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  1. 1 hour ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Oops, I’ve done that before too, it is not a good surprise!.

    :o That is very expensive!, I don’t really need unlimited data to be honest as I just use my home WiFi when I’m at home but, recently it had some issues and I put my phone as a WiFi hotspot, we could watch Netflix and use a computer etc at the same time with no trouble.

    Is your price with the cost of the phone too?, I bought my phone so just pay for the network.

    No it’s just the network. It’s a crappy package. But there are generally crappy packages, at least I never seem to be able to put everything I want into a reasonably priced package. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    No that is understandable, do you get a reasonable data allowance?, I swapped a while ago and get unlimited calls texts and data for £20 now which I thought was great value.

    :eek:  :eek: I have unlimited inland calls and texts and 8GB data traffic for like £50............ 

    annoyingly what I need is unlimited data and conference calls and neither of these things are part of the package deals. 

  3. So it seems so far that I have not caught whatever bug sister had, fingers crossed, praying to god. And I really hope it stays that way. If so I shall be very proud of my immune system, though I’m aware that I’m still not in the safe zone. Anyway, I have way too much work to crash now. Not to mention weekend plans. So many plans. So few weekends. 

  4. 44 minutes ago, Buckwheat said:

    So true. :crying:

    Oh, no Vienna this time, this time another new city. You are welcome to visit any time though. :)

    I mean, if I do get a reliable job at some point, heh. :crying:

    Eh. I am used to packing by now. And toiletries are some of the easiest stuff to buy in case you forget something/run out of them.


    Wait, which holiday season?

    Oh, I don’t know why I had this assumption. Maybe your love for Vienna made me think that was the destination. 

    Well, I’ve been planning a Vienna birthday trip since my 25th birthday so it’s about time I made that happen, but we’ll see how the work schedule is going. 

    You will, don’t worry. 

    I was such a pro at packing during uni because I travelled home basically every other weekend with a full suitcase. And then somehow that skill was gone and I agonize over a suitcase for hours when I pack for a trip. 

    42 minutes ago, Buckwheat said:

    You are not suggesting this thread needs to last until the middle of December, are you?

    No, I collectively labeled a national holiday, Halloween, All saints day, St. Nicholaus Day and Christmas as the holiday season and that starts in mid October. I admit it must have sounded confusing. 

  5. 11 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    Eh. You are wrong about so many things, my sweet summer child, but live in your delusion if it makes you happy. :P

    Moving time is tomorrow morning. So still fussing over an open suitcase and toiletry bag. I am so nervous about it all. I am so old! I should be having a reliable job by now, and a stable life or something. Not going on another semester abroad.

    Oh my delusions make me very happy, at least until they end in a breakup :lol: but autumn fashion facts are facts, and I can’t help them :D 

    oh my, you are not old! Your twenties are for adventure, traveling and living life, you’ll be stuck in a reliable job for the next 40 years, you have soooo much time for that. Just enjoy the trip to Vienna. I might pop over for a weekend myself in December.

    having said that, packing a toiletry bag is undeniably stressful. 

    11 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    Also, I feel a RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... coming on ... but sadly I think this thread won't end in a glorious sprint to the finish line, errrrr, post 1000. :( 

    I don’t remember the last time it did.


    11 minutes ago, Buckwheat said:

    Triple post. I feel like I am talking to myself.

    Haven't you heard? It is time for a raceeeeee ... :commie:

    Nooo, I’m here, I’m here for finishing this.  We might as well roll into the glorious holiday season with a new thread. :commie: 

  6. Sorry people, I can’t be bothered with quoting. 


    Fashion. :commie:  Autumn fashion all the way! AUTUMN FASHION ALL THE WAY! :commie: it’s 2019, so I don’t actually need to reason or convince you, it’s enough if I’m loud. 

    Moving. I’m sorry you are stuck with public transport, it’s sooooo annoying to get on and off of things with a huge suitcase and a backpack. Hope you’re there by now and adjusting to your place of residence. 

    @Bittersweet Distractor

    Toddlers. Does Mini Sith cry when she tumbles or does she just get up and keep running?

