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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Every scene is always open for interpretation. What D&D say on the Inside Ep 9 footage is THEIR interpretation. Which they have a right to. And I doubt that after Joffrey and Ramsay it is possible to portray Stannis as the worst scumbag ever.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    I have a different view on what he is committed to. Ramsay already rooted out the Ironborn from DM, there's no screentime in the world to rally Northern clans, what death sentence crimes were those? Burning Mance for deserting, fair enough. Instead in the show, Stannis personally led the attack against King's Landing, he showed his daughter fatherly love, he didn't always listen to Mel, he intends to liberate Winterfell, he lent his ships to Jon being dedicated to protect the realm from the Others. I feel like show-Stannis has good traits too.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    What's a good trait he has that he was deprived of in the show?
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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Up until he randomly burned his daughter alive because he was stuck in the snow for an hour he was not the head of a powerful house with a religious fanatic priestess bending him to her will and a powerful army and a stubborn and determined contestant for the Iron Throne? Because that sounds dangerous enough to me.............................
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    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Was there a point where Stannis wasn't as dangerous as the Boltons?
  6. Well it really depends on how you define 'villain'. According to GRRM there aren't any villains in ASOIAF and everybody is a hero of their own story. Stannis definitely has more dimensions than Melisandre, but I agree that Stannis is not The Good Guy here and he is as bad as anybody in ASOIAF and this has nothing to do with Shireen. I thought the exact same before Stannis even showed up in the HBO adaptation.
  7. Thank you for saying this. Stannis is not a villain, but he is definitely not a hero or the champion of justice. Melisadre is not evil either, only terribly ignorant and an extreme believer of her faith that blinds her to common sense. I do get what you mean though and agree. It's a legit question to ask. Davos loves Stannis. Stannis means the concept of justice and leadership to him, as Stannis indeed had been just and a presumably a good leader as well. He knows that Stannis's folly comes from Melisandre and has done his best to get Stannis out of her grip. He still believes in Stannis and hopes that one day the man will come to his senses. How he will react to Shireen's death, I have no idea, since that did not (yet) happen in the books.
  8. It blew my mind how people could rate the previous episode 9/10 and 10/10 too. I will tell the person who I quoted what's the answer. Different tastes, different interpretations, different priorities. If the person who I quoted is allowed to go extreme voting the episode down, I myself should be allowed to go extreme voting the episode up. Wouldn't the person who I quoted agree? :)
  9. :lol: I know, it's just, you know a question that always hangs in mid-air. Are Targs immune to _______ [fill in the space]? Like where do whores go...
  10. 9,25/10, but I voted 10 because it did top a previous episode that I rated 9/10. This was so freaking epic. SO FREAKING EPIC! I mean it's not like, you can't nitpick, you totally can, and I will, but that doesn't take away from that massive epicness. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dorne scenes. They were well-crafted. Jaime was amazing, Ellaria played out wonderfully, Doran kicked ass, Trystane who's a rather interesting mix of FAegon, Trystane and Quentyn was alright, Myrcella is your typical random teen girl no.312031 but I don't think she is supposed to be anything more. Liked the Wall scenes too, though Ollie, that little piece of shit of a kid, god I already hate him with his bloody damn side-eyes. I loved how Thorne called Jon 'Jon Snow' and not 'Lord Snow'. Bravos. This is where problems arise. Mace Tyrell is an infantile, pompous idiot and even though he was a pompous idiot in the books too, I feel like the show version is still a caricature. But let's put that aside, nobody ever cares about Mace Tyrell in the books or in the show. However, I find it very interesting that it should take 7 episodes for Mace to get to Bravos, while Jon left for Hardhome only two episodes ago and he's