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  1. You’re gonna hate the Picard show then, since it’s mostly about Romulans.
  2. Season 1 of this show was so much fun. I honestly can't wait for the shows second season.
  3. Yea, I'm only half way through season 2, but I'm running into this issue as well. Characters are basically in a tight spot often, because for the plots sake they forget they have powers and then usually easily get out of it because they suddenly remember they have them.
  4. Yea Garak was just the best. Every DS9 episode with that character was just pure gold. To this day, I still say not making Garak a main character in season 4, was the shows biggest mistake. I'm not sure if they couldn't afford him or if Andrew Robinson turned them down, but i do know they were planning to make him into a main character in season 4 and even had him in the opening credits for the original broadcast for The Way of The Warrior as one.
  5. What I don't understand is, why are the bridge crew even characters, if they don't plan on doing anything with them. These people honestly should be a bunch of faceless extras in the background, who are constantly being replaced. If you have a cast of recurring and supporting characters actually use them in your story, don't just treat them like wallpaper. DS9 should be considered the gold standard for using recurring characters right. By the end of that show I honestly cared about Garak, Martok, Nog, Rom, Vic and several other supporting characters just as much as the main cast. Emily Coutts has been in nearly every episode of the show and has probably only spoken about ten times. The fact that one of the first things Pike does in season 2 is have a role call for each person on the bridge, almost felt like a joke by the producers saying "crap, we've really done nothing with these characters have we".
  6. I couldn't agree with you more on this issue. It almost feels like Discovery's bridge crew consists of some of the most well paid extras in the business. It kind of reminds me of The Hobbit trilogy, where only 3 or 4 dwarves were given character development and story arcs, while the rest were just along for the ride. I mean this is especially painful, when you compare them to The Fellowship in the first trilogy and how well fleshed out those characters were. When it comes to the bridge crew on Discovery though, they almost feel like an inside joke, like Morn was on DS9.
  7. Discovery is such a strange show; it almost feels like this is the series second attempt at rebooting itself. The first was in season 2, when they basically ignore all the events of the first season; I mean the war with the Klingons hardly ever gets brought up, let alone the fact that the Federation was nearly destroyed. So now we have reset point number two, to look forward to, by having the ship and all its characters getting stranded in the future; which to be honest, is probably where the show should have taken place to begin with. In some ways, Discovery sort of reminds me of the Disney Star Wars films, where each new movie tries to retcon the one that came out before it.
  8. A surprise for when exactly? He reveals it in that very chapter and could have easily have revealed it in the exact same way only from Arianne's POV.
  9. I'd argue characters like Areo Hotah, Jon Con, Mel, Aeron Grejoy and so on, have few chapters, because they're plot driven POV's and not character driven ones. I mean you're right Davos was this way in ACoK's, but he evolved out of it, however the former characters I've mentioned have not and I'm not sure if they will; like Quentyn Martell. I mean heck their chapters don't even have their proper names, they're just given generic titles like "The Watcher" or "The Lost Lord". I personally find it strange that all of a sudden GRRM started creating these plot driven POV characters. I get that he wanted to expand his universe, but you'd think he could find a better way than making "random character A" a main character for one chapter and "random character B" a main character for another. The Arys Oakheart chapter makes little to no sense to me. He basically made a random KG knight into a main character for a chapter, just to violently murder him in the next chapter he showed up in. Prior to the "Soiled Knight" chapter the most we saw from this guy was in Sansa's first chapter in ACoK's, where he's nice to her for a few pages.