    Pedicures. I actually like to do pedicures myself at home, I have a footspa and all the tools. And I’m the only person in the world who can file my nails into the right shape or not scar my heels while filing away calluses. I never really had a good experience with salon pedicures. Eastern Europe just can’t get these things right. 


    Sister has some kinda bug or a cold or something, I seriously hope I won’t get it because I Stopped being sick just two weeks ago. 

    I’m also insanely tired and I’m looking at a horrible week. 

    On the upside I visited my hometown for some puppy time and had lovely cups of teas and listened to a John Williams playlist on the train back which made me feel very happy. Also finished the book I was reading, it was mediocre but it inspired me to read a bit during in the upcoming months. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    HELL NO. I'll stick to Windows.

     I haven't had sandals give me blisters since that one pair when I was like 12. Delicate material? I have a pair I've had for 9 years that survived half of Europe and I still occasionally wear them (rarely now, because they are not that pretty anymore, but ... nine years). What is a pedicure? How are cotton and linen not easily acessible and only one type of style? I accept the point about the stinky suffocating city in the summer, but that is why you don't spend the whole summer in the city. *goes to think about her privilege* And what is the point about colours? I never saw any connection between seasons amd colours one can wear, that is just uselessly restricting yourself. And again, the point about feeling free is mostly about not carrying extra clothing with you in case it gets colder/rains.

    I think we should just agree to disagree, otherwise this disagreement might just grow into an international crisis.

    Leather doesn’t do well with sweat in my experience and looks like trash after one season. I have literally one pair of summer shoe that didn’t give me blisters this summer. A pedicure is cutting your toenails aesthetically and buffing away... err... Hornhaut (whatever the English equivalent is). Well linen clothes in my experience tend to be on the more casual side and client dress codes are generally difficult to keep to in the summer time. Yeah well I suppose I might feel different about summer if I got to spend several weeks on the seaside, you’re so lucky to have that chance. But even so, I’m Team Autumn and you’ll never change my mind :fencing: :lol: 

    2 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    It is very cute, except when crashing causes her to cry, but she doesn't too much she is a speedy little toddler!.

    That must be hilarious. I remember laughing so much at sister when she was a toddler/small child, she did the funniest things. 

  8. 52 minutes ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Yay :commie:, did you succumb to temptation and join the Dark side?:P.

    I didn’t! *proud* Though I didn’t really buy a new laptop, my dad gave me a company one. Not the kind I would have bought myself but now I don’t need a new one anymore so why buy? *goes to the corner to think about her privilege* 


    19 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    A little bit yes :P, she has learned how to run and can get up to quite a speed when she wants to, she struggles with direction changes though and often crashes when she tries to go too fast.

    Awww that’s soooooo cute. :wub: 

    20 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    No no no no no. You can wear any colour palette any time you want. Fluffy sweaters are overrated. Scarves are for the winter. Sandals >>>>>>>>>>>>> boots, no danger of hot feet, more airy, easier to put on, cuter. Nothing wrong with thin natural fibers, I don't see why you would want to wear anything synthetic if cotton or linen is an option. The choice between short and long summery flowy skirts, dresses, shorts of different lengths - what is lacking? Jeans are great, but you simply don't need them when it is hot, and that is also great. One feels so much freer and lighter with less clothing. And the best is that there is no need of putting anything extra on when you leave the house and then removing it when entering a house again, so no need to carry a jacket/sweater/coat/anything else around with you, which makes summer all the more convenient all around.

    My, my... you are so in the wrong, my friend. :lol: Sandals give you blisters 7 out of 10 times, if they are synthetic they get sweaty and slippery, if they are natural, the delicate material gets ruined so fast. They also require a presentable pedicure at all times for which I have less and less time. Cotton and linen is great but not too easily accessible and it’s also one certain type of style. I accept the point about flowy long skirts and dresses, that’s the one good thing about summer fashion. I don’t ever feel light or free in the summer, I simply can’t when the sun is scorching and I’m sweating and there’s no air. I love a cool breeze and oxygen flow in the streets, I love a cozy fabric and autumn patterns, warm colors and just the general feeling of not suffocating in the polluted city heat. We should take this case to court :D but I do agree to settle on a preference-based disagreement. :D 

  9. 2 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    I could move out if I earned some more money probably, but I am just close enough to the city now that it doesn't really make financial sense because if I were to move out, I would pay everything I earn right now, and couldn't save anything. Of course I want to get a better job, but that is hard too.