already back at the Wall. Maybe Mace only sailed by night and took singing classes by day with his ship anchored. What's even worse, what the F is Meryn Trant doing with Mace Tyrell? His whore picking repeated what we already knew, that he's a douchbag. On a different note, dear viewers and internet, no tears and screams of bashing at HBO for the poor girl Meryn Trant picked? Oh well, sorry, my bad, she's not a Stark, so she doesn't matter, I forgot. Stannis. First things first. So twenty men get into a military camp that has no guards, do some magic, disappear and the camp goes ablaze once they are already out of sight. Somebody please explain that to me. Second things second. So the fire and flames consumed our horses and our food, burned our camp to the ground, so we sacrifice kingsblood to the god of fire and flames and burn some more people, because that will fix things? I fucking hate Melisandre. Third things third. I am really curious to see how Stannis's character will unfold in WoW. While burning Shireen is admitedly out of character for the current book Stannis, it is not such a far kick from his religious fanatism led messiah complex from middle-child complex issues. Admittedly book Stannis wouldn't go this far, for what we know now. Sending away Davos and having that chat with Shireen though make me want to spit him in the face. I was pleasantly surprised that Selyse couldn't watch it though and ran to Shireen. I will miss Kerry Ingram from the show so much. Her acting was beautiful. And those screams. Heart=Broken, and the last time Game of Thrones Show broke my heart was back in Season 3. I know this was quite a change, but after Barristan was killed off as well, why are we still surprised? As for the concept of child sacrifice, D&D didn't make that up. Well, it was pretty bad to watch. One more thing, I feel like GoT moms' reactions to child's death never quite exceeds expectations. I feel like neither Michelle, nor Lena and not even Selyse actress could pull it off. Meereen. The epicness just got real. Daenerys, Daario and Tyrion were all HUGE. I absolutely loved when Daario leaned in and started explaining about pit fighting, and putting Hizdhar in his places every second was priceless too, also the dialogue between Daenerys and Hizdhar about what's a good reason to die was spot on. The tension was built up gradually in a very subtle and still powerful way. I loved the scene when the sons of the harpy emerged from the crowd, and when Jorah took out the first one attacking Daenerys. Daenerys putting her trust back into Jorah was a very sweet scene in the middle of chaos. I loved how Tyrion and Daario both watched out for Missandei and how Daenerys held her hand when they knew they were all going to die. The whole setup of the scene with the few being trapped in the middle of an arena by the many ready to die a heroic death before help came flying in and clearing around the survivors was very Star Wars Attack of the Clones -ish. I don't mind, I loved that scene too, just saying. Drogon though. THE EPICNESS. THE FIRE BREATHING. I do have to say, I assumed he would be larger. A LOT larger. That would have been even more epic. But no complaints, it was epic enough. And Daenerys riding him was lovely. I hate her costumes this season and it is my belief that the scene could have looked better if she had a dress of a lighter fabric that could flap around in the wind and all. In any case, Tyrion's facial expressions chanelled exactly what the audience felt and I thought that was genius. But there's the little accident with Jorah extending an uncovered hand to Daenerys. Will she get Greyscale too? Will she not? ARE TARGS IMMUNE TO GREYSCALE? Did Jorah realize he was exposing her to the virus/funghi/bacteria/whatever Greyscale is? Did HBO realize Daenerys was exposed to Greyscale? Other than that, there were a couple choreography issues with the fighting scenes, but not nearly as major ones as with the Selmy&Greyworm/Harpy scenes. But let's not nitpick, because the Meereen scenes were EPIC. And the episode on the whole was pretty good too.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I watch it from laptop too and it's horrrrrrrible... Can't see a thing for 70% of the episode.