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  1. This is not the first time she's said it either - IIRC, once to Tywin last season, talking about him wresting control of Tommen, once again to Jaime this season talking about Dorne. Looks like Cersei going batshit crazy and zapping King's Landing out seems like a very likely event in the future.
  2. Something struck me as rather odd during a rewatch.It is funny how the WW turns up after they focus somewhat deliberately on the face on the heart tree - it is almost like someone saw through the tree and sent the WW after them... Of course the ravens save Sam and Gilly from wights in the book, but here the motives of the ravens were left, again deliberately, ambiguous. I'm fairly sure it is all coincidental, but the blasphemers might be interested (I am...) Edit: And the face even looks somewhat like the WW's
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