    How? Even if I were to accept your silly reasoning about the weather conditions, I just don't see how cold weather clothing would be more flattering or more convenient or more varied than the lovely summer collections.

    Yeah, I totally understand that. Most young people whose family lives in the city  face the same issues here. It’s financially irrational to spend one’s entire earning on rent for the sake of living alone when there is a free place of residence. 

    Autumn color palettes are way more beautiful than summer ones. Also, fluffy and soft sweaters and scarves, all the boots in the world from Chelsea through combat to riding, several types of fabric and texture (as opposed to being restricted to the thinnest natural fibers or cooking yourself anything synthetic), a choice between skirts, dresses and pants, jeans without again cooking yourself alive, being generally office compatible no matter what you buy because autumn dresses do not tend to have plunging necks/backs... I could go on, but the conclusion is: autumn fashion is superior to summer fashion. :smug: :lol: 

  10. On 9/10/2019 at 2:12 PM, Buckwheat said:

    Well, not living in my parents' household for a start. :P The city is adorable and I really like it, but I don't really want to live with my family anymore.

    What I am mostly hating now is the autumn cold! Want more summer and seaside!

    Not on PhD programs. I'll figure it out.

    Yeah I understand. Do you see a chance for moving out in the foreseeable future? With roommates or anything? 

    Sorry but I can’t agree there. I’m so ready for autumn and cold and clouds and all the good that offers (oxygen and fresh air in the city, less stinky streets, less sweating, more fashion choices) :leaving: 

    On 9/10/2019 at 1:33 PM, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    She is getting big now, big and mischivious!, but overall still adorable.

     She’s a sith, it’s sort of an expectation, to be mischievous, isn’t it? :D 

  11. 12 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    Yes, but Erasmus would require you to start your education at a EU university.

    No. Just temporarily home. I am hating it. I also discovered today that I don't have the necessary ETCS to get into the next year. :( Whoopsie.

    I’m really sorry :/ have you considered permanently moving country? Or what would make you feel better about Slo? 

    Oh? How does that work? Isnt there a mandatory amount of minimum credits you need to take per semester and per year? 

    12 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    I think she does understand it this time, mini Sith will be 2 in January!, she is already 20 months old, and her younger brother or sister is due in February :commie:.

    I was won over by the test drive so I’m being environmentally friendly and going electric, should have it in a few weeks!.

    Wooooow! She must be so big! She’ll be a great sister I’m sure :D 

    Congrats to the new car! 

  12. On 9/8/2019 at 6:48 PM, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    It was a bit annoying, she has to stop pulling shit like that if she wants to stay with us anymore, we have a toddler and her sister is pregnant too, it isn’t very considerate so I said she can stay somewhere else if she does it again.

    I think she get bad about it though because she took mini Sith out for a few hours this morning to give us some time to ourselves.

    I had so many problems with my car that I got rid of it and yeah looking at a new one and going electric this time :D.

    Yep, absolutely agree. Hope she understands it as well. How old is mini sith already? 

    Oh right!  I do recall the car problems. Makes perfect sense that you would want to change it. 

    6 hours ago, Buckwheat said:


    Also, come to either Slovenia or Austria, they are cool countries. :cool4: #shamelessplugforViennabecauseitistheabsolutebest

    Are you already there for the semester? Or are you just back from your translator summer program and temporarily home? I get mixed up with time. 

  13. 12 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    Wait. How far do you have to haul your waste? Aren't there bins in your street?

    20 minutes by public transport. There used to a glass waste island in the next street and then some idiot at the district government decided to remove it, so now we only have the plastic and paper bins that every building has. 

    22 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Ugh, not a great start to the weekend for me, firstly I have my hamstring injury :(, secondly it’s that time of the month :( and thirdly my wife’s sister came home after partying very late at like 4am and was really noisy which of course woke radar ears mini Sith up and she took ages to settle back down then woke up again an hour later anyway so two tired mamas today :angry:.

