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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I loved it. I was worried that they would try to half-ass the House of the Undying due to budget issues. I thought this was an even better way to do it subtly without having confusing or poorly done prophesy. Plus, the people who are into prophecy are the ones who read the books anyway. AND- I could never complain when Khal Drogo made an appearance! I thought all the story lines wrapped up nicely. I cannot wait to see the dynamics between Joffrey and Margery with those actors next season! I I did get so sad when Luwin died. I had hoped that he was going to get a reprieve. And finally- that last scene was amazing. Not sure about the Sam just sitting there issue but otherwise it was fantastic and terrifying. I guess I didn't realize until seeing it on screen that the wights are basically zombies, which is even more awesome. White Walkers scared the hell out of me. Can't wait till next season!
  2. I agree. Though I enjoyed those characters in the book, it does not make sense for the TV show. Especially when you have the caliber of actor of Osha. Adding two more child actors to the show and expecting them to carry interesting dialogue with them north of the wall would just be too big of a risk.
  3. Great episode for the individual stories. Definitely hard to follow all of the story lines at times. Seemed almost like too much. But there were some great acting moments and I can't complain about any episode where we actually get to see dragons! Renly's death scene was just okay. I guess I pictured the shadow looking more like Stannis. Also thought Brienne would be a little more pulling out her hair upset. I would have thought Loras would also be going completely mad in the scene with the body. The line "I want to be the queen" is a perfect example of what a great job they did casting Natalie Dormer. I know opinions differ but I love what they are doing with her storyline. Anyone can die. Amazing. I really didn’t picture that scenery north of the wall. Almost looks too unrealistic to have an encampment. Maybe that was just a lack of imagination on my part but it seems almost too much. Good use of exposition to explain history through Sam. Pyat Pree scared the crap out of me. Very well done. I know I shouldn’t, but I find myself rooting for Jorah. Maybe it is just the actor. Rickon sighting! Loved seeing Bran really acting as Lord of Winterfell.
  4. Meg Stark

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    First post after a long time following the boards. Solid episode. Liked: Tyrion scenes as always. I thought it was a nice moment with Tyrion and Sansa. Really setting up that whole thing well so far. The first time all season that the Dany scenes were not a waste of time. The city so far is even more beautiful than I pictured. Harrenhal was fantastic. I had a hard time imagining that before. Glad to see they are streamlining some of Arya's storyline without loosing the awesome things (like the prayer). Cat and Littlefinger scene. Liked less: I am not sure I understand who this "Alissa" (is that what she said?) storyline. I assume she is maybe Jayne in disguise? I hate that Renly has to go next episode. I love his character and the actor and I wish it could go on longer. Wow the Joffry and Ros scene. It definitely served its purpose of being shocking and showing what a monster he is. Just seemed like a very HBO thing to add that scene.