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    Heading towards Harrenhal
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    I'm a total GoT geek! I'm reading the books, having just finished A Storm of Swords! I play the LCG game, although I struggle to find people to play with so if you fancy meeting up for a game...

    Character wise, I'm a massive Stark fan, I think the name gives it away! My favourite character is Arya, I can relate with her so much. I also love Tyrion, a man after my own heart, knowledge is power!!! I'm one for the smaller characters too, I'm enjoying watching Samwell & Gendry. I think Yara is totally amazing too!

    I like playing board games and card games, that kind of thing. I really am a bit of a geek at heart. I love anything that requires mental aptitude and that kind of thing.

    I used to be a Civil Engineer, but now I'm focussing my attentions on Art & Design! I'm really really creative, I love crafts making random things, I also love textiles, I would love a reason to make myself a GoT styley dress!
  1. Sadie Stark

    How would you rate episode 202?

    I've got to say the first episode was my first episode where I'd read the book before watching it on TV. Needless to say there was some confusion and many moments I screamed at the TV saying: Why didn't you start at Dragonstone? That wasn't in the book? They had a feast not a small dinner? What about Stannis' daughter? What about the Jester? So you can tell I was quite frustrated. In Episode 2 the questions had died down as had the shouting at the TV screen. The main areas that I wasn't sure of is why Theon's sister is called Yara now and not Asha, why didn't Theon have the salt water blessing from his uncle and why did they add in Jon being nosey resulting in being smacked on the head by Craster! I do understand they can't recreate everything that is in the book, I just wonder why they have to add in stuff that isn't in the book. I guess it adds more for the viewers who haven't read the books... I'm excited about episode 3, I wish there wasn't such a long wait between episodes, but that is a good thing in a way that it captures your attention and you're hungry for more.