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  1. I've had my flight cancelled while in terminal a couple times. The first time they led us out of the terminal, said the tickets gates are closed and left us to find our own accomodation in London on New Year's Eve eve. It took us hours to manage to get in touch with BA customer service and get our flight rebooked. The second time the flight was rebooked auomatically but the rest was the same (except we were stuck between border control and terminal so we needed a special manager sign off to be let out). I thought it was a usual practice to remove people with cancelled flights from terminal.
  2. At least Zebrowski stuck it out for all seasons.
  3. well I like being able to watch things legally.
  4. he did want her to not exist, though.
  5. honestly it's not only Americans that don't know European geography. A friend living in the UK was told by a nurse Poland is being bombed... And plenty of people think we all speak the same language in the East.
  6. they want a repeat of Smolensk?
  7. is Putin going to leave his bunker to talk to Zelensky?
  8. one point I’ve seen made in articles is that the Russian army hardly saw any action, but 400 000 Ukrainian reservists have fought in Donbas so far.
  9. yes, people seem to be surprised that sanctions is not the same thing as stopping trade.
  10. I admit my military knowledge consists of reading news articles for the past 2 weeks but doesn’t it seem like a totally dumb move on the part of Lukashenko?
  11. you could try some sort of frizz control spray.
  12. I'm beginning to think the whole Mig thing was some sort of a power play and noone ever seriously considered handing them over.
  13. An Estonian cargo ship just got sank off Odessa, so...
  14. not sure what “dropping the boom” means but the EU introduced new sanctions against Belarus today.
  15. The only people trapping people in Ukraine were Ukrainians. There are no reports of foreigners being turned back by the neighbouring countries border guards.
  16. side question: is there a way to make twitter have a "normal" size (rather than one sentence taking up half a screen) when reading from a regular computer screen? it's really annoying.
  17. re: treatment of foreign nationals, there is a lot of confusion. 1) people don't know how borders work. You need to first be processed by Ukrainian guards and only then by Polish guards. While Poland was letting everyone in, Ukraine wasn't letting everyone out. I've seen conflicting info from them wanting to process Ukrainians first, to not letting out men of any nationality (some white Luxembourgers had trouble getting out because they were men under 60), to there being specific border crossings devoted to processing foreign nationals because they would be able to get consular help after crossing, as opposed to just crossing randomly and getting no help. 2) obviously, people are racist. While there are thousands of people in Poland willing to help Ukrainians, they're not as willing to help people who aren't white. This is partly due to years of anti-immigrant propaganda, exacerbated by months of the Belarusian border crisis. People arrive at the border willing to transport "mothers with children" anywhere in Poland, but when they see the person needing help is Black/brown, they turn back. I do want to stress there has been very immediate response from charity organisations and non-racist volunteers who set up to specifically help POCs. At the same time, the Polish far-right is engaging in their own propaganda, sending neo-nazi groups to Przemyśl and the border to "protect" the local population. Yesterday, some non-white members of a German charity helping refugees got attacked by a group of white men. 3) Embassies of the foreign nationals are reacting to problems but with hundreds of thousands crossing the borders each day there is obvious chaos.
  18. we’re starting with ostracising Russians and end up with people being verbally abused in the streets for speaking…. Polish. (true story happened yesterday to my friend).
  19. there's already up to a million Ukrainians living in Poland and the government has been planning to (or already did?) introduce no-visa work permits.
  20. also didn't end well for 20% of the Polish population who died in the war. Anyway, it helps explain why a lot of Poles are not sure Nato will be much of a help if Putin decides to attack.
  21. you haven't heard of the Western betrayal, then?
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