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  1. well there you go then, there’s your answer. That’s why people don’t leave.
  2. You obviously didn't grow up in a country where everyone else is catholic. It's really really hard to fit in if you're not. Children will make fun of you and adults will talk behind your back (not my personal experience but I've seen plenty).
  3. There is hard data in Poland showing exactly that. 25% less new cancer cases were detected last year.
  4. 3 weeks ago the Delta variant was at 3% in Luxembourg. 2 weeks ago it was 7% and this week it’s at 16%. Definitely making headway.
  5. every time I referred to the British variant when speaking with my Scottish in-laws, they were very quick to correct me that it's English (and preferably Kent), not British :p
  6. the EU passport certificate will have a QR code confirming its authenticity.
  7. the EU is going out of their way to NOT call it a passport (the official term is "digital green certificate") but once something's used by the media, that's that.
  8. The EU was formed to put an end to wars. As soon as Britain leaves, there's going to be a war. Coincidence? I think not!
  9. probably again the distinction between adults vaccinated and all population vaccinated
  10. I'm sorry Raja So Poland is coming out of the third wave and a lot of articles were mentioning similar stuff as the India article “It’s affecting young adults. It’s affecting families. It’s a new thing altogether. Two-month-old babies are getting infected.” My take on that is 1) the British variant (which is common in Poland) does actually affect younger people and children more - it's been said it's more contagious and more symptomatic in younger people 2) many more people are getting infected than during the second wave (we didn't really have a first wave to speak of) so you obviously see more younger people affected 3) people (and especially younger people) are tired of restrictions and aren't as compliant, so they get sick more. 4) older people are vaccinated to a much higher degree so fewer get sick, which means that you mostly see younger people getting sick BUT it's also been reported that the actual age of people who are dying or end up in ICU hasn't really changed. It still kills older people. --- I would also agree that some doctors falling ill is not that mysterious for reasons Pod already mentioned. Doctors are exposed to much higher viral loads than regular people, and I bet their PPE is not always that meticulous in a crisis situation because there's no time for making sure it is.
  11. I would want to see data on how well that works. There was a poll done in Poland and people said they would NOT take a vaccine if they were offered money on account of there being something wrong with it if you need to be paid to get it. But that’s a poll, not actual real-life data.
  12. it's official: https://www.politico.eu/article/european-commission-lawsuits-astrazeneca-coronavirus-vaccine-shortages/
  13. so what is your magic user/ non-user ratio which makes a series worth watching?
  14. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-preparing-legal-case-against-astrazeneca-over-vaccine-shortfalls/
  15. They paused until the EMA review but administered the rest of the doses now. We only got 2500 though.
  16. I've also been playing around with the ECDC vaccine tracker https://vaccinetracker.ecdc.europa.eu/public/extensions/COVID-19/vaccine-tracker.html#distribution-tab Not sure if it's been linked here before but it lets you look at all interesting stats such as different doses per supplier, uptake by age group etc. Ireland vaccinated 99,9% of its over 80 population, impressive!
  17. They opened our volunteering for AZ website yesterday. Of course it crashed immediately but they got 18 000 volunteers between last night and this morning. We have 15 000 doses available currently and no info about any further deliveries in May.
  18. Yes it seems to have been a non-story. They mention 8 cases, 1 fatal.
  19. Altherion addressed this on the previous page. 39% of all population = 50% of adult population.
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