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  1. When I saw HBO post on FB about 'The Last War', I thought 'that's a pretty lame episode title'. 'The Bells' is also fairly lack-lustre. I thought something like 'Queen's Landing' might have been appropriate. I wonder if next week will be 'A Dream of Spring'?
  2. I prefer the 'intrigue' episodes (at least when they had GRRM's dialogue to use) to battles, but this episode certainly poured on the tension. Had probably more pee-breaks (and refills) during this 80minutes than Avengers-Endgame and in those breaks I was pretty numb thinking about what was to come. Still, stuff went down this ep and I still have butterflies in my stomach. I hate 'fights in the dark' in movies/shows and probably missed some stuff (the show airs live in sunny lunchtime downunder) so will definitely watch it later in the dark with a bottle of strong liquor at my side.
  3. I will have to watch again tonight (ep comes out in the brightness of sunshine downunder) as too much screen reflection. Well, I will have to watch again when I am emotionally un-wrecked at least. I usually prefer the 'talking' episodes to the battles (at least when they were able to use GRRM dialogue) but stuff got done this ep so it has to be a 10/10. And that next week trailer..... I better stock up on strong drink.
  4. Didn't Davos point that out last episode (though unaware of Jon's true parentage/name)?
  5. When Tyrion was talking to Jaime about killing Cersei I was expecting Bronn to appear at Winterfell.
  6. 8/10 and nearly a 9. Much better dialogue this week. And I even had a bit of a tear in the eye at that 'Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' moment Only 7 sleeps to go!
  7. Can't go higher than a 7. DIdn't expect much other than this 'dark mirror' of Episode 1 and reunion/set-up for the future. I am still finding much of the dialogue to be cheesy, as I have since they ran out of GRRM-dialogue from the books. The time-travelling is irking me too - surely Cersei should be showing by now.
  8. The new series "Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams" (now up to episode 3) is featuring a few GoT actors. Richard Madden was in the first episode while Davos Seaworth & Lady Crane are in episode 6. Oona Chaplin's mother starred in episode 2 as well.
  9. lol NK should remote control em into making trebuchets and the like to toss walkers into the living armies and over the Winterfell walls
  10. Bit late this week but... 9/10 Haven't been any 10/10s this season for a change - but a few like this one at 9/10 and pretty good. Guess I will see all the haters back here in a year's time lol
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