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  1. Lol.It was probably the most direct from the books episode in a while.
  2. I think Dany's motivations come through almost exactly like they did in the books, actually. Burning Shireen is just awful I honestly thought that the one true hearted character in the show was the one that would sit on the Iron Throne, but guess not. In the books she will likely be sacrificed o save Jon, though the GRRM quote through BW seems to suggest otherwise. Everything from here on out is essentially a spoiler that will be dismissed as fan fiction.
  3. Thought this was the weakest episode of any season so far. Liked Sam and Gilly and Rose Leslie's exit, other than that, meh......
  4. I was thinking something similar. Seems she almost HAS to be his bastard and that would be a dramatic way of working that in. Not sure they would believe the jumping though. Maybe a struggle with Sansa?
  5. Lady Stonehart is the one major deviation I would have hoped they would make and not have her in at all, She is amongst the very worst elements of the book. But I think she will be in.
  6. I hope they cut Lady Stokeworth. It is easily one of the worst elements of the series, and the show would be significantly better without it. But I know she has hinted at the character in the show so she will probably be there.
  7. Wow, the scene would play exactly the same if she had 10 seconds of frustration in not getting a tower right. Exactly the same. And every bit of the heart of the scene is there. Not sure what you could possibly want, they cannot visualize every internal thought she has during that chapter, but the very essence of the scene is there. I actually thought it was one of the Top 5 scenes in the entire show that felt like the books and jumping right from the page. I thought it was shockingly faithful in plot and tone.
  8. What in the hell was watered down about it? I've only read the books 3 times and it seemed almost exactly like the books minus Marillion.
  9. They didn't run from the dogs. She gave up on Theon. Which shows how far Theon is gone and sets up the Kingsmoot. It was an important scene if a little clunky for non book readers.
  10. The worse thing is that GRRM will likely resurrect Jon. I have always felt that the resurrections permanently diminished the series. When Ned died it was like BAM the main character can die and really be dead and no silly fantasy resurrection, then GRRM blew it and made it commonplace.
  11. Actually I thought this episode got them right back in line to hit all the major plotpoints. It is less off the rails than last week
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. I always thought that scene did not really work in the books, while the other guy thought it was jaw dropping good. I could argue it is better revealed in the show. Except three years on, not sure unsullied care or remember.
  13. They are both excellent in their own right. Book is better in some ways, and the show has improved the story in others.
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