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  1. I was sad how much they changed the Sansa/Tyrion wedding from the book. The initial impact came from the fact Sansa found out just as she was getting dressed by Cersei's maids so she was in shock and had to go to the sept straight away. And what was wrong with Tyrion's line- "that's why they have whores for men like me" (or a line somewhat like that)? Would it have hurt to have just kept that line in?
  2. Was I the only one who cracked up a little at Tyrion's line- "what will I do across the narrow sea? juggle?", considering ADWD?
  3. Putting my two-cents in about that Catelyn scene- It seemed OOC for me if we're thinking about Cat in the books, but I'd imagine it's a deliberate ploy to make her as sympathetic as possible before the RW.
  4. That. Was. Brilliant. Seriously, if I could get George Martin to write all the episodes I would (although then we’d probably never get Winds of Winter). He left in as many of the best moments that the budget allowed- obviously no chain moment but that’s understandable- and any parts made up felt natural and right. Props to all the actors too, who were all of them on top form. Lena Headley really stood out for me though, although Blackwater in the books really had my all-time favourite Cersei moments. That scene with Tommen was perfection. Also on a side note, the music was brilliant as well. I think with the epicness of the battle, it was really allowed to shine but that was some brilliant work. Season 2 has definitely has it’s ups and downs but that may be my favourite episode of both seasons so far.
  5. oh yeah, sorry my mistake. It's been a while since I've read Clash of Kings, still shaky remembering it.
  6. I'm a little disappointed that we actually saw Bran and Rickon leaving. I know it doesn't make any matter to me but somehow it was more dramatic when for a time in the books, we thought Theon had actually murdered them both.
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