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  1. Alexander Siddiq as The Red Viper.
  2. 8. The House of the Undying scenes were not as I had hoped them to be. Everything else was played out fine, especially the fall of Winterfell.
  3. 8. Jack Gleeson is showing Joffrey in all his sadistic best, which is good! Killing Robert's children was so King Herod-like, and added to the hate-filled atmosphere that the Lannister's inspire. I wish they had started with Dragonstone right off, too, so watchers could get the characters there which had been led up to in the last season. I agree about Craster, he just was not portrayed as flithy(his environment)or perverted enough. Maybe that's coming.
  4. Thank you for this information. I will try to add an avatar tonight. :) Oh, is Photobucket hosting compatible? Well. I made an Asha, she looks a bit fat, but it will do for now, I suppose.
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