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  1. Ah, just uni things. Dont worry, high school kids probably aren’t out to get you and point out any and every mistake you might make. I suppose that only starts in college *nervous laugh* pet shopping!!!!! Love to spend money on the doggos. Got car seat belts for the Chancellor (this is a thing, as it turns out), a new brush for Chubs, shedding brush for PW, claw clipper for everybody though mostly Miss Molly and the Chancellor suffer from overlong claws and flea brush for everybody as it’s tick season again. Also went to my doctor’s appointment and got scheduled for an ultrasound and blood test. The doctor thinks however that it’s all psychosomatic and if the results come back negative, I should consider a couple consultations with a psychologist. And I suppose that’s not a terrible idea if things this autumn don’t go well. And I also suppose I’d absolutely prefer it to be psychosomatic than actual medical issues. we’ll see. Now lunch, waste management in the flat, figuring out the electric heating and waiting for the handyman who I hope will solve all my post-reno problems.
  2. Yup, things are all over the place in every institution these days. Ah, working in the evening is no fun. At least you had a nice nap.
  3. If it is Any comfort, I have lost any sense of what the original proverb might have been in the very first description round.
  4. Oh I’m sorry. Is it an unlucky coincidence or Covid safety? Glad to hear the car ride went well. There’s a giant rainstorm over here, so I’m kinda envious of closed transportation (my loafer didn’t soak through, however, and now I feel that it was worth the price I paid for it after all) Good luck with the lesson planning! I’m going to have to iron now. But I need a cup of tea first (and a shot of whiskey in it).
  5. You’ll definitely survive the drive. And good luck with controlling life in the hallways! sounds like something I’d never be able to do. eh thanks, it was what is was. Tomorrow’s another day.
  6. If only that was so easy. I was actually kinda lazy though, somehow I feel impossibly tired. I know that it’s part stress and probably part drastic weather change, and hopefully nothing else. Did some laundry, went for a walk, need to send some shopping orders and that’s about it. I kinda want to sleep for a week and be alone. Thumbs-up to you for being so productive.
  7. Oh boy boy boy... it’s cold, how am I supposed to flee my flat when it’s too cold to sit on a park bench for hours?
  8. Well, winter is here. As in, it was 27C two days ago and currently it’s 11. I need to go and do hardware shopping for the flat. I need a doorstep, a small bottle of white paint, a small bottle of anthracite paint, a brush or two, the solvent you use to clean brass, Linseed oil, a doorbell telephone (whatever you call that), extension cords, cable organizers, a flat end screwdriver, a hammer and some type of profile or trim to cover up the disgusting glue finish of the shower cabinet edges, masking tape, sanding paper, possibly a small pot of putty for small fixes. I think that’s all. I’ll need a taxi to transport all this to the flat. I kinda feel like cooking some nice little autumnal something tomorrow. Or bake something at least. We’ll see. Then I will have a third interview for a job on Monday, then the handyman appointment, and hopefully an H&M home package return pickup inbetween. Then a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday because I’ve decided I need to fix myself up before I turn 30 and a bank appointment. Then hmm oh yes internet installation appointment for the flat on Wednesday and hopefully blood test/further test appointments. And I’ll go back to the country on Friday because the chancellor is getting his stitches removed on Saturday. I did get selected for a job by the way, which I don’t really want, but I’ll accept the offer anyway if the other job rejects me in the last round. We’ll see. The one reason I’m not thrilled about the colder weather is that I’ll soon be too cold to sit and read on my little park bench. This is the time when one would normally cozy up in a cafe, but who dares to stay inside a cafe for longer than the 5 minutes of purchasing the cafe these days? - I sure don’t. And it’s not possible to read at home so my best option is to finish the Witcher book I’ve been munching for months next weekend in the country. Not sure why I went into all these nonsensical and irrelevant details in this post. The nutshell version is: It’s cold and I’ll have an eventful couple days.
  9. They are technically my bills she lives here temporarily. As for cutting ties, I have wanted to do that too many times to count. the longest we lasted not talking was 5 days when we didn’t live in the same place and 1.5 days now we live in the same place. I’m just waiting for her to grow out of it. Or rather, into handling problems with a minimal level of self-constraint and assertiveness. We made things up now...
  10. Sure, I’d guess about everybody over 70 here [think we’d be better off in a communist society]. Those were the ‘good old days’. Although my great grandmother used to think we’d be best off in a post WW1 governmental presidency. Because those were her good old days. Seriously though, no system is without fault. Capitalist or communist, we’ve got to believe that we live in the best of all possible of worlds. Which doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from minor adjustments here and there, but I’m sure it’s easier to wake up every day and believe you live in a good world rather than in one on the brink of collapse.
