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    1. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      Cool av! And another member of this fine board who shares a birthday with me! :cheers:

  2. Dark Night Full of Ninjas

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    Awesome episode tonight! Though, I am thoroughly disturbed by some scenes (i.e. Theon's brutal killing of Ser Rodrik, Sansa almost getting raped (but the Hound saves the day!...for her anyway)). Don't get me wrong, I don't think they were bad scenes. They just left me utterly shocked and wanting to cry :lol: All the actors did an awesome job! I loved Arya and Tywin's exchange. And the possibility of Littlefinger recognizing Arya had my heart in my throat. The fact that many people have been wondering where in the world she went, and then Littlefinger possibly recognizing her? Could be exciting, and interesting to see what will happen. And I'm LOVING the guy who plays Jaqen! I'm gonna be sad to see him go. There's just something about him... Loved Osha acting the ninja! :ninja: Dany's ending was interesting, I thought. I know the dragons weren't stolen in the books, but could be interesting to see what happens. Kinda sad to see that much of her khalasar "horde" has been decimated
  3. Dark Night Full of Ninjas


    Hey all, my display name is Dark Night Full of Ninjas ("The night is dark and full of ninjas" a quote from an awesome YouTube parody of the HBO GOT series). My real name is Terra. I didn't even know this series existed until last year when Game of Thrones came out on HBO. Since then I've been hooked. I've not finished the book series yet, but I'm excited to see what unfolds after CoK. A little about me. I'm not a huge, major gamer, and I don't read as often as I would like, but I love doing both and enjoy them quite thoroughly. I'll be going back to college this fall, after a 2 year hiatus, for nursing. This will be my 3rd year of college, first year of nursing. So. I'm pretty excited about that. Some favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Percy Jackson series, Heroes or Olympus series, and many more. I want to finish the ASOIAF series, and would like to get into Tolkein's work Favorite games range from the Sims, to Elder Scrolls, to Zelda. Not a huge fan of the shooter games (i.e. Gears of War, Mass Effect, etc.) I think thats about it for now. I'll cya guys around
  4. Dark Night Full of Ninjas

    Favorite POV Character

    In GOT my favorites are Arya, Tyrion, and Dany (not so much in CoK). They were very interesting to me. Dany started out as this little girl who really didn't have a voice of her own, and had to obey her brother for fear of "waking the dragon." But, she finally grew a spine (due to her title as Khaleesi, and an undeafeated, Dothraki, warrior husband, I think) and stood up to Viserys. Arya is just a free spirit who doesn't want to be caged by the traditional gender roles. I love how she's willing to think outside the 4 castle walls (metaphorically). Tyrion...at this point, do I really need to say more? lol