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  1. greensleeves

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    I didn't lose my temper, but I will not be silent about sexism when I see it.
  2. greensleeves

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    Maybe respond to criticisms with an honest analysis of your words. We exist in a sexist society so we all have to make an effort to free ourselves from sexist assumptions (even self-declared feminists). Try to recognize your own biases and weaknesses. Other things to avoid: Responding to criticisms of sexism by telling a woman she's being overly emotional and should be quiet.
  3. greensleeves

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    Your gender is actually relevant to the sexism you're displaying in this argument. You're a man trying to define and limit what women with certain experiences and preferences are capable of: 'Women who are raped can't fall in love and choose to have families.' 'Women who have children must be subservient.' 'Tomboys aren't interested in romance.' Women contain multitudes and are not limited by the stereotypes you're trying to place on us. Educating you about that is not my problem. Listen, I don't know that Arya and Sansa will end up with anyone. I'm not opposing your conclusion. I'm opposing the arguments you are using to get there: They are bad. You could argue that the all-male writing team will have sexist assumptions similar to your own and will enforce them. That would at least be coherent.
  4. greensleeves

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    That is in no way what I implied or said. I guess I haven't seen that.. but if there is foreshadowing that's actual valid evidence. Saying that women who aren't feminine in some ways can't want romance and children is not good. I'll let you get back to lecturing women on feminism... Newstar gender: male. Edit: I will note that having children also doesn't mean being tamed.
  5. greensleeves

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    It's really bad to assume that because a woman has been raped she will never want to be a mother. Also, just because you want to buck some gender stereotypes doesn't mean you'll never want a romantic partner or children.
  6. greensleeves

    Season 8 Predictions?

    The kind of love idealized by the books is Ned and Cat's imo: A marriage started in good faith and with common goals where love is built brick by brick. Ending predictions: As a Sansa fan, the one thing I'm fairly confident about is Sansa remaining attached to Winterfell. As for the Iron throne, if it still exists I think Gendry has as much chance of ending up on it as anyone. His blood-claim is just as good as any Targ's. Also I think it would have a nice kind of symmetry for Arya to end up with the destiny originally meant for Sansa: married to a Baratheon king on the Iron throne. (It would be a nice call back to Robert and Lyanna too. Also it would fulfill Ned's promise to her about being married to a king.) My guess is that Dany ends up dead.
  7. greensleeves

    Warden of The North

    Jon's parentage reveal has been hyped for so long because it supposedly makes him the rightful heir to a throne. It would be really interesting if instead of gaining a crown he loses one (and rightfully so).
  8. Yeah, there are such things as editing, constructing narrative, and consistent characterisation that the Winterfell plot completely failed at. I'm not going to argue about it because that would be putting more effort into it than the writing staff of game of thrones, and I'm not getting paid.
  9. greensleeves

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Yeah, but they don't actually have to have him do anything other than lie around... and the wolf wouldn't be filming with actual actors (like how the dogs that ate Ramsay were added in). Also there's wolf dogs that look pretty much like wolves. I'm not saying it's not difficult, but it's not CGI. Also apparently San Diego Zoo puts on shows with their arctic wolf:
  10. greensleeves

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Are the direwolves actually CGI? I thought they filmed actual wolves and added them to the scenes later. Isn't that a practical effect that's been around forever? It doesn't seem like it should cost that much.
  11. greensleeves

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Gendry is Robert's true heir and arguably has as much claim to the iron throne as anyone (including Jon and Dany)... he just doesn't have the armies to back it up.
  12. greensleeves

    Team Daenerys, Team Sansa or Team Jon?

    You do you. I hope Sansa's not without any family in Winterfell though. Maybe Arya and/or Bran can be there too? The pack needs to stay together!
  13. greensleeves

    Team Daenerys, Team Sansa or Team Jon?

    As a diehard Sansa fan, Jon is one of the few guys I wouldn't mind her ending up with (if he starts to listen to her). I'm pretty sure Daenerys will not be sitting the iron throne at the end of all this. And you know what? I don't think Jon will either. I'd like to see all the remaining Starks + Jon end the series at Winterfell as a family. That would be a happy ending for me. If Sansa survives that's definitely where she's going to end up. I'm also pro-northern independence. If Jon wants to retain the northern crown after his parentage becomes known, then a political marriage between him and Sansa could make sense. Sansa doesn't necessarily need to marry anyone though.
  14. greensleeves

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    It was bad, really bad. This season and season 5 were the worst. These people can't write coherently when they don't have a book to follow. It makes me sad to see so many on this forum still trying to make sense of the plot; you can't. You can't look at the writing of the show too closely. Turn off your brain and just try to experience the emotional cues they're going for. One thing this series has been great for: the visuals. Because of the budget Game of Thrones will always look amazing. I don't understand how they can hire such amazing talent for those departments but not writing.
  15. greensleeves

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I guess it must not be clear, because I assume she's talking about touch Sansa doesn't want (see the taking back control of her body part). Whatever.