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    Nevermind, solved it. Thanks Ran!
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    Board Issues 4

    This has probably been asked before, but how come there is no search function on this site? (If there is, it's incredibly well disguised.) It's really, really frustrating.
  3. I give it 5/10 for the following redeeming points: The Mountain forgetting he's a zombie when he sees his brother and disregards his programming by killing Qyburn and ignoring Cersei. The shots from the streets showing the horrors of war. Tyrion and Jaime's final scene Emelia Clarke's acting as mad Dany was surprisingly good. The spectacular visuals. Everything else was truly awful. The character assassination of Jaime and Dany are utterly unforgivable.
  4. I've hated much of the show's portrayal of Stannis. And while I'm not sure that burning Shireen is in Stannis nature, I really don't think it's that much more amoral to do that than to burn starving men who had to resort to cannibalism to survive (as he did in the books).
  5. The Dorne shit was bad, but I did like Bronn singing. Like most of the Arya stuff, and the Tyrion/Jorah plot line. As for Sansa's rape....It was certainly brutal and harrowing to watch, but it could very well turn into some interesting character development on her part.
  6. 7/10 Loved the Wall stuff, especially Stan the Man with his daughter. I don't mind the Faith Militia imprisoning Loras instead of Marg, but they grabbed him way too easily. Doesn't the heir to The Reach have some knights to protect him? Fucked up. The Meereen stuff was decent, but it's idiotic how Barristan and the Unsullied gets taked out so easily by a bunch of untrained fools with no armour and small knives. Jaime and Bronn are great together, but Jesus Christ, those Sand Snakes were corny as shit, even moreso than in the books (an achievment in itself)
  7. Big chance you have seen this before, but what the hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspuCt1FM9M Justin Bieber slowed down 800% and guess what? It's not half-bad. Perhaps Bieber is a talented ambient artist, and the suits make him speed it up.
  8. This is rather fascinating, the episode has been extremely well received by both critics and fans everywhere except for this forum. As for me, I gave it an 8 out of 10. All great stuff, except for the Grey Work/Missandre romance. Where the fuck are they going with that? The duel was superb, but I really missed Oberyn's line "You will say her name before the end, or I'll haunt you through all seven hells". EDIT: The beetle speech from Tyrion also felt way overdrawn and protracted when I first saw it, but on second thoughts maybe it had a metaphorical meaning that I was unable to grasp on my first watch.
  9. Voted 9. The Tyrion/Oberyn scene was one of the strongest in the show's history. The editing where Arya killed Rorge was a bit off, but I'm never one to complain about getting more badass-Arya scenes. The Dany scenes were fine, as were the ones from The Wall. The only mediocre scene was the one with Melisandre. Put some clothes on, ffs, you're talking to your queen. Also, Hot Pie! I had no idea he was returning this season. Was the casting a secret, or did I just miss it?
  10. 7/10 - A bit slow, and the dialogue wasn't as sharp as it could have been. Still, I enjoyed the Lysa scenes very much, and Arya's water dancing. Massive blueballs @ the Craster's Keep sequence. Jon and Bran could've met and talked, there's one book deviation I wouldn't have minded. And at hindsight, the whole thing seemed like filler.
  11. Good episode. Not great, but it did its job. That last sequence with the White Walkers was exquisite, it's good to be reminded every now and again that this is a fantasy story. I really didn't mind that they merge Jon and Bran's story. Hey, maybe they could even have a reunion scene, that would be so sweet. If Bran can convince Jon that it's his destiny to meet with the Three-Eyed Crow, Jon would keep the secret and the story could play out pretty much like in the books.
  12. Man, fuck Aidan Gillen. I dread every time Littlefinger comes on screen. His shitty Batman-voice and pedo-smile in every fucking scene is too much. He was mediocre in The Wire, and fucking shite in GoT. If they can recast Tommen, Beric, Darrio and Gregor, they can recast that asshole.
  13. 9/10 Mostly everything worked. The dialogue was great, and they really have figured out the pacing. I didn't really mind the Jaime/Cersei scene. It didn't seem like a rape at all to me, but I understand if people view it differently.Her "no"s didn't seem to come from a woman who was raped (and all the psychological terrors that come with it), but rather someone who likes it, but isn't sure that this is the best time and place. Also, Charles Dance is magnificent, can't say that enough. 1 point off for the dull Sam/Gilly scenes.
  14. 8/10. The wedding was good, Jack Gleeson did a splendid job as always. The dwarf re-enactment of the War of the Five Kings was wonderful and horrible at the same time. But somehow I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed, I don't know why. I enjoyed the Bran visions, and the Dreadfort scene. Stannis' burning of the "infidels" wasn't in-character, but I have never been a fan of that hypocrite anyway, so I'm not that bothered.
  15. I loved it all. The Arya/Hound scene was obviously the highpoint, but all the scenes were good, especially the Oberyn ones. Also gotta agree with ya'll, Kit gave a real solid performance here, it bodes well for the rest of the season. Do you think they will ever explain why Allister Thorne returned in the show, without ever having visited KL in the show?
  16. So now that the option to upload an image from URL has been removed, how does one do it? Do you have to use "Gravatar" (whatever that is)?
  17. Not sure if this has been posted already... but watch this video and imagine they're all looking at your cock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjA-59brQ6c
  18. Are mods the only ones who can create poll threads?
  19. On a second viewing, I really don't think this episode reserves such a bad rap. The Dany scene was awful, I'll admit, and Stannis is a lot colder than in the books (but hey, redemption stories isn't unheard of in this universe you know, and there is nothing that has damaged the character "beyond repair" as some fans suggest). Apart from those two things, every other scene was very strong. The Arya scene was as strong as any she's had, and Maise blew it away. The Bran stuff felt very pleasant, and it's gonna be good to have Jon back at Castle Black. Also, Maester Aemon! :D Didn't know he had returned to the cast this season, it was great seeing him again. All the King's Landing stuff was great, apart from the Varys/Shae scene, but perhaps it will serve a purpose later on.
  20. 8/10. Liked most scenes, but really wanted Lady Stoneheart as a cliffhanger. And Stannis does seems very off.
  21. The thing is, if the whole episode had been the RW, people would have suspected there was more to it than just another political wedding. They would have expected things to fuck up.
  22. So the Manderly guy wasn't named, nor did he have any lines. That's gonna have ramifications later on.
  23. 9/10 Took a point off because of the lack of fighting outside (not sure how many of the Unsullied realized that Robb's whole army was being massacred), and because I would have liked to see more hysteria from Catelyn.
  24. 9/10. Really good episode after the last two week's disappointments. Save for the first and last scenes, the who episode focused on just three storylines (Dragonstone, King's Landing and Dany's camp), which I thought was a brilliant move. It really gave the storylines time to breathe and develop. Everything about the wedding was perfect imo, such awesome drama. There were more interesting characters in that room than most shows have in their whole ensemble. The Dragonstone bits were good, but the Gendry/Mel sex scene went on for way too long and was ultimately pointless, and the leech scene didn't have the same dramatic impact as it has on me reading the books.
  25. Joffrey was trying to act regal when talking to Tywin, which obviously didn't work. It was Joffrey's acting that sucked, not Jack Gleeson's.
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