  10. I don't agree with that at all, in fact I'd say nearly every character in the first book has a story arc. Jon Snow has one, in regrades to learning to accept his new place in life as a brother of the Nights Watch. Dany has one in regards to gaining the confidence to stand up for herself and be a strong leader. Ned has a tragic arc, which is him failing as Hand of the King, that basically leads to his ruin. Sansa has a story arc, which is coming to accept the real world, outside of stories and songs. I could go on, but it's honestly been a few years since I last read the book, so my memory isn't so great. My point is, many of GRRM's newer characters don't have story arcs and are just in a certain place, because the plot needs them to be. Take Areo Hotah for example, the guy is basically just a walking camera and only exists to remind us that stuff is going on in Dorne. Same with Aeron Grejoy; the guy only exists to tell us what's happening in the Iron Island and what Euron is up to. Jon Con is pretty much the same as well, a character who's only purpose is to tell us what team Faegon is up to. These are not character driven POV's, these are plot driven ones and you can very easily see the difference in the quality in which they are written.
  11. Yea, that's the sad truth with AFFC and ADWD, most of the characters don't seem to have complete story arcs. We just get a few days in their lives and that's it.
  12. Behind the scenes, the producers really liked the Ro character as well. They tried to make her a main character twice. The first attempt was made with DS9, but Michelle Forbes wasn't interested, which is how the character Kira was created. They also wanted her on Voyager, but again Michelle Forbes had no interest and so B'Ellanna was created.
  13. I think you're right, when it comes to Voyager just forgetting it's transwarp coli shaving off a third of their journey. I mean by that logic it would have been impossible to meet some of Neelix's people in the third to last episode. I mean how the heck did those people even get past Borg space, let alone all of the other crazy aliens Voyager met at that point. Worse yet, they even talk about their home world as if it's not some insane distance away from them, in that very episode.
  14. Man the recurring characters on DS9 were just the best, in some ways they even out shinned the main characters; this is especially true when it came to Garak. I often wonder just how better of a show Voyager would have been if they kept Seska alive and didn't make her a villain. I really do consider that character as Garak in the hands of stupid writers. Instead of making her a loyal crew member who's always willing to get the job done in the most scummy way possible, they just made her into a straight up villain, which sadly made the character less interesting.
  15. Yea, maybe make season 5 Year of Hell and not season 4. I think 7 needed at least one 7 of her regaining her humanity, before putting it to the test, the way a season of Year of Hell, would have probably done it. Maybe even have a different ending, where all the events are just erased, though I suppose that would involve not going kill crazy when it came to Janeway's crew. I mean having Kurtwood Smith as a season long Trek villain alone would have been worth it in my book; I've been a huge fan of that mans work since I first saw Robocop.
  16. I'm have mixed feelings about RDM's take on BSG. On one hand I view it as a wise mans Voyager, but on another hand, I felt the ending was nearly as dumb as Voyagers. I also think Moore made BSG just a little too dark for my taste. I'm a fan a balance when it comes to good storytelling and I sort of like dark tones mixed in with lighter more fun ones. It's probably why Farscape still remains one of my favorite shows. I think lack of balance remains my biggest issue when it comes to New Trek.
  17. That was a really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Wait was she ordered by O to do it? I honestly don’t remember this, just everyone being alright with working with someone who committed first degree murder in the final. The writing for this show hurts my head at times.
  19. So she basically just gets away with first degree murder and we're suppose to not hate her?
  20. I might have just blocked it from my mind, but was Alison Pill's character ever exposed for murdering a person in his sick bed? Also if so why again was everyone alright with working with her in the final? Did the Vulcan/Romluan lady named O brainwash her to do it or am I just filling in blanks that were never explained in the show?
  21. This show just confused me, granted the book was quite confusing as well.
  22. I'm still amazed DS9 was able to do it. Sure it was dark in some areas, but the main characters were so likeable and usually always willing to do the right thing, that I always rotted for them to win. I can't think of anyone I like from new Trek.................maybe Pike, since he honestly seems like a good person, but I can't think of anyone else, who just doesn't seem very cold. Maybe it's the fact that they're constantly drinking and swearing, I don't know. I still think it's sad that I can't watch New Trek with my family though, since the 90's series were a huge part of my own childhood.
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