    On the pretty cool plus side I have a Tesla for the weekend for a demonstration and it’s really really cool.

    Is that injury not better? :/ really sorry about the partying sister in law. Friday morning I was up before sister got home, at least she didn’t wake me. 

    Are you looking for a new car?

    12 hours ago, felice said:

    Absolutely! Not that I'm particularly well-qualified to speak on behalf of society, or taxi drivers for that matter.

    One positive response is enough to justify it, so it’s fine :lol: thanks! 

    1 hour ago, Buckwheat said:

    Sad. Rainy. :( I want the sea and carelessness back.

    We had rain yesterday, otherwise it’s still pretty summery with sunshine and 23-4C today. Next week we’ll be above 25 again, so I don’t really feel the autumn vibes yet.


  14. is it socially acceptable to order a taxi for a selective waste drop-off? It’s raining and I cannot find it in myself to drag three bags of empty glass bottles and jars on public transport and a fourth bag of polystyrene. I just can’t. And I don’t want to keep them lying around for another week because the clutter makes me sick. okay I’ll take a time out in the corner and think about my privilege. See you all later. 

  15. 12 hours ago, rocksniffer said:

    ...you know me as a happy optimistic bag of joy...therefore here are my words...shit is going to work out great for all of you precious youngsters here in TTTNE

    of course in reality there is this undeniable fact...i am 68 yrs decrepit on Hallowe'en and i am still in my quarter life crisis...it just so happens that i have finally made it to the last quarter of my life so the word crisis is relative... ;)

    You are so sweet to find that inner positivity in your heart for us, sniffer :kiss: 

    haha, a fourth quarter is still a quarter and you will make the most of it, crisis or not. I had a three hour FaceTime session with my friend yesterday and she was telling me how her recently retired mom was living her best life and having a more bubbly social life than us (my friend and I). 

  16. On 9/3/2019 at 4:27 PM, First of My Name said:

    My current top 3 is Barcelona, Madrid and Stockholm. I'll hear more in a month or so. And I'll be very glad to never repeat that process again, yeah. (Though I do hope I'll get some sweet free Erasmus money).

    Belfast sounds nice, shame about your illness. What did they film there, Winterfell? 

    Those all sound really nice! A friend of mine did about 2-3 semesters of Erasmus in A Coruña near Barcelona and absolutely loved it. Stockholm also sounds amazing, just in a different way. Hope you find the best option for you! 

    Oh lots of things, Greyjoy locations, Winterfell and the Twins, a bit of Braavos, unlimited amount of forest and battle scenes. It was really fun to see them. 

    21 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Do you think Erasmus would cover mini Sith to study on Korriban in the future? :P.

    I’m trying to lighten my bad mood at the moment I think I’ve picked up a hamstring injury while running this morning :angry2:.

    Oh damn, that doesn’t sound good. How are you feeling now? Is it any better? 

  17. 11 hours ago, Meera of Tarth said:

    I'm feeling this right now, and I'm over 30, technically :) so don't worry

    Well I’m really hoping it’ll be over soon.

    2 hours ago, First of My Name said:

    I am! My current courses aren't very interesting, but tomorrow I have a deadline for choosing a country to do an exchange with for half a year, so that's pretty cool. (The application process is this weird Kafka-like labyrinth of confusing sites, missing information and links that no longer work so I'll be very glad to have it over with). 
    And my summer was great, I had almost three months of various trips and fun nights out :) Did you do anything nice?

    That sucks, but I'd say candles are an integral part of any autumn survival pack. I feel like a proper adult every time I take a minute to light one :P 

    That’s niiiiiiice! And what options are you considering? (Also, tell me about it, that application process was a good chunk of the reason why I never did an Erasmus - or any other similar program) 

    my summer was very bland and grownup, I was working, selling furniture from my old apartment and hunting for renovators to do it up. I didn’t have too much work so there was room for some chill cocktail filled evenings. Also visited Belfast to see some GOT locations, that was great except for getting ill and having to fly back a day early. 

    Love that way of thinking about candles :lol:  I feel inspired to spend a stupid amount of money on them again :D