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    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    figuratively /Stannis mode ...sorry, I couldn't resist. Forgive me
  2. I got the impression she was just toying with him, pretty much knowing full well what his reaction was going to be. She wasn't (or didn't appear to be) in the least bit surprised, rejected or angry. I thought it worked.
  3. Thorny Issues

    How would you rate episode 203?

    Get outha here with ya logic and reason! Seriously though, for a 'random priest' that actor had excellent presence. Perhaps we'll see more of him...
  4. Why would he kill him though? He didn't and (in the show's logic at least) Jon told Mormont everything and nothing changed. Mormont knew (and Craster knew he knew?) Whereas if he killed Jon and was caught doing so, he could expect reprisals.
  5. A slightly disturbing thought: might they try to eliminate Olenna and make Marg the scheming one? That would be really sad, Olenna is such a brilliant character...
  6. Thorny Issues

    How would you rate episode 202?

    Genuine question: do you skip the (numerous) sex scenes in the books?
  7. Thorny Issues

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Hi all I'm new (but have lurked for a while), My two coppers worth: Balon Greyjoy - superb. Really great and made a much greater impact on me than I remember from the books. He is a mad old sod though... Yara (Asha) - honestly, I think it's too soon to judge. Quite a lot of smirking going on, and I would have enjoyed a bit more verbal sparring. She seemed a bit smug in the scene with Baron, which isn't quite how I think of her. I shall withhold judgement until I see how she handles an axe (also, looks are neither here nor there; though I think she's striking, which is much much better than model beautiful. That would be daft). 'Unfortunate' captain's daughter - what a brave actress. I thought that was a really painful scene to watch, for the right reasons. I also think its the most justifiable sex scene thus far (it shows both Theon's character (and will pay off in his future...trials), and the general gender imbalance in Westeros - certainly much more convincingly than any brothel scenes). Ghost - I love the Dire Wolves. They're huge, and they look amazing. Top CGI work. Gilly - perfect! Samwell - That guy can really act. So much with just a look/shrug. Fantastic stuff Stannis - hmmm. Getting a little worried now. Last week he was perfect, I thought. But giving in to lust/promise of a son just doesn't sit right. I know its implied that something like this happened in the books, but I will need a good dose of stern, iron Stannis next week to make up for this. Mel - not sure the nudity was needed, but she retains a mystique all the same. Arya/Hotpie/Gendry - Every moment a joy. Best scenes this season for me... Tyrion - ...though Tyrion is, as ever, masterfully played. Bronn - Hurrah! Looks like we'll be getting extra Bronn, which is excellent news Cersei - continues to impress. Scene with Tyrion crackled with tension Littlefinger - He is a bit of a perve in the books, so that's fine I guess. I think the being scary to Ros scenes (or something like them) are needed for none readers. Otherwise later *ahem* revelations are just going to seem...surprising to say the least. But what the heck is going on with his accent? Davos - perfect. I knew he would be Saan - it's odd. I never had a fixed mental image of him from the books. That happens to me sometimes. So, since the actor did such a great job, I shall simply picture him. It works fine (place of origin can be shifted/made mysterious; I don't think it matters all that much for the series) Varys - still paddling away. Masterful Yoren - yeah, I wouldn't mess with him either. It's going to be painful. Hope he goes out well... Pyke - looks perfect Craster/Jon - I see the need to explicitly reintroduce the big bad not seen since the first episode. However, three problems: a) Since Craster has now attacked Jon, surely the Craster's keep scenes are going to have to play out differently now aren't they? That's a bit risky (and unneccesary?). b ) Where's Ghost? Why doesn't he rip Craster's arm off before he touches Jon? c) Sam's encounter later on loses some impact now, unless Jon doesn't say anything to anyone (which would be stupid)? Head in a bag - I understand the actor became unavailable. That's a shame, because he was really great. One slight worry: why isn't the horse followed back? Old guy on the peer - finally, I must applaud this actor. Just pitch-perfect representation of Theon's distance from his own people.