  11. Today is a good day because my friend group video chat was cancelled.... wait for it ... because one of my friends went into labor and had a beautiful, healthy, strong baby boy with the smoothest and squishiest little face I’ve ever seen! I’m so so so so very happy for them. I just hope we’ll somehow manage to see that baby in person with all that’s going on before the year is over.
  12. I am an animal person, I’m just terrible at training them. I lack the patience, the strict consistency and the confidence. I‘M basically a softie who loves them too much and they tend to take advantage of it. I grew up in a family where we almost always had pets, most dogs (although we were terrible pet owners) and I really really miss being around a dog all the time. I do see our family dogs (mostly cared for by me and my mother) regularly, but it’s not the same as having a 24/7 dog. Dog love is just... indescribable. I always thought I’d like to have a corgi one day and I’d name him Henry VIII. But I’m done with that struggle, if I ever have a corgi, it’ll be a she and I haven’t figured out the perfect lady dog name yet. That’s actually something I could think about tonight while I can’t sleep. We used to have a cat for a little while too, but I’m a die-hard dog person, I just can’t connect with cats the same way. So after dogs, come horses. There isn’t a soul ache horses can’t heal. They are the most majestic animals that are still generous enough to goof around with humans. They lift you as high as the stars and let you feel a bit of their strength and grace in your heart when you are with them. They are peace, protection and power. If dog love is indescribable, horse love is incomparable. I really really really miss horse riding.
  13. Fresh out of a two-hour fight with sister. We both lost self control 5 minutes in. I’m dead on the floor, harakiri’d and strangled by my entrails, basically. Most of the fight happened in messages, so at least we didn’t bother the neighbors too much. Except for my crying fits and the rearranging of the shoe cabinet (don’t even ask, at this point shit was just pouring out of me). /snip details I actually have never ever witnessed anybody bully another human being like that in real life. Maybe in a film. Well she has been masterful at this for years and years. Not sure how we’ll bounce back from this. I suppose we have had worse or similarly terrible fights and came back from it so there’s probably hope. I also suppose this was a very accurate human and modern day version of a fight our dogs had a few weeks ago. One grabbed the other (who was on the terrace) by the left side of his face and ear and dragged him off the terrace through two wooden rail boards spilling blood everywhere. The terrace dog crawled into the garage and up into the house and lay in front of the bathroom door in shock, bleeding onto a cushion, shaking in his own dried blood, face swollen for two hours before we got him to the vet. That’s how I feel right now. (The vet fixed him, he’s fine now) Well, three hours ago I started a film but I don’t really feel like I could switch back into it. I also don’t think I’ll sleep tonight soooooooo.... I’ll continue to trash this forum with my nonsense because that’s what the internet is for anyway, isn’t it? Thank you for reading the first installment.
  14. I watched Enola Holmes, it was a moderately endearing disaster.
  15. Everything tends to get easier and less tiring with practice, maybe teaching too? Fingers crossed for you! I had a little nap too but I was still insanely tired during the interview. I’m sure it showed but I did my best anyway. What can you do? I would love to get this position, so fingers crossed that they didn’t hate me. What kinda seminar is that? Something you guys attend at the new job or is it unrelated? Sounds interesting, what does continuous education mean?
  16. Hi, I can barely move from exhaustion, how are you? After two days of vigorous gardening (I need to learn to do these things much slower and lighter) and other domestic chores, we took the Chancellor for his neutering surgery this morning. Turned out he only weighs 30kgs but it still takes all the muscle power and weight I have to control and move that dog. He is home now, he got a huge cone and he’s still quite dizzy and groggy from the tranquilizers, but he’s all right. For today, PW has the yard for himself - and what he’s doing, one might ask- sitting in front of the door waiting to be let inside. I guess it’s not only humans who always want what they don’t have. I did manage to stretch out my neck and shoulders and arms last night but my back is rather sore and I had a bad sleep last night. So I’m just vegetating on the bed. I’ll try to have a nap then clean up for a Skype interview and now that PW is outside all day I can skip the dog walking In the evening and repot a dying plant instead. I’ll be here tomorrow too because I want to make sure the Chancellor is okay and get back to the city on Thursday. I’m really really tired.