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I actually rewatched this when I saw how many 10/10s it got. But nope, I'm sticking with 7/10 Confess. Confess. Confess. Confess. Confess. FINE. I will fucking confess. I stole all the camera lights from the Game of Thrones sets, that's why the scenes are so dark that I can only see my own reflection. There. My cleavege is way more interesting than 80% of the scenes, that's why I stole your bloody lights, so I can stare at myself on the laptop screen for 40 minutes and see boobs on the show even when there aren't any included in the script. May I have some water now? So the many faced god hates banks. Government approves. How old is Arya again? I liked the outfit though. But the lighting... dang it, the lighting killing me. Confess. Confess. Confess. What? Am I supposed to feel sorry for Cersei now? Presenting King Tommen of the House Baratheon. Kitten loving fifteen-year-old with huge libido who is king of seven kingdoms yet all he can do when he doesn't like something is sulk in his room and refuse to eat dinner. Can we have Joffrey back, please? Confess. Confess. Confess. ALRIGHT. I shall confess. I freaking LOVE Ramsay. Iwan Rheon is killing it. So the difference between being almost-wardeness of the North noblewoman and bastard wildling daughter at Castle Black is...... ? Because it's definitely not having a fire to make warmth in a snowstorm. Or candles to light the dark room you are sitting in all day. Confess. Confess. Confess. Well, I must confess I don't understand Sansa. Is that what she learned from Littlefinger? To be outspoken and assertive and vengeful because that's what the cool kids do? Well the cool kids are now locked in similarly dark cells as Sansa's and being assertively and vengefully outspoken isn't even getting them water. Obviously it wasn't her idea that Ramsay takes 20 good man and leave a feast for crows - scratch that, blue eyed skeleton zombie maker blue eyed non-skeleton zombies. So what's her character development? Snarling at the mentally and physically disabled because they deserve it? I'm not saying they don't, but where's that getting her? Ollie. Olly. Whoever. Come in. Let's have a friendly chat about Jon, because we haven't heard enough times already that the wildlings killed your mom and dad and you don't want the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch (that took you in and fed you so you wouldn't die after the wildlings killed your mom and dad) to do whatever he sees fit, because you obviously know more about the wildlings and the real enemy beyond the Wall having lived with the wildlings for month and having visited beyond the Wall multiple times yourself. Wait... god, my memory's failing me. That was the Lord Commander wasn't it? Confess. Confess. Confess. Alright, lady, I heard you the first time, I'll confess. I think Tyrion and Daenerys had the first stimulating conversation that happened over wine since Robert Baratheon explained Cersei Lannister that one is a bigger number than five. Lord of Bones. Lord of Bones? What did you say? What did you---? Is he alive? Does that mean Mance is dead? Does that mean there was no magic trick? Oh never mind, he isn't alive anymore. Elders. Elders? Like Leo Wyatt? Oh never mind, look at all the gender equality. Barking. Barking? Wouldn't dogs freeze at Hardhome? Oh crap never mind, this doesn't look good, oh no, this doesn't look good, oh shit... What the F are they staring at? Get on the bloody boats! Close the gate, come on, like a wooden fence will protect you from the--- What on EARTH is THAT? Are those armed undead skeletons? Where's Captain Barbossa and the Black Bloody Pearl? I have some bloody apples for him! Oh the shit is soooo deep, it's deeper than in Tyrion's traveling barrel. Look at that fancy black armor, hell these guys do need it to keep warm and protected... Jon Snow, you are so screwed. Wait. No. Ahahaha. Jon Snow blade can stop the dead man's blade! Jon Snow is Isildur's heir! Oh come on, Lady GenderEquality won't see her cute kids again, I never ever saw that coming... YES, they are finally running. Oh Tormund, you sweetheart, don't cry. Even the Others are like, Come, have a hug. And then someone switched on the motorboat mode. Seriously, it wasn't a bad episode, but it didn't impress me either. It was enjoyable to watch, but I wouldn't call it epic. And the amount of self-references and Lord of the Rings references were just a tad too high. It was also a tad bit boring. And skeletons? Seriously? The Others just lay down to beauty industry? What happened to those plus size wights from season 1? What sort of body image is this show even presenting? Don't they realize they are late to the game? This is Kim Kardashian's decade. This is Nicki Minaj's decade. This is BodyShapeEquality decade. Give me back the season 1 wights. Give me back the camera lights.