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    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Thanks! Do you remember when Arya starts having dreams as Numeria? When she was on the run from Harrenhal or before they (she,Gendry,HotPie, Lommy) were brought there?
  2. dragon_fire

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I know where Beric has appeared - Ned ordered him to take Mountain's men into custody, but there is no explanation of what happened to him (died/reanimated). It seems to be 1 of the cut storylines for the show
  3. dragon_fire

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I completely agree with people saying that the episodes run too short (I timed it at 50 mins too)...I end up thinking "oh, no, it's over" and wanting more after each one, maybe that's what they were going for ? :-) The HBO could have made them longer b/c there is so much material to be covered, but I guess it's their vision. I feel that the HBO Joffrey is about 16 - older than book Joffrey 13 yo, so it wouldn't make much sense if 16 yo would crossbowing cats around the castle... The Joffrey scene with whores shows us a different Joffrey : he feels "sting" after being "educated"=reprimanded by his uncle in front of all the people while he was sitting on the Iron Throne no less! So he sends a message to Tyrion, to warn him not to mess up with him (for he can play "the game"), after he confirms by asking Roz that "my uncle picked you himself". I wish they would show Tyrion's reaction later on. I felt a bit concerned about missing Dondarion and then hearing Tickler asking the tortured about Brotherhood (without borders), but I read the books. I get the feeling that Dondarion and his red priest won't be making an appearance due to budget considerations, then it leaves the question of reanimating Catelyn, so I think they won't be killing her to make it easier on a viewer (and not the reader !). In general we are getting much more sex (albeit it's not the sexy kind of sex) than magic in this interpretation of the books and it's producers right to their vision, also it's probably cheaper to make :-) I don't get an idea of Stannis having sex with Melissandre from reading the book. The whole story with illegitimate king's heir Edrick Storm (name sp???) has disappeared : Melissandre burned 3 leeches with his blood to show Stannis what she is capable of (killing his 3 enemies - Renly, Robb, Joffrey) , and later a hint to make a live dragon by sacrificing that child's life. I do agree that the Shadowbaby birth was a great cliffhanger and that 5 episode starts with Renly's killing (it wasn't very clearly explained until later in the books , so that's why they showed the monster's birth in the first place, I think) Overall, the best episode so far!