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  1. I've decided to do as others have done already and get the fuck out of dodge until this thing is gone and dead. This is sure to make a couple of people happy :thumbsup:

    When somebody receives -2 (no, not me) for even asking how to edit a thread, you know you've stepped from a pleasant recreational pastime into a little 1941 Vichy delation wonderland.

    Anyone else who is seriously leaving over this particular thing and for no other reasons (Niamh?) should clarify.

    Based on the above quote I have to wonder what on earth is there to clarify for anything other than some more not so veiled finger pointing? Close the fucking thread already, it's been a week.

  2. [quote name='zakalwe7' post='1432535' date='Jul 9 2008, 02.47']I have a picture of Barry here that he asked me to upload


    What the fuck did you google to get that one?!

  3. [quote name='Ser Scot A Ellison' post='1249212' date='Feb 29 2008, 17.43']Annelise,

    Absolutely no need to apologize. It was my baseless assumption that you are a guy. I enjoy talking American Civil War topics with anyone who will listen to me drone on.


    Or people who do not want to listen for that matter. :P

  4. [quote name='Ser Scot A Ellison' post='1123547' date='Nov 27 2007, 18.21']Annelise,

    I have to admit as long as we've been debating American Civil War stuff, I thought you were a guy.


    Wow, what gave her away? Surely not the name Annelise? Or the fact that she's been around for aaaages, known to most anyone not blind as a bat? :P