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    I was bored.... I dunno, I just feel like nothing happened. And whatever did happen was somehow not right (or I couldn't see it, because proper camera lights are for the weak). Now, here's the NW. Jon decided about ten thousand ages ago that he's going to the wildlings. Accordingly, Stannis made decisions, brothers keep frowning and one feels like Jon is already gone and will be back some time. But no, Jon only just left. WTF. Maester Aemon was a sweetheart, god bless his soul. The NW brothers try to rape Gilly (and nobody loses their minds, after all Gilly is just Gilly and not Sansa /passive aggression). Now I understand that this scene was supposed to present how Sam is finding his courage and how he still has friends (Ghost) in spite of Aemon dying, along with how uncontrollable the NW is getting these days. But it was way too long and while the end-result was extremely cute, it's rather stupid and reckless. Stannis was fine. Sansa and Ramsay. I had zero problem with this business up until now. But in all honesty, Sansa who's been a hostage at King's Landing for quite some time (let's not try to calculate it with Sansa aging 1 year and Tommen aging 5 years in the same span of time) tormented by Joffrey, married to Tyrion and survived and got out only because she knew how to act her part now proceeds to commission Theon who betrayed her family and is clearly the mentally broken puppet of Ramsay to help her escape from Ramsay. Not to mention that this same Sansa who knew Joffrey and now knows Ramsay goes as far as taunting Ramsay with the Roose Baby issue and calling him a bastard. This makes so little sense to me on every level... Is this supposed to be the StrongSansa arch? Because I think she only got stupid and reckless. I don't know who the flayed person was. The man Brienne talked to? The old lady? South now. Dorne scenes as usual make zero sense. Honestly, what was the point of the Jaime-Myrcella exchange or Bronn not-dying? Complete waste of screen time. King's Landing. This would have been alright if it wasn't so bloody repetative. Cersei goes Margaery on Margaery (whose reactions I couldn't see, because it's a luxury to use lights... all the makeup to make her dirty wasted...), Cersei goes Margaery on Tommen. Why twice the same thing? Olenna vs High Sparrow and Olenna vs Littlefinger were also variations for the same thing. (Not to mention that at this point, Littlefinger is a big fat nobody with no plan and no place as far as the show goes) Neither "Hateful bitch" nor Cersei's imprisonment got through to me. Meereen was good. Daario and Daenerys were cute, Jorah and Tyrion was alright. There was one spark in the episode, when Daenerys and Tyrion looked upon each other. I thought Emilia Clarke pulled it off very nicely. 7/10 Questions: Where are we going? Dilemmas: This season gives me impressions that the book haven't. The entire KL storyline makes me feel like a world, an order is slowly falling apart. I understand that in the book, this was the Lannister clan and no more. It was the Lannisters struggling to survive. But in the show it's the entire political order, society and way of thinking. That massive block of power that resided in KL has been chipped away by the little changes the show made. Even though they weren't present, I could still feel that Varys and Littlefinger are pulling most of the strings, along with the Faith rising to power, of course, but now Varys is nowhere, Littlefinger is nobody with plan, no (known) goal, Pycelle and Qyburn disappeared, Mace Tyrell is in Bravos, Kevan Lannister at the Rock, the City Watch disappeared, the KG basically doesn't exist. With Cersei imprisoned, the crown is basically nothing with a boy sitting in the Red Keep with literally NOBODY around. And this whole talk about the masses and the few and fear. The books haven't (yet) given me the impression that the time of the people has come and the previous political order is being demolished. I don't even know what I'm saying, it's just impressions I don't like having...
  14. Yeah, I can actually agree with most of that. But then, I guess it comes down what you said. That boring and inconsistent episodes are between 4-6 to me, while they might be 1 to other people.
  15. In that case, you do not understand well. I cannot reemphasise that I wasn't disappointed when I myself explained in a post why I was disappointed. And I never said anything about anybody being odd, so please stop making guesses about what I think or don't think, if that's possible. Thank you :)
  16. The interesting question (okay, the question I cannot get over - it might be uninteresting to everybody else) is WHY people found this episode so much more disappointing?
