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    Hey everyone, I first read this series around the time when AFFC came out. My hubby had picked up the books upon hearing a recommendation and I successfully ignored their existence for a few months. Then I made the mistake of picking up and reading throught the first couple of chapters of AGOT. After Bran's fall I was hooked. I did nothing but read those books for the next four or five days...which is quite an accomplishment considering I've got kids. They were lucky they didn't starve. :) At the end of AFFC, however, I was very much disappointed with where George had taken the series. I could go on and on... Basically I was so put off I haven't even bothered to read ADWD yet. The first season of the HBO series was really really good (although the first episode of the second season makes me wonder if they can keep it up) and it inspired me to do a re-read which I'm in the middle of now. I'm using audio books, thankfully, so I can go slow and there is no danger of my kids starving. The re-read is very very satisfying and I'm amazed at how much I missed the first time around. Knowing what happens next does not in any way diminish this. Of course, as part of my re-read I have lots of questions and new insights so that is why I'm here. Oh and I've decided that I'm going to read ADWD after all in spite of the rumored death of one of my favorite characters... but then it wouldn't be GRRRRRR Martin, would it?