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  1. That Wildfire looks like some effective stuff.. makes you wonder how the Others would react to it. Install some catapults with that stuff on the wall, and tada?
  2. 6/10 Half of it was good, the other half was just subpar as usual for this season. Why release Jaime if they still think Bran/Rick are alive, it really makes little sense. Robb and Talisa, a romance plot straight out of a bad Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy. Harrenhall was fine this episode, atleast no last second assassinations. Jon and Ygritte: Liking it so far, luckily we see the Halfhand is still alive and we be seeing that amazing scene later on. Rose Leslie is one of those actrices who has improved on the book's character, she is more likeable and still fierce and independant. Stannis and Davos: Good scene aswell, although i still think that Stannis is a bit to like able. Dany: What a load of sappy sh*t, i had to skip through most of it. So many of these scenes are just going nowhere at all, i started disliking the character around ADWD, but the creators of the show have managed to do so by the second season already. Quite the accomplishment. Dinklage is the best part of the episode, as always. Oh, and Cersei finally is being like.. Cersei like, nice! I have been waiting eight episodes for those scenes and they finally decided to show us one, and it certainly didn't disapoint.
  3. I'm not so sure on that. Besides, as some of the conspiracy theorists have argued on these boards.. Lady Westerling might even have send her out there on purpose to get in contact with Robb. The accents thing might come into play, but i can't say it really sounds all that different from the rest of the Westerlands characters. Hopefully we will see some of the Crag next episode, and things will be explained. Didn't HBO officially announce at first that Chaplin was playing a certain Jeyne?
  4. Is it just me, or might Talisa be Jeyne Westerling after all? The Crag mention, and her being all happy about going there together with Robb.
  5. We are all entitled to our own opinion, but the high scores this episode has recieved so far really suprises me. Is it really worth a 9 compared to let's say, The Pointy End or Baelor?
  6. Heh, i'd love to hear his honest opinion on these changes without a camera around, surely there must be parts of the adaption in this season so far that atleast worry him. Compared to Season 1 this season hasn't done his books much justice, atleast in part. All the intrigue he builds up in the books, are simply not present in the series, most of it has become a cliché fest. I'm really starting to question the quality of the writers hired on the show, if you can't create gold with this kind of source material.. Edit: And don't give me the excuse about the time limit, the writers seem to have plenty of time to write in unessecary plotlines and characters, with to much screentime to boot.
  7. Another episode of total hit and miss on certain occasions, It just seems that whenever the writers stick to the book and closely adapt it, awesome stuff happens. But when they start to change stuff and move things around, the quality just drops by miles and the famous Butterfly effect is all over the place, or now.. Butterfly Virus. - I loved, loved Ygritte and Jon. Rose Leslie did such a great job in those few scenes, it lived up my anticipation atleast. - Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy, We finally get to see that arrogant prick from the books and he shines, that scene with Ser Rodrik was brutal. - Tyrion and anything Lannister related in King's Landing, Dinklage never fails to disapoint. By far the best actor in the series, and the most consistent. What i didn't like: - The total Butchery of Dany's storyline, i had a hard time relating to her storyline in the books and finding anything likeable about her.. the show just made it worse for me personally. - Ser Armory Lorch getting killed right infront of Lord Tywin, was this supossed to be a lame attempt at humour? - Littlefinger speed racing all across the Seven Kingdoms, is there no travel time in this world? I'd reckon with the war going on in the Riverlands and all, it would take even longer. - Shae is pointless - Robb and Talisa from Volantis, More proof that the writers really should stick close to the books, because the changes seem to be utter crap. It might sound somewhat of a rant, but this season has been such a incredible letdown, it really hurts. Expecations were to high? maybe, but then again they did such a fine job with season 1 so they sure are capable of a faithfull and decent adaption. I'm giving this episode a 6 out of 10, If Baelor was a 9.. i'm not sure how this could be a 8. Half of it is amazing, the other half subpar. The story of the season for me personally so far.
  8. Good episode, huge step up from the last one for sure. Solid 8/10. Brienne lived up to the hype, although she only had a few lines sadly. Alfie Allen is just so great as Theon, that amazing scene when he is yelling at his father.. awesome! First well done non-book added scene of the season so far. Tyrion and how he exposed the rat in the small council, well done aswell. Maisie as Arya continues to be amazing, she really is the most talented of the kid actors on this show, that whole last scene with Yoren and the aftermath was wonderfully done. Also happy we didn't see any brothel scenes, ofcourse we did have nudity.. but for once HBO did it with some class... shocking! Stuff i didn't like: I hate Shae, i'm not sure if it's the actress or the lines she is given, but why the F would Tyrion risk his neck for the likes of her? In the books she comes of as sweet and caring for Tyrion, here? not so much. And yet again, the complete lack of subletly in the show.. but it seems we will have to get used to it.
  9. I'm in no way conservative when it comes to nudity or sex on screen, but was i the only one who felt grossed out about that whole brothel scene? Littlefinger wiping of that nasty stuff from the hookers lips, which she then uses to kiss the new customer.. eww. Shocking your audience does not equal being edgy, or whatever they were going for there.