  17. I assumed the same. So I checked back to see how many people gave a rating of 1 to s1e1, but nobody did. Sansa has one very special place in the heart of the fandom.
  18. I would be really curious why 83 people rated this episode 1. Not that I'm saying they don't have a right to have their own opinion, they do of course. It's mere curiosity.
  19. Thank god it wasn't. The title is probably and strong reference to Sansa as well.
  20. Arya's adventure in the house of black and white is something I won't be upset to part with.
  21. It was pretty poorly written and boring. They were doing such a great job with the north storyline the previous episode. Building the plot up, good solutions and enjoyable scenes... I don't see why they couldn't do the same for the south plotline. It feels really fractured, overall lame and empty. The Dorne line is absolutely horrible. As amazing oberyn and ellaria were the previous season what's going on now is about as bad. The writing, the directing and the acting are all pretty poor. Bowdown to Bronn who made me laugh out with the Dornishman's wife song. That was a pleasant surprise. Arya scenes were quite good, I got the tourist feels when she walked down the hall of the stone faces. Wow so majestic wow you don't see this everyday, wow it's worth traveling. Tyrion and Jorah scenes were recycled Tyrion and Bronn scenes. Still they have half a chemistry. If there was anything to appreciate though is being realistic about Jorah's and Tyrion's knowledge of Essos people. Jorah knew what fights and what names to mention. Saint Tyrion still thinks 'Lannister' is the magic word to save his arse. I loved Olenna. She's da man. The whole trial scene felt off though. I love the tyrell family bonds but other than that, it felt off. And I'm starting to hate Tommen more than Joffrey. This wouldn't be an issue if he wasn't aged up. If you are 15 and a king, you should have the balls to stop the arresting of your crush. What else happened? Oh Littlefinger! I'm kinda feeling sorry for poor dude. He is but a shadow of himself this season and his 'master plan' stopped making sense since the end of season 4. Writing fail. The entire episode was pretty dull and didn't reach up to my expectations. the most intense reaction it managed to spark in me was a LOL. That makes it a 6.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    This was one very well crafted episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Halfway through I was tempted to rate it 10, but there were a couple things to nitpick on the whole and the end slowed down a little as well, so it's 9 for now and we'll see if they can top it. First and foremost, I wasn't bored. There was tension, there was humor, there was action - all the things I've been missing from GoT. And as long as there's tension and humor and action, they'll get away with about anything in my book. Also, the build-up for the upcoming episodes was first class. Jon's... near future, Oldtown, the North plotline. I can only praise the structure of the episode. Content-wise, the Boltons stole the episode. I was literally laughing out loud. I'm still somewhat ashamed to admit that I ADORE show-Ramsay, who has little to do with book-Ramsay to be sure, but Iwan Rheon is so freaking killing it, it's impossible to not love him. Since Bronn and Tyrion broke up, only Ramsay get get me craking up with laughter. And Roose. God, nobody trolls like Roose. All the Bolton scenes were so perfect. And Sophie and Alfie were overly perfect too. I think their characters' reaction to being reunited was well written and they did an awesome job acting it out. What else... Naughty children and dragon dinner scene was great as well. Though the Unsullied spears forcing the noblemen forward reminded me of that stupid scene in Mazerunner when they pushed a kid out into the maze and I think the Mazerunner is a lame movie (and book) so I had mixed feelings about that. But otherwise, the scene worked out and it WAS previously built up. Besides, people got what they wanted, Daenerys is officially having "mad queen" moments now. Yes, the Wall scenes were great too, they were build up for the most part, but I didn't find them boring. Stannis's decision to march felt just a tiny bit rushed, but then, he's been doing nothing at the Wall for far too long so it was high time to get his ass south. The scene with Shireen/Davos/Selyse was five star along with the Shireen/Gilly/Sam goodbye. My attention sort of floated past the Sam/Stannis scene because I was busy social media'ing about how much I love Ramsay ( :blush:). What else what else...? Well Tyrion bores me to death, there's no helping that. Or there is, because Valyria made him worth watching, even thought they talked far too much about it. I was half hoping Drogon would have more action there, but it was a beautiful shot, his flying above the city. The stonemen thing reminded of me of LOTR. Part Frodo in Dagorlad, part that extended scene in Hobbit when Thrain attacks Gandalf in Dol Guldur. And of course Jorah had to get the grey scale, it wouldn't do to infect precious Tyrion :rolleyes: Daenerys's decision to marry Hizdhar was somewhat rushed too. BUT what I liked about that scene was the face Hizdhar made. I hope everybody's satisfied, now that a man is being forced into an arranged marriage by a woman too :rolleyes: That's all. I loved it.
