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  1. Radiation Day 31. Double header with oncologist appt, but Mommy comes out smiling. .. and… https://t.co/YUz1DXlM19

  2. #sadclowns @ The Pier At Redondo Beach https://t.co/Jbza9wRrX1

  3. I'm glad I'm not a kid anymore. #LAUSD #schools

  4. On her 2nd to last chemo day Mommy finally took a complimentary wooly hat! #fuckcancer #cancersucks… https://t.co/HoVqo1cqav

  5. I said "Dark Mirror" instead of "Black Mirror" but at least I don't fuck pigs :) Check this http://t.co/Qdu9y1psxR https://t.co/IuA5jTCegX

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    We are going to be giving away GOT posters signed by the writer of this week's episode. Bryan Cogman. Go over and "like" our Facebook page for Stupid For Game of Thrones. I'll be posting more details soon :) Also if you have any questions for Bryan, post them on our page or Skype in when we have him on LIVE on Tues 8pm PT. Thx!
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    Here is the LINK to our next LIVE SHOW. Our guest is the writer of this Sunday's episode. Stupid For Game of Thrones airs this week only on Tues at 8pm PT. Our usual air time is Sunday's at 8pm PT.
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    I joined your group! Here is our FB http://facebook.com/stupidforgameofthrones Check it out :)
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    Your site is great... I messaged you, would love to talk - E
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    Share Your Fan Site

    Wow, you guys have created some great fansites! I produce a fan companion show, Stupid For Game of Thrones. We are live weekly (after the first airing of GOT US). This week will be airing on Tuesday night April 17th to accomdate our guest, Bryan Cogman! As many of you know, Bryan wrote this upcoming episode, What Is Dead May Never Die and also wrote the show bible. We are very excited to have him on. The following week we are welcoming Jane Espenson to the show. I'm sure you all know Jane as a writer and producer from Buffy, Firefly, BSG, Torchwood etc. She also wrote my fav ep from last season, A Golden Crown! I'm going to try to be active on the boards and I'd love to feature some of your great fan stuff on our show. Stupid For Game of Thrones is hosted by Sarah Penna (Big Frame/Bammo) and Bob Jennings (Annoying Orange), Exec Produced by Mike Rotman and produced by me! Subscribe to our channel on Youtube- StreaminGarage , check us out on Facebook . Thanks for taking a look. If you post on out FB page, lemme know you saw us here and I'll say hi! I am looking forward to a great season! Elaine