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  1. I've decided to do as others have done already and get the fuck out of dodge until this thing is gone and dead. This is sure to make a couple of people happy :thumbsup: When somebody receives -2 (no, not me) for even asking how to edit a thread, you know you've stepped from a pleasant recreational pastime into a little 1941 Vichy delation wonderland. Not my thing at all I'm sorry to say.
  2. Well if it becomes a public vote, I dearly hope it's going to be retroactive.
  3. riding the galaxy on a Freedom Tray

  4. That's because you can't even spell Dougal. you're lucky to still be mostly harmless in fact.
  5. FOOD WARS are now an error of the distant past thanks to the Freedom Tray.
  6. :rofl: Somebody negged you for this :lmao: Injokes are not acceptable anymore Race you hear me!!!!! They can go to Forum Games, with Champagne, Onions and Zorses.
  7. I don't even know what they are, myself. On the other hand I know Frodo has a pool, so that should keep me clear of them.
  8. It's a second secret identity by a known poster. You're only allowed one identity per board - usually - some people enjoy putting an internet black mask and disrupting the whole show while being safe as they think from retaliation. I guess some people never heard of IP adresses.
  9. Not necessarily. To plagiarise a prominent poster who said it somewhere else: It gives a right to lurkers that they shouldn't have. How do you even know the person behind the click is even someone who ever contributed to the forum? This place is full of snipers, made even easier by the anonymous logging in. I just really despise the idea of an anonymous thought police telling me whether I'm cool or not. And for whose benefit anyway? Somebody said the negative ratings ousted a troll and an alt recently. Trolls and alts were ousted without and before that rating thing. If a post is truly offensive, there's the report button. If the post is not truly offensive, it's only intellectual wank to shoot it down with a red click without the courtesy of an intelligent retort. Pleasure yourself quick and fast at the expense of someone else who can't fight back. This is the sort of stuff I'd expect of the G******d forum to control 16 year olds with a bad mouth. It's shocking to see it here, and shocking to see people who would actually back it. Thankfully, seeing the amount of negs on Ran, I can tell it's not taken seriously by a lot of people.
  10. You confuse me with somebody else. I care about it very much, I want this thing burned down and piloried in public. The fact that a certain very unpleasant poster has a cooler title than me is just the final nail in the coffin.
  11. I ran out of clickies, both colours, so i'll do it the old-fashioned way. I totally agree with the above! Let it be repeated so that it shan't be forgotten :bowdown: Btw my reputation is "mostly harmless"? AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaah, break my heart, throw my liver to the dogs, I'd rather have 100 negatives than "harmless"!
  12. :rofl: Post of the day. I laughed harder again when I saw someone had negatived the post. :lol::lol::lol: I had a simpler idea
  13. :lol: Testing the system................I "have reached the maximum number of positive daily ratings for the day". So now I've only the negatives left............Guess what I'm going to do now??! That's right, look for targets. This is silly. Like 16 ton weight silly.
  14. Indeed they already have I can see.:dunce:
  15. And where would such gems such as the Champagne thread of the Zorse wars be if there had been a ratings system at the time? Non-existent for a start. I fail to see one single use for it. And seeing the current results of the poll, I'm not on my own.
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