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    House: House Byttern Sigil: Two lemons and a fish-hook on a field of silver (white) Words: Ever Vigilant Unofficial motto: Even odds are fools' odds. Location: Dornish Marches Seat: The Beacon Sworn to: Storms End Ancestral weapons: Steel poleaxe, named Mercy. Steel knife with an amethyst set in the pommel, named Spite. Blood: Andal, with substantial Rhoynish influences. Religion: The Seven. Founder: Tommen Byttern Current lord: Edmyn Byttern History: The Bytterns claim descent from the Andals, although regular marriages with Dornish houses have lent a Rhoynish cast to their colouring and features. Ser Tommen Byttern, long in the service of the Storm Kings, was finally granted his lands and title in the Dornish Marches by King Arrec. A King of the Reach once commented that Tommen Byttern was such a sour man he must eat only lemons. Upon grant of his title, Tommen added two lemons to his house sigil in acknowledgement of the Gardener joke. Despite its sigil, the house is better-known for its orchards than its lemon groves. (There are actually no lemon groves, although Byttern lords have been known to claim that lemon trees grow over their family graves). Their castle is well inland; its name originates from a comment made by King Arrec that the Bytterns would serve as his "beacon" for an attack from Dorne. Byttern warriors are known to prefer raiding and ambushes to open battle, as the house can muster only relatively few warriors. However, many Byttern lords throughout history are remembered for reckless attacks or hopeless last stands against forces many times their number. Ser Constant Byttern was once heard to remark before a battle that it was better to be thought a fool than a coward. He is also said to have added after the battle that all heroes were fools at heart. Despite this reputation, the house is fond of sending younger sons to the Citadel to forge maesters' chains. When this practice was once enquired after, Lord Jon reportedly replied, "we may be fools, but I'll have no-one say we're stupid fools". Allegiance: In the War of the Five Kings, House Byttern declared first for Renly. They supported Stannis following Renly's death and remained loyal to his cause after the battle of Blackwater.