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  1. 19 hours ago, Ruhail said:

    Exactly, I dont recall shows like BreBa, Better call Saul, Daredevil, Vikings etc. having such terrible first episodes do you? 


    Daredevil knocked it out of the park with their Season 2 opener. Showed you where the characters were now, but kept it fast-paced and exciting. It was not 50 minutes of updating the audience, 2 minutes of sword fighting and 1 minutes of Dornish killings*. 


    *Numbers not precise. 

  2. That was so lame. It was like a few minutes per character to get everyone updated. It was just so nothing. 
    Davos - Does nothing
    Dany - Does nothing
    Tyrion - Walks around......doing nothing
    Dario & Jorah - Ride around.......doing nothing
    Mel  - Looks old........but does nothing
    Ramsay - Looks at a corpse........both of them do nothing
    Only in Sansa and Dorne's storyline does something happen. 

  3. It would be cool to see Mance getting on his horse in his raven helm and riding off to get captured, or Godry Farring killing a fleeing giant, or Harma Dogshead going down.

    I don't think they will include Godfry. They did not include Donal Noye, I can't imagine Godfry being included. Best I hope for is Richard Horpe (since he is one of Stannis' chief advisers in ADWD), but I doubt that as well.

  4. Leaked from Ep 10.

    • Jon and Mance reach a truce

    Acknowledge that they must fight together to defeat the White Walkers

    Suddenly trumpets are heard

    Mance looks outside

    fire everywhere, knights are charging towards the wildlings

    Baratheon men cutting down every man, woman and child

    Mance valiantly fights, but is captured and burnt alive on the spot

    Stannis arrives

    Orders his men to rape every wildling women

    A couple of his men protest

    Stannis has them gelded for insubordination

    Offers Jon a Lordship and orders him to burn all Weirwoods

    Jon refuses

    Stannis then burns Jon alive on the orders of Melisandre


    Written by David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss

    Don't joke, its like whistling in the graveyard. They actually let Jon be himself, I am going to take whatever little victories I can get.

  5. Damn. Glad they're not giving up. As for moving here, they had to stop using TWC because it uses ads for revenue, which is exactly what this site does so I think they'll just run into the same problems. :dunno:

    Its been nearly 3 years since this thread started. Did it really take this long for them to know this existed?

  6. No I think they will drop that story, which is a shame as it could easily have been dropped in before the duel as a poison hint and a "this guy is dangerous" hint and it provides a backdrop to Quentyn's fostering. But I imagine that is dropped

    I know people (a lot of women) love the brothel scenes, but it would have taken a minute to tell that story and set the character up as dangerous, notable poisoner better than Tywin talking about how he studied poisons. It also explains the name "The Red Viper".

  7. He used 2 spears? Thought he just used the end of the one that got broken...

    His time learning poisons in teh citadel is mentioned by Tywin who asks if he was advising Tyrion on how to poison the King

    I thought he broke the first one and then had another tossed to him by some guy on the sidelines.

    Its nice they managed to sneak in some poison talk in the middle of the "Oberyn likes a lot of sex" scenes. Did they do the Yronwood duel story?

  8. I can't remember--have they laid the groundwork for Oberyn being a poisoner in the show?

    I don't think so. They could not say enough about him being a man whore who goes both ways but I can't recall him being a notable poisoner. I also found it weird he used two spears. I guess he could have poisoned both but that sort of bothered me.

  9. Hey guys, Dux from TWC here, one of the modders of WTW and creator of the King and Rivers and Hills submod. I got to say I'm happily surprised to find this subforum here.

    Just an update on the release schedule, we are really nearly finished, almost all new units are done, but lack of time from our principal coders (myself included) have delayed the mod release again. Sorry for that. We will release it, eventually. Definitely this year though.

    Our entire team will start to become more active here. Expect previews and messages from my fellow modders soon.

    Here relatively old but up to date video preview of House Stark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RQhm2frC_Q

    And here is a preview pic for you guys, Riverlands Nobles: http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n502/Jonnie_Haldon/Nobles-1_zps3b99002e.jpg


    Thank you very much for the update. I was wondering whether or not to ask what the go was with WTW.

  10. Jon and Ygrittes relationship feels so rushed and the story feels clunky. I knew that going into the second book some storylines would suffer. Aside from the Godfather adaptations are never as good as the source. I think it hurts more because I am partial to Jon. If Dany or Tyrion or some other characters story had gone this way it would have stung me less.

  11. Gendry and Arya

    That last line where Gendry says "you would'nt be my family, you would be my lady". At first I took that as the hint of Gendry having feelings for her. On second watching it was much more obvious that he was saying they could never be family because she was highborn and he was a bastard.

    This is how desperately I want them to be together, that I am twisting scenes to serve my hopes. Fuck it, I am holding out hope.