  17. Great to hear from you! Poor mini sith 2, hope her achy little teeth come out soon. Hi Bear! Makes sense, fun old people are really adorable. We have all the electronics now as well as some furniture on the way and we’ll have the built-ins Installed in early October. I also have a handyman coming over to touch up all the disgusting finishes the contractor left behind. We need to get internet and do some serious cord management (the outlets are all in the wrong place). And we have yet to do all the shopping for decor and general household items. So there’s a light flickering at the end of the tunnel already but it’s still some work. Sister will probably be able to move during her autumn break. Audiobooks proved really useful for me because I get to listen to books while I’m doing manual activities. If you haven’t tried consuming literature that way, I do recommend it, although the curl up with a hot beverage, a blanket and a physical book feeling doesn’t come with it.
  18. WOW THAT’S A HUGE DEAL! BIG BIG BIG CONGRATS TO YOU for being radio famous and a right artist! Now that I understand it, I shall correct the amount of cheers to:
  19. Awww that sounds so amazing! I love book stores and second hand ones are the absolute best. What makes an old lady cool, I wonder though? Oh I’m fine. 2020 is not an easy ride but it’s not easy for anybody and much more difficult for many than it is for me. I’m in the best state of mind about it as I have been since March so that’s a win I guess. Reno’s still going on, we are doing dog schooling, and I got an audible subscription which I’m absolutely enjoying. Increased my literature consumption a lot. In fact I’m kinda pleased with how much I’ve read/listened to this year. I really missed this kind of intellectual stimulation. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but congrats anyways, sounds like a big celebration-worthy deal!
  20. @felice was glad to hear that the chair accident was lucky for both the computer and you to a new and stable desk chair! Well, days may be shorter but that certainly doesn’t affect the 30c heat. Wish we had this weather throughout July and August, and switched to 20 by now, but hopefully a cold wave is on the way. Covid stats still suck, potential employers still don’t respond, sister’s reno still not finished, dogs still separated, legal issues still open. 2020 feels like one of those disappearing stair steps in Hogwarts your feet gets trapped in when you step on them. But I’m not complaining, today is a nice day and I’m currently having a coffee in the park.
  21. Definitely a compliment. Happy to hear the new job is treating you well! Glad the computer’s fine, but are you? Hope you weren’t hurt either.
  22. Whohoo, shit is getting real over here. Though only statistically, we are wide open and going for economic survival (and herd immunity? Who can say?). I do understand the notion but the communication around the second wave strategy, I must say, doesn’t quite exceed expectations. That is of course the least of the practical problems as the average Joe opinion is that coronavirus is a hoax to control people’s personal liberty and regulations that obligate people to ‘suffocate’ in masks in enclosed spaces and fine them if they refuse, is another way for the government to ‘steal from people’. (I will not go into how and why this misguided and unfounded use of the word ‘steal’ made it into the public’s top five favorite and overused words) As a result the public turned into a mass of naughty schoolchildren (this is another national attribute of ours I suppose) who giggle behind the teacher’s back as they cut corners and find loopholes because rules and regulations are for the grownups who imposed them and they know everything better than the teachers anyway. Yes, the loudspeaker just said you must wear masks in here, but it’s just a formality, it’s totally okay if you don’t, we won’t tell. Today alone we had 970ish (this is 0.01% of the total population) new cases (we break daily new case records every day at this point), but schools will stay open, businesses will stay open and we are essentially counting on the public’s personal responsibility (fueled by the threat of a spiffing €25 fine, should one be found without mask on public transport). Experts say the real case count is around ten times the confirmed one, as we test so very little. Which puts the infection rate around 1%. This is not much relatively but as the newly infected are primarily 18-35 year olds the virus is spreading rather quickly. The younger and stronger pass it on to several others before they realize they are ill if they realize it at all. State funded testing protocol only tests if someone’s a close contact to a confirmed case or was abroad in the past 14 days or shows all mandatory symptoms (fever, dry cough, chest pain, loss of taste/smell). Most young people have much milder symptoms, never get tested (private testing is around €100 - compare to €1000 average monthly salary) and even go on about their business with a sore throat or mild cough. Hard to count on public discipline and responsibility this way. I don’t see any other control mechanism (although there may be some introduced as we march into the colder seasons), so essentially that shutting of the borders everybody was so upset about two weeks ago is now keeping the virus inside rather than outside so at least our neighbors are safe(r) around us. Life is ironic.
  23. Maybe @Knight of Ashes @Eternally_His @a free shadow @[email protected] chicken @Meera of Tarth [email protected] feels like picking up a pencil and joining us for a round of Pictionary?
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