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  1. I just added A Dance With Dragons (paperback P1 & P2; UK editions) to my collection. Started reading today.
  2. Reader, So do you enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones enough to collect stuff related to it? From mugs, graphic novels, comic books, t-shirts, alternate covers, etc it has quit the stuff out there. So I decided why not have a thread/topic where people can post images of what they have or write what you have. My Current Collection ASoIaF US box collection --- The 1st 4 books; 2011 cover art editions (here). Game of Thrones --- HBO large paperback cover, 2011 cover art edition (here). The Hedge Knight --- Comic Book Vol. 1 #3, Cover A, 2003 published; published by Image Comics (here). The Hedge Knight --- Graphic Novel Vol. 1, Cover 2006; published by Marvel (here). THK: Sworn Sword --- Graphic Novel Vol 2, Cover 2008; published by Marvel (here). Game of Thrones --- Blu-Ray 2012 (here). Coming Soon to Collection GoT Bookmarks --- Here. Stark Mug --- Here. UK ASoIaF Box Set --- Here. I'm also going to try to find the rest of the Image Comic, comic books for Hedge Knight. v/Respectfully, Kagoora
  3. Reader, Welcome to my quick intro post. I originally started reading The Obsidian Chronicles by Lawrence Watt Evans. Well waiting for the third book, Dragon Venom to come out I picked up the first three books in A Song of Ice and Fire, and was hooked. I also enjoy Star Trek (all series), Walking Dead, Fringe, and Eureka. I also still read the Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine (after all who says I need to grow up completely). When I'm not reading or doing college assignments I'm either playing video games, working on my novels, or doing out door stuff. v/Respectfully, Kagoora
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