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    How would you rate episode 504?

    So the thing is titled Sons of the Harpy for a three minutes (horribly written and directed) fight scene, rather than Big Fat Nothing for the remaining 47 minutes of the episode. Let's see the points. All the Rhaegar stuff +3 Stannis and Shireen +1 Margaery finally losing it +1 Bronn and Jaime 0 Sandsnakes 0 Ellaria 0 Tyrion and Jorah 0 Melisandre and Jon -3 Harpy attack and fight -3 uhh... wait... we are below 0... well... another episode of Game of Thrones +3 Darth Sansa costume +1 Margaery costume +1 but then Daenerys costume -1 god what else can I do to get this score up... itsy bitsy hints in conversations +1 and yeah... that should be 4/10... It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
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    How would you rate episode 503?

    I am overall pleased. Stuff finally happened and I had reactions. I didn't just blankly stare for 40 minutes out of the 50. I laughed and I screamed at the screen. They showed signs of creativity, subtly foreshadowed stuff and almost pulled off necessary plot changes. Of course some things are bothering me, something always bothers someone. But getting over going insanity wolf a couple times, it is at least an 8 out of 10 compared to the 6/10 I gave the first two episodes. First off, :bowdown: to Lena Heady and Natalie Dormer who basically stole this episode with their superb scenes. I was laughing so so hard when Margaery trolled Cersei, it was a delight to watch. I generally love Margaery's character which had always come off as insignificant and barely noticeable in the books. The show does her justice, I'm close to going TeamMargaery from TeamDaenerys. It was also a positive surprise to spot Jorah in the brothel and the fact that he even got some action into the last bits of the episode calls for another :bowdown: I actually enjoyed Stannis and Davos this episode, I felt like it was this was an adequate proportion of them. Smaller things I liked. Qyburn. The dude is killing it with his attitude and his ZombieGregor. The subtle hint of Myranda's side eye. Brrr. The old lady telling Sansa the north remembers. Aww. The fact that they were consequent enough to have Fat Walda in the background. Creative nudity. The high septon brothel scene was above the usual Littlefinger style squalling whores, and so was the Cosplay Daenerys in the Volantis brothel. The high septon's nude walk was also a fine bit of foreshadowing. And I also like that Sansa wears her hair like catelyn used to. It makes me want to think there's a hint in there as well. What made me go insanity wolf at the screen was Tommen and Margaery consummating the marriage. Fuck realistic, right, D&D? If sansa told Cersei in season 1 that she is 13 and she told Lysa in season 4 she is 14, Tommen is supposed to be no more than TEN FREAKING YEARS OLD! Even Joffrey's aging was ridiculous but one could pretend it's a pass. Tommen. Just no. I can't get used to Jaqen at the house of b and w. And Maisie just wasn't enough make those lengthy Bravos scenes count, they were boring. And I hate how freaking condescending, full of herself and confident Brienne is. She is literally a female Jaime ever since she left KL. And I don't give a single shit about how she fell in love with Renly or how Pod came to Tyrion's service. The Jon Snow scenes are rushed and they make no impact. Janos beheading did even come close to Karstark beheading. Not to mention the completely unnecessary and undue change of 'Edd fetch me a block'. Tyrion is as boring and annoying as he was in the book, no changes on that part. And here comes the huge dilemma of the Sansa Stark Ramsay Bolton match. I have read complaints about why the Boltons would want to turn their backs on the Lannisters and I think the Roose and Ramsay lunch gave a perfectly