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  1. I’ve had last minute changes of plane quite often, but maybe it’s a EU vs US thing. I also don’t have that much of a choice of my chosen routes. I wasn’t trying to be a smartass, it’s just the last thing I have on my mind when I choose a flight as I don’t have that many options to start with :shrug:
  2. Interesting. You’re going to be checking what plane a given route is every time? What if they change a plane last minute? Will you realise you’re boarding a Boeing when it was supposed to be an Airbus?
  3. Thanks! I know they will have family rooms but I didn’t think to ask if they might have blocked some! I’ll email
  4. I think I'm languaged out. The very thought fills me with dread. It would be nice to learn some more Luxembourgish given that I'm a citizen but I really can't be bothered
  5. ugh. I still question if he actually wrote Season of Storms by himself
  6. Just to reiterate Apache’s opinion, the writing is some of the best I ever read, and any clunkiness can only come from the translation. Not that it helps much
  7. It is an alternative worlds story after all
  8. At least Zebrowski stuck it out for all seasons.
  9. you could try some sort of frizz control spray.
  10. a couple of months late to the conversation but my current routine for wavy/curly hair: shampoo, condition (power from Lush with sweet potato and maple syrup), towel dry, and then either: leave in conditioner (f something generic from L’oréal) and Curl Power from Lush or curl activator from Cantu, then brush with a wooden brush (I don’t like combs so disagree with Isis there ), crunch up with my fingers and leave to dry. Agree on no brushing until the next wash. Both Lush and Cantu are designed for Afro hair but work wonders on my (white person, thin) hair provided I don’t use too much.
  11. so what is your magic user/ non-user ratio which makes a series worth watching?
  12. huh, there are definitely 3. signature and technical on day one, showstopper on day 2. which isn’t netflix showing? eta: i’m finding information from last season that technical isn’t shown on CBC but you can still watch it in full on their online platform.
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