him at the beginning of the season, he was all cocky and lordly, but in different points in this episode he was afraid and unsure and apprehensive. His uncertainty and distress were plain on his face and I appreciated getting to see the other side of Tyrion that we know from the books but hadn't seen yet in the show.
  14. Oh! Oh! Oh! This was one of my favorite bits because all of Chella's ears, there was a big mound of them hanging down over her chest. Geeeerrrr-owe-sssssss.
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