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    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Not sure what you're getting at there - if they had saved the Table scene until after Renly's murder, there would be no leap to make at that point; shock at his murder would be everything. Shocked understanding would then come after the Table scene, before Davos rows her out to Stormsend with the Audience now knowing what to expect. I might be wrong in hindsight after the season ends and it all may tie up brilliantly, but right now, it just feels cackhanded at this point! :)
  2. Chuckcash

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Hi All - First Post! Now that I can get on, here we go... :) The posts on here are pretty represantive of my feelings anyway on the changes - some good, some bad, however, essentaily massively lost opportunities to further cement the series and new characters for me. Theon and Asha's exchange was one of the funniest parts in the books so far and should have been been acted verbatim IMO. Asha letting theon go only so far before taking control again, verbally and physically, kept the scene on track and Ironic - the TV scene was plain seedy and I do not see how any none Book reader will grow to appreciate Asha/yara/whatever Stannis...... Thanks! That's exactly what I have been looking for to substantiate the relatinship between Stannis and Mel as i could not place it in the books, or on the forum. My first reaction was "Nooooo!!" and actually still is, but for a different reason now. The above passage is from what I expect will be part of the next season and is from the 3rd book and not at this point. At Renly's murder, we just know that Mel is involved but not how she did it. At this point (Book2), my thoughts of the "Shadow Baby" was just one of magic and Mel's Power (Mel seduces/rapes Stannis while he is asleep?). Stannis admits to Davos that he has trouble sleeping; dreams of being in renly's tent and his Bloody peach etc. if we have to keep the table scene, why was it needed now? The shock of renly's murder will now be completely lost to everyone when it happens and could easily be covered (by the table scene) in the following episode? For me, an ideal oportunity to spice up the Magic aspect has been lost. I concede that Stannis' character is open to question as he is not a POV character, however, Davos is not the only source of character witness that we get for Stannis, with all forming the same summary: Stannis is Iron, brittle, never bends and is above all dutiful - Davos finger bones are the perfect summary of who Stannis is - ultimatley unforgiving (I also feel unimaginative but thats a personal take) which is his ultimate character flaw (and easily malleable by Mel) It's a big Reach, but, I always considered that Stannis would "find out" that Mel is using him and react to this - casting her adrift in a future book in a big way. Currently, he seems more consenting Pawn than the current King to be, Pre Blackwater. Post Blackwater, now, thats another thing... :)