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  1. [quote name='David and Dan' post='1607351' date='Dec 3 2008, 21.19']One last thing: our focus at the moment is on casting the pilot. So we're only worried about characters who appear in the pilot. Just so you know the pilot parameters, here's the first line of dialogue: "We should start back." And here's the last line: "The things I do for love."[/quote] *braingasm* Oh. My. GOD. I knew it! I'm terribly glad you kept the prologue. :D
  2. Welcome to the boards, and congratulations as well. :D Good luck with the production, and I'm glad the board people can help out with our suggestions.
  3. You're welcome, Myshkin. :)

    ...I think.

  4. I think it was the torture one that got me laughing. He just doesn't quite get it, does he? I wanna go back to sleeeeeep.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm too overcome with laughing my head off to respond coherently at this point. I'll try after I get some sleep.
  6. Personally, I think it's a parody. I seem to remember seeing that before in the threads, but I don't recall where. :idea:
  7. There is always Newcombe, or S*anek. ;) Honestly, if he does stop writing, I'll be one of the happiest woman on earth. :)
  8. Aqulla, are we sure this is TG? It doesn't sound quite like him. ETA: My celery is lacking. God, it's scary that what Aqulla posted could just be what Tairy would say.
  9. Those are some shirts, man. ;) I will refrain from making personal jibes on him. But he printed his address there. :P
  10. We should have a shirt like that. "Fear the Yeard. Do not Feed it." Then on the bottom would be the realease date for Confessor.
  11. I don't care what anyone says, Cyclops is awesome. Nice one, Zap, I didn't know you have a devart account. XD
  12. Just dropping by to say that Min, that was probably the best GK parody ever. Ahahahahaha. "Shaker of Booty," Oh God. :lmao: DF, that was a pretty tempting link, but no, I'm a changed woman, I will restrain myself. I also want to say that Scott/Cyclops rock. In fact I'm married to him in the astral plane. :P
  13. Really, I don't know what TG was thinking when he posted that. Was he making light of his heart condition, and was not at all contradicting himself? But anyways, I'm glad he's doing fine now. :) Must use this as my new sig. Anyone know from what book in SoT this is? Reminding people not to get too personal in the posts, btw. I live in horror of the day we see them don the mod hat/bra.
  14. Yes, too bad. There was such a wealth of...'quotes' from that one. *sigh* I suppose in a way it is. But I think we're clearly not TG lovers here. If anything, the above posts are an indication of that. :P
  15. SUMMON MERRIAM WEBSTER! Palp, Palping Main Entry:palp Etymology:Middle French palper, from Latin palpare Means: TOUCH, FEEL Okay, he's accusing RJ of being inconsistent with his writing? I'm not very familiar with Jordan's works, but I think he's probably much better in that respect than Goodkind, whose continuity is just shot to hell, or takes up deux ex machinas to explain such-such. Crap. Is there a summon WLU spell? He's more eloquent on this than I could ever be.
  16. But still plotting sweet revenge, I take it? Higravity, that was a great parody, btw! :D
  17. From those pages: "There is no such thing as pure good or pure evil, least of all in people." -Zedd "When you are out numbered, and the situation is hopeless, you have no option-you must attack!" -Richard "Lord Rahl has very big hands. They fit perfectly over my breasts." -Mord-Sith Berdine "Dance with me death, for I am ready." -Richard And yeah, if we had been there, we would have all been banned. Not recommended, though, unless you're really sure of yourself.
  18. OMFG. Is Tairy plagarizing RJ's disease, too? Is there NO end to THIS? (Congrats on the teaching position. :cheers: Spread the Lemming ways, eh?)
  19. November, IIRC. I was hoping we'd have GKXXX by that time, but we post faster than Tor could publish the damn thing.
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