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  1. The Knight of Flours

    Anyone watching "The Orville"?

    I thought it was a 'coming of age' moment since he matured after the crash.
  2. The Knight of Flours

    Amazon and WB discussing new LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

    Too soon.. Way too soon...
  3. The Knight of Flours

    Star Trek: Discovery #2, set phasers to stunned.

    Yes - I thought he was too powerful and said 'Q-like' in another forum
  4. It was to be the last season even before the Spacey news. As Wright said herself a year ago 'now that Trump is the president, where do we go from here?'
  5. The Knight of Flours

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    Another 45 minutes of shooting bullets no-body can afford to waste and virtually no plot.
  6. The Knight of Flours

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    I wondered if the US would need subtitles for Korg's lines lol
  7. The Knight of Flours

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    This is the best Thor movie and funny as hell. The humor might have even been cut back a bit, but the 2hours+ flew by. Nobody could say the film isn't entertaining. Stan's cameo was one of his best and loved seeing the effect where Thor swung his hammer round - just like the Kirby art from the 60s comics. I'd seen a review where they said Cate's performance wasn't that great but I thought she was perfect. Can't wait to see those Dr Strange and Korg scenes again - lol
  8. The Knight of Flours

    Stark men are not so Stark

    Well, bats were her maternal grandmother's sigil
  9. The Knight of Flours

    Star Trek: Discovery #2, set phasers to stunned.

    I'm glad that Isaacs has shown up. Hopefully Michael's goofy roomie helps her to lighten up. Next episode trailer looks promising..
  10. The Knight of Flours

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    The new series "Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams" (now up to episode 3) is featuring a few GoT actors. Richard Madden was in the first episode while Davos Seaworth & Lady Crane are in episode 6. Oona Chaplin's mother starred in episode 2 as well.
  11. The Knight of Flours

    Why we just have 4 houses at the dragon's pit meeting?

    Lots of little Freys too you would think since I can't recall Arya poisoning a bunch of kids at the Twins.
  12. It's massive - there was an illustration of a huge one in the past year which GRRM said was more like the 'real' throne than the one on the show. Was probably the one in TWOIAF but can't remember for sure.
  13. The Knight of Flours

    Warden of The North

    Well... a - Sansa's internet-bro now knows Jon is really a Targ now and so may be able to be un-chosen/replaced as King of the North b - Yeah - as mentioned above - the Northern armies aren't that strong - not even sure why Cersei wanted to keep the North neutral as they are small-fry in the scheme of things (though - if included - the allied armies of the Vale would probably double their strength.
  14. The Knight of Flours

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    this thread is high art... oh wait
  15. The Knight of Flours

    Aegon and Daenerys: King and Queen of Westeros?

    Sometimes i think ASOIAF is about monarchies becoming republics - then I think about ppl in Westeros voting for a new ruler and think how would they even know what's goin on - it's too fantastic to believe - then I think about the USA and other places round our world today