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  1. That is what they claimed at first here too. I can see my certificate and it says 1/2 and my SOs says 2/2. But neither if us had covid-19 though.
  2. It looks like they have decided to give people who had covid-19 two shots around here. Originally the plan was to give one shot only but because they are not sure how things will work with the EU Digital COVID Certificate they seem to have changed policy.
  3. But that would involve taking the virus seriously. I told my uncle that he was an idiot when he went work with "the flu" in the middle of a pandemic and if I had a brother I would do the same.
  4. Well maybe we should switch to Roman numerals? I mean changing things to make it more confusing is such a covid-19 thing.
  5. 3 of the Chinese vaccines are inactivated coronavirus vaccines though. Most stuff that I read about them suggests that they are actually less effective.
  6. Anyone who thought that it is over either has an agenda, is uneducated or an optimist. The same group of people that make fighting climate change as good as impossible fuck things up pandemic wise.
  7. You had deaths in your strong man circles right? How many deaths from the vaccines in those circles? How much permanent long term damage? Edit: I think that the covid restrictions are a threat to your livelihood and your way of life is what clouds your judgment. I understand the man... But the vaccines are the only real way to normalcy without a lot of needless suffering.
  8. You will get the same side effects and worse from the virus. There is no real debate about that. That is why it is shut the fuck up and take it. If those people were heavy into social distancing and mask wearing there might be a chance of them not getting it but the circle of the vaccine sceptics and pro-mask social distancing folks do not really overlap in my experience. There was some debate about AZ and J&J because it looked like it was worse than the other vaccines not that it was worse than the virus. It is the same bullshit as with climate change. There is overwhelming evidence for one side but you have to have a "balanced" debate.
  9. The right to harm others shall not be infringed. Freedom.
  10. Well at least most of her values are not from the stone age. I think she is a decentish person from a moral point of view at least compared to the rest of her party. I mean she voted to make martial rape a crime in the 90s unlike many other CSU/CDU parliamentarians. Hell she even lives a mostly middle classish life.
  11. Zemo makes an evil clone/robot copy of Nat because he needs help in the good fight against superhumans. *cut to Zemo and Replinat dancing akwardky* Well the easiest way for the actress to return is a shapeshifter really liking her shape.
  12. 5 current Delta cases in Austria are people who returned from Russia, Maldives, Nepal, Italy and El Salvador. It does not look like we are trying to win this game of pandemic...
  13. Could the non-recommended extended time intervals between shots the UK has been doing reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines? Delta has been showning up in Austria and they could not find the infection chain in most cases I have read about...they had a year to get things right and it is party time and pandemic is over mode again.
  14. Not a completly unexpected development. People who do no stop wearing masks and avoid things like traveling are cautious but not in an unreasonable way. I certainly won't use puplic transport or go to the shops without a mask until things are more clear even after I'm fully vaccinated. It is not like wearing a mask on those situations harms me. I also lived more than a year without indoor dining and stuff and I'm in no hurry to do those things. Edit: I do miss attending cons in person but those are disease spreading events even in normal times... :d
  15. Both social media and organized religion do more harm than good. But the catholic church was as involved many genocides and mass murders and is clearly an inherently evil organization that should be destroyed. Even nowadays it does far more harm than good and gets way too much funding from governments as it still runs many schools and stuff like retirement homes(a catholic org is the biggest org running things here in Austria and the most hated employer in the field by far because of its unsocial nature). Homes for people with disabilities only got somewhat humane here in Austria after they got rid of the nuns that ran them until the late 80s. Edit: The assets of the church should be sized and its wealth should be given to the countless people it and its clergy harmed.
  16. Yeah that makes no sense. I'm from Austria but tend to follow German politics a bit. I actually think that Merkel was a lesser evil than Schröder who was the worst kind of "left" politician just like Tony Blair. If I was from Germany I would find it difficult to trust the Greens or the SPD again though but there are no real alternatives I guess.
  17. Yeah objectively the tiny scandals the Greens had in recent months are irrelevant. That they are neo-liberals with bicycles that are partially to blame for shit like Hartz IV is far worse. But that makes the SPD completely unelectable too. Is there are single party in Germany that is not anti-working class? Yeah for Hartz IV, mini-jobs, "Werkverträge", old-age poverty and the exploitation of workers from eastern Europe I guess. It is good for the economy after all.
  18. I still believe with will become the mainstream version of meat because it will allow a small number of giant corporations to control the market. I would prefer not meat consumption at all but perfection is the enemy of good
  19. Well I'm watching Wonderwoman 1984. Not as bad as I expected and Pascal is really selling the character he is playing but I would have been disappointed if I did not read that it sucks and watched it with expectations.
  20. That makes sense. Good to hear that they are keeping track of things. The evidence that a combo of both vaccine types is beneficial seems to be growing.
  21. People I know did go the the doctor but treatments got delayed because of the lack of ICU beds. A co-worker got his brain tumor surgery cancelled 3 times and delayed by half a year. People are abandoning health care jobs around here because the lack support by a lot of society. People want to go to the pub and go on holidays while people taking care of the most vulnerable and sick had the most stressful year since WW2. Edit: My GP who is pro-vaccine and has a no tolerance policy when it comes to anti-maskers has been called a Nazi to his face and his staff has heard way worse. GPs are in short supply arround here especially young ones. The people who are against covid-19 measures are harming our health care system a lot even when they are not infecting other people.
  22. I'm still enjoying Angel and I watched Alien versus Predator yesterday which has aged pretty well(lots of models I suspect).
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