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  1. everything was going so smooth and suddenly i almost got heart attack when i saw varys in the last scene which means LF is not the only one who own his private charter plane.
  2. Winterfell battle was so intense but best part was dany and those dragons. ....RIP rickon which was saddest part. awesome.....insanely awesome CGI i am still rewinding those dragon scene repeatedly and that backround track while dany riding drogon and rhegal and viserion coming out blasting that wall. ... had huge orgasms looking at those awesome CGI work. 10 out 10.
  3. naik2902

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    WTF. after u got stabbed and and ur body is sore and u only had one night rest and next day u run and jump as if u r rehearsing for rio olympics. seems arya got huge stamina power in her guts. podrick and bronn scene was waste. they forgot there is a war situation and place is not for doing this. are we really waiting every sunday 9 for this ?? greyworm , missendei and tyrion joke scene is again waste. just for giving screentime for missendei and greyworm u cant put such a cheap writing and unnecessary scenes. this show budget is running in millions. jamie talking about cersei again and his obsession for her pisses me off. i would wanted to see him change and hating cersei same that happen in book when he was in riverrun. poor writing for jamie. he is still in love with cersei. then why the fuck he is after brienne ?? total 7 out 10.
  4. what to say here .. ... either Dothraki people are supercool or superdumb coz they look like they dont give fuck if they suddenly see their temple is in flames and khal is inside crying for help. of course dany is unburnt and fire resistant but ending scene was done for dumber audience. no logic.
  5. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 602?

    8 out of 10 thank god. no dorne. its finally getting good and interesting coz of bran, flashbacks and bloodraven. but WTF lyanna is looking older and taller than Ned. Euron killing Balon was ok coz i think its close to books. but Ramsay killing Roose was infront of Torren karstark and Torrent was like very calm and very cool as if nothing hapened....bullsht. tyrion daring to unchain dragons again didnt make any sense. why would he risk his life so blindly in such a cheap and stupid way? i wanted to see him do it only after he meet some red preistess who convinces him that he is someone special. could have made much sense.
  6. Finale is 90 min long. I m very excited.
  7. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 405?

    After hearing Lysas sex screams magister ilyrio masturbated in pentos.
  8. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 405?

    This is the worst. Bran stuff is real creepy. I mean why bran waited so long to warg into hodor. He could have killed all mutineer alone in d crasters keep. Noone would have found it out even if he had warged into karl to kill all mutineer. There was no reason for bran to rot in inside craster keep. GOT is really getting boring now. It wuld have made much sense if they had followed books. Now so many flaws n loopholes beyond d wall. And again writing n dialogues r ordinary except for all kings landing n arya scenes. I was expecting jojen as very mature character but d writing for bran n jojen was ordinary. David n dan need to need to improve.
  9. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 404?

    If Locke can reach to wall so fast then why its still getting late for more than 50k wildings to reach near d wall. Why mance is taking so long ? Why d fuck Jon snow wants to risk his life to go again to craster keep? Just to kill those traitor to bury d secret who knows d total number of people manned on d wall ? He knows d wildings can warg eagle as satellite surveyllance to collect d info ? By using eagle Wildings can easily find out how many castles r unmanned at d wall ? N why mance need castle black to invade. Tormund is already on south of wall. He can choose any other 16 castle which r unmanned n make way for wildings to invade.why d fuck some one waste their time for castle black ?
  10. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 404?

    This ep was worst. Why they showed the sack of meeren n stuff in such a fast pace?. I mean they could have split d whole fuckin meeren story n freeing thing in at least 2 episodes going in much depth on slavery n master n cruelty in meeren n then Danys entry in city in much stylish way. I would rather watch Spartacus for slave stuff. This is tasteless n insult to martins books. It makes show tasteless when u don't give good timeline gap to the series of events. How d fuck Locke reached to d wall so fast. Y did cersei didn't react to Jamie after she got raped as if nothing happened. Jamie n tyrion scene could have been much deeper. Sansa asking Lf "' where r we goin ?" as if she doesnt know where Lf taking her? I mean wtf happened to writer of this show ? Why they goin with such ordinary shtty writing? Why Jon is not angry on Sam after he learn that bran is beyond d wall. Y didn't he ask sam wat was dat silly reason for bran to go north n why did Sam let his little bro to go such dangerous place? Y didn't he ask about rickon n remembered him n for a sec ? No sadness n no worries on jons face. At least show writer should have made Sam to keep it secret n shuld have shown samwell dying to tell Jon about his little bro but he couldn't coz of his promise to bran. Karl n rast r not leaving any good impression on this show that they r real assholes n evil bastards. Scenes of dis ep are made just for sake n not of memorable kind the one u will not remember for long.
  11. Good but not excellent. 8 of 10. When joff dies only cersei n jamie run for help. I mean wtf others was doing for those 30 sec. Ur king is dying n tywin n margery watching from a far. Wat can kill u so fast ?? u might choke due to suffocation n problem in breathing.but How one can die bleeding through eyes so fast ???
  12. naik2902

    [No Spoilers] EP401 Discussion

    I liked oberyn scene with tyrion and talk about his sister elia n rhaegar. His accent was diff n like dornish.
  13. naik2902

    How would you rate episode 401?

    9 out of 10. Well directed n Cgi was great too.
  14. naik2902

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

  15. naik2902

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    pls check this link