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  1. Craster does kick the Watch out, but not until book 3 that I recall. He does tell them that they have to leave at dawn because he can't feed them all or something to that effect. In the book, Mormont was well aware of what Craster did with his sons; it just wasn't his business. The scenes with Theon screaming @ Balon about giving him away was really well done. I would think that Theon would naturally be bitter with his father for that. The scene with Tyrion and Varys was brilliant too and I think they picked the right actors for these parts. They both nail it every time. I also liked how they physically show how Sansa's "captivity" has changed her. I definitely enjoyed this episode more than the first 2. I understand that they can't keep the subtleties (sp??) of the POV's from the book the same. It doesn't work on screen and people will miss the inuendos.
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