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  1. The sad truth is, we don't know if Bran will be a good king or not, because we don't know Bran. The writers never let us get to know him. I guess the guy they sideswipe us with as king wasn't important enough for us to spend any quality time with onscreen.
  2. Only because he knew Cersei might not win. He was waiting to see which side was the victor.
  3. I don't see how Bran can be both King and the 3ER. Wasn't he supposed to become one with the underground roots of the giant, ancient Weirwood tree north of the wall, just like the 3ER before him? Isn't being the 3ER a full-time job? The way things went down in this final episode, I'm left with the creeping feeling that Bran has orchestrated everything that happened in seasons 7 and 8.
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