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  1. Soup. It's soup she's giving them.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Ah, but the pacing for episode 5 may be dramatically improved by the pointless detour...perhaps.
  3. redraike

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    and that would set up the cliffhanger for next week. It would have been epic. I don't know why they would push that to the beginning of next week's episode. More likely it will be closer to the end of next week's episode, I think it will give them more time to work the scene from Cat or Brienne's perspective.
  4. If you're going to tack close to the books, Jojen gets pretty seriously ill. I guess you don't need Meera, but it would help if Hodor doesn't have to carry both Bran AND Jojen himself. I guess that leaves Cold Hands...
  5. She probably shouldn't have the charisma. Remember, she's doesn't have the pull that Victarion nor Euron has. It's not just because she's female, but it's well established that she doesn't have the commanding presence nor the popularity required. She's supposed to be somewhat unlikeable.
  6. Wow, way to manufacture a complaint out of simply stating that I'm nonplussed by it. This is why I've asked you to calm down. So, please calm down.
  7. So you were wrong, and now you're resorting to insults. I haven't made an ad hominem attack on you. Just show that you're a decent person and let it go.
  8. Look, I grew up in San Francisco. Gay family friends and all that. Homosexuality is a part of the tapestry of society. I simply don't happen to be gay, and I don't understand the attraction or the fuss. To be quite frank, I still haven't come to understand why women are attracted to men. There's no judgment there, I simply don't grok it. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't read too much into it.
  9. So there's something wrong with not finding men attractive? Seriously? I think you're a little hyper-sensitive there, friend.
  10. well, Renly drives the plotline for Stannis for a short time, so I guess he's important that way. Loras, well...he's totally a pawn. No, not the writers! The characters! Like...what's the attraction? You have a good point...I don't/can't relate.
  11. No no, not as in storyline. I totally get that. And whether they are "very important" or not is kind of arguable. Simply put, I just can't wrap my head around why two men would be attracted to each other. Men are at best unattractive to begin with. Like...George Clooney or this Loras fellow. So Not Hot. So why bother?
  12. but two prostitutes rehearsing never gets old and two men kissing is just kinda "why bother?"
  13. I think TV version of Asha is hot. But then it's all how she carries herself, her demeanor, if you will. There's more than eye-candy going on there.
  14. I liked the part where Will Smith punches the alien in the face and says 'Welcome to Earth!' Oh wait. Wrong forum.