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  1. Flinten Uschi did look wrong but as someone who speaks proper German I did not feel like commenting on regional anomalies. :p
  2. The bases of the AIs are underwater.
  3. In India they sometimes call the "Indian" variant the Singapore variant.
  4. In my part of Austria children aged 12-15 can register for an appointment now(Pfizer). Will take some time because getting an appointment before July is not really possible right now unless you manage to book an appointment someone canceled but at least done kids should get the shot before school starts in September. Kids with risk factors might get their shots earlier although that depends on their doctor and how many doses that doctor gets. An awesome person the posts on the Austrian subreddit made a website that shows all appointments in the state. If you check on a regular basis you can get a date pretty quickly as people cancel all the time. A guy I know got an appointment(J&J) yesterday that way. Edit: you have the be willing to drive a bit for those appointments. By Austrian standards obviously.
  5. Navy spokesperson. "Our AIs stopped talking to us. No need to worry they have yet to remove the US flags from their vessels."
  6. The demon you fight at the end of the Durlag's Tower storyline. https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Aec'Letec
  7. I'm not saying that I have any problems. I actually play it with difficulty enhancing mods mysely. But it is definitely a difficult game if you don't know the mechanics. Sarevok is not the worst offender in BG1. Aec'Letec is imo.
  8. Well Zack Snyder. His version of Justice League is available on Apple TV+ for 17 €. I dunno if it is worth it. I enjoyed the original a bit and I'm a Henry Cavill fanboy I guess.
  9. He was really easy to kill in the base version and got buffed with ToTSC(more than 2x hitpoints among other things) but that did not change that much. Although I think in that version you could still grind him down with infinite summons from staffs... The EE version is rather different because of the engine changes.
  10. I think the main problem is that you can't really tank Sarevok with most characters in the EE the guy with the exploding arrows is really dangerous. Going in insanely pre-buffed is the way to go. Ranged is really good though if you invest in expensive arrows. Kivan and Coran can really fuck things up and I think that might be the most reliable approach as they can melt his goons asap especially if you have a few of the dispel arrows and exploding arrows. Usually the mage dies to acid arrows after a quick dispel. I have replayed the games way too often and my last few replays were with Sword Coast Stratagems mod https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/tweaks/scs/ but that is kinda unplayable in parts of BG2 unless you really know the magic system. Although I know some people solo that without reloads... Edit: I think a lot of things were more difficult in the original BG1 engine because of the slow movement speed of the characters. I have not tried that in ages though.
  11. Well I pulled the trigger on the enhanced edition of Metro Exodus. Looking really good I must say and runs pretty smoothly with RTX on a RTX 3080. I disabled DLSS though as I still find that it makes things look worse(but maybe only on a 35" 3440*1440 screen).
  12. I'm watching season 2 of Angel now and Darla is really growing on me. I have never seen an ep past season 1 I think. I will watch until season 4 before I continue with season 7 of Buffy.
  13. Watching the 2019 War of the Worlds series. Good stuff so far although it is really pulling few punches and the violence is pretty graphic.
  14. Well sweating under the mask might be the least of their problems if there is another wave among the unvaccinated.
  15. Why not both? Just a single forever chemical that is deadly to life in the long term and is inevitable if you use a certain level of tech would be enough. We are using thousands with unknown long term effects. We might be the smartest species ever with the most robust planet. We don't know. We are incredible far away from having self sustaining habitats on other planets too. We can't even keep this environment stable which sustains itself.
  16. That assumes that any of that is possible before low tech civilizations wipe themselves out. That seems really optimistic at this point.
  17. There is no reason to assume the tech using civilizations do not die out quickly. We are on the best way.
  18. Hah the only thing that bothers me about masks is that you can't really grow a proper beard if you want the best possible protection. I'm looking forward to growing a full beard again.
  19. Butt probing is a better reason for interstellar travel than resources. Maybe they want to see an extinction event in action though.
  20. I must say I and my gf really loved the Santa Claus episode. The rest were ok. I used to be really into Neal Asher and kinda enjoyed the episode based on his story. I gave up on him when he went crazy when he comes to climate change though and he is also a brexit loon.
  21. This week everybody who preregistered for a vaccination can sign up for an appointment in my state of Austria. It is just like it was in some parts of the USA and if you pick a vaccination center in a rural mostly conservative district you get an earlier date. I got my mail late yesterday and was able to pick a date on the 26.05 in the district that actually made national news because of the huge numbers of cases at one point. The centers in the next city had only appointments in July available at that point.
  22. It was only in beta mode when vaccination started and not all doctors used it. A doctor I know also did not use it for the friends he vaccinates ahead of shedule.
  23. Yeah I remember that. Although I guess that was worse from a diplomatic point of view as a head of state was involved. No fighter plane though afaik and the pilots requested the landing because other countries closed their air spaces. That our government was willing to search the plane was I disgrace though.
  24. It seems Belarus diverted a plane from Greece to Lithuania to arrest dissident journalist. What a nightmare and the guy is facing the death penalty. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57219860.amp
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