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  1. on mortgages: our mortgage is 1,65% variable for 30 years. You can get fixed but only for the first 10 years, and then it changes to variable anyway. The choice 7 years ago was 1,8% variable or 3% fixed so we chose variable
  2. so that survey from a few pages back where France and Poland did so badly: the actual question was “If a COVID-19 vaccine were made available to me this week, I would definitely get it." It's referenced in the link: https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations So with this in mind I don't find the results surprising. A lot of people do want to get vaccinated, but they don't want to be the first.
  3. I don't know where they are taking the data for the poll from, but in Poland the number of people willing to take the vaccine is around 50%, not 28%. eta: actually it's 68%, up from 43% in November: https://www.gov.pl/web/szczepimysie/coraz-wiecej-polakow-deklaruje-chec-zaszczepienia-przeciw-covid-19
  4. so about 900 doses have been "wasted" in Poland. Apparently the biggest reason is they can't get a 6th dose out.
  5. surely the question is how soon after the shot they developed symptoms?
  6. don't forget the EU countries can also donate the vaccines they ordered but aren't going to use. I really don't get this. We needed payment in advance so that the research can go ahead at the speed it did - otherwise it would take 10 years just as with any other vaccine. But countries cannot be expected to pay billions in advance to a vaccine in development that may never see the light of day without some sort of assurance that they will be first to get the product *IF* (and it was a big if) it gets developed. And I can't really see any government telling its citizens - sorry, you're not getting the vaccine because we want to help out others before we help ourselves. But ok, I get some people are more altruist than I am.
  7. I don’t know how the EU is supposed to stagger the delivery of its own doses if it hasn’t even got enough to vaccinate 1% of its population.
  8. To which the EU paid 500 milion euro: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_20_2075
  9. but because the rich countries had bought vaccines before they were even in the trials, we now have a few vaccines available after less than a year of research.
  10. @Fragile Bird re your question about Poland from a few days ago: I don’t think there are more anti-vaccers per se than in other countries, but the people are in general distrustful of the authorities and only around 45% plan to get vaccinated.
  11. https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/brexit_files/com_827_1_en_act_part1_v1.pdf „It follows that, in the absence of an agreement between the Union and the United Kingdom governing the matter, there would be no legal basis for the provision of air services between the United Kingdom and the Member States by the respective carriers after the end of the transition period under the Withdrawal Agreement.” „The rights granted to United Kingdom carriers being subject to a principle of “reciprocity”, the proposed Regulation (Article 6) lays down a mechanism to ensure that the rights enjoyed by Union carriers in the United Kingdom stay equivalent to those granted to UK carriers under the proposed Regulation. If that is not the case, the Commission is empowered to adopt the necessary measures to correct the situation by means of implementing acts, including the limitation or withdrawal of operating authorisations of United Kingdom air carriers. The assessment of the level of equivalence and the adoption of corrective measures by the Commission are not solely linked to strict, formal correspondence between the two legal orders; this is because of the marked differences between the respective markets and in order to avoid a blind mirroring approach - which might in the end prove counter to the Union interest.”
  12. Yeah, the whole point is that the Polish veto was always a stupid idea because Poland was never at risk from this particular measure.
  13. what about the expensive at home sharpening devices? When I was little every time we went for a visit at someone’s house my dad would bring his whetstone and sharpen their knives all night
  14. So I just read an interview with a Polish epidemiologist, who claims we should be testing people for the response to the adenovirus before we give them the adenovirus vaccine (as having a response would kill it before the vaccine would be able to start working?). I thought they chose a chimpanzee virus specifically because people have no response to it?
  15. when it comes to the Russian vaccine I basically have the anti-vacc sentiment. It alters your DNA, turns you into a calf, gives you autism and what not. I genuinely would rather not get vaccinated if I were to get the Russian vaccine. Which luckily we won't.
  16. Quantas is saying they will require people to prove they’ve been vaccinated before they can fly. I can imagine proof would be problematic for some people.
  17. I thought it was 30 in vaccine group and 100 in placebo?
  18. no severe cases, but then again, it's only 30-ish people.
  19. I obviously disagree with Chataya, having been dyeing my hair with store dye for 20-odd years I like Olia.
  20. @RhaenysBee Store bought hair dye is very easy to use and easy to cleanup if you mess up (just don’t buy henna, lol)
  21. BBC says 94. It doesn't really matter, I just thought it was funny
  22. Pfizer is now saying they're also 94 % effective :p
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