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  1. The episode didn't show one scene and suddenly it's the worst show on television.
  2. Guys.... The promos showed Stannis' attack in DAYLIGHT. The next episode's description hints at Stannis' arrival. Dillane etc. were not credited. Stop deluding yourselves.
  3. There is one small detail I just realized: They showed Orell warging before he died. So in a way he DID have Varamyr's role in the end. I just wonder if people will remember this detail come season - erm - six?
  4. Blutrabe

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I LOVED the episode. I cracked up when they mentioned the Meereenese Knot! And I was so happy that Jorah's quote about Rhaegar was there. Plus, they handled the Tullys so well. The Blackfish is exactly as he should be! I even liked the ending. I gave the episode 8 points, although it could have easily been a 9. I just assume that there are even better episodes ahead. :) Right now, I'm in love with the season. They have done a much much better job adapting the book than in S2 so far. I hope it stays that way. Let's see where they are going with Mel and Gendry.