sensible answer. Also, Tywin married Tyrion to Sansa so the Lannisters would hold the North one day which is basically fucking over Roose Bolton who he had promised the North. There you have the Bolton motive. The funny part to me is LITTLEFINGER. The gaping hole in his character. HOW does Littlefinger not know what Ramsay is? HOW does Littlefinger not look into what Ramsay might be when he is about to marry his precious Cat2.0 to him? And WHY on god's earth would Littlefinger help the Boltons to the North out of his own free will and notion? The whole point of the Arya double was the Lannisters making the Boltons think they secured the North and Littlefinger brokering THAT for them. The show failed to fill this plot hole. As for why Sansa must be Ramsay's victim, I understand. There isn't really a plot for Sansa after leaving the Eyrie so they would have to make up an alternate plot for her and cast a doe eyed Arya double and get her into viewers' hearts before Ramsay destroys her, overall it would be a lot of trouble and book readers wouldn't be satisfied with whatever else they make up for Sansa anyways. The Bolton part was explained, Sansa can't do much but accept the situation, but the Littlefinger side of the bargain is a gaping plot hole. I will stick with an overall 8/10.
  25. I know the fault is with me, but this was as dull as episode 1. As much as I like Darth Sansa, attire and attitude both, the whole ordeal with Brienne, Pod, Littlefinger, Sansa and the Knights just gave me a headache. It was a very long, very pointless and very unnecessary excuse to get Podrick and Brienne to the river book readers expect a certain corpse to be found floating in. They could simply have came upon that bloody river trying to water their horses. Dorne looks cool but the introduction did no justice to them. The dead viper with the lannister necklace was badass though. While it's usually a delight to see Bronn, His scene with Lollys was as boring as it was long and pointless. I am very happy to have Bronn back in the fold with Jaime Fucking Lannister. And let me just say, it was one wise and brilliant notion of D&D to send Jaime to Dorne instead of Ser AnotherCharacterNobodyWillRememberOrCareAbout Oakhart. Tyrion is still drowning in wine and self pity who on earth would have ever guessed? As for Arya in Bravos, Maisie made those scenes worth watching, even though they weren't anything special. Thumbsup Maisie. Kit Harington actually got emotions through, OMFG, *lifts applause sign* he pulled off the whole Jon for Lord Commander scene! His acting was close to enjoyable! Sam is so smart and sweet. One scene I loved was the library one with Gilly, Shireen and Sam. another scene I loved was Ser Kevan walking out on Cersei! What a pleasant moment to watch. And here's another salute to D&D. I would have to reread to see if it makes more sense for a second time, but as far as now goes, D&D poured more content into Daenerys's Meereen storyline than ADWD managed to. And this time Emilia pulled it off. I loved Drogon's return, it was the same feeling when my dog who was lost for a week returned at the weekend. I must say though, season 4 Drogon was much more handsome than season 5 Drogon. Well, there's still season 6 and men look better at 30 than at 20 in any case, should be the same with dragons. and Drogon is a male dragon I assume. But getting over dragons and their looks, most of the show was really meh. Not bad, but not good either. Oh and all the chatter about dragon looks gave me this idea that I really miss having a Game of Thrones crush. Drogo is dead, Oberyn is dead. Everybody crush-worthy is dead. Even Lord Tywin in dead. And show-Daario is painfully mediocre. Me misses a strong male character to drool over. So it's a pass with 60%. Thanks to Drogon, the library and giving meaning to the Meereen ordeal. Oh yeah, the water gardens looked lovely too.