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  1. LIKED The Bear! The Bear! And all the Jaime/Brienne scenes. The Dany scenes - her arc this season has been magnificent. Tywin/Joff - could have had better dialogue, I suppose, but it was a great scene. The Sansa/Margaery scene - love it cause it contained my favourite noble ladies and Marge was so understanding, hated it too though, for other reasons Tyrion/Shae - and that's saying a lot, cause I hate the whitewashed HBO Tyrion, who gets too much screen time at the expense of other characters. For the first time in ages, he and Shae both were actually true to their characters. I loved the Bronn scene, too! Robb's council scne - it was very good, all the five characters in the scene had an equal part in it and the back and forth tensions were really great. What's best though is that Cat was written right for a change. I guess tha Blackfish was being rude, he would not have behaved like that in the books, but he is a slightly different character on the show and I still like show!Blackfish, too. All of us - nuff said DISLIKE The Theon torture - OH GOD WHY Bran scenes continnue to be boring Marge/Sansa THIS! :agree: SO MUCH! 8/10
  2. Yes, but one of those monologues was extremely out of character. And in this episode she did just stand in the back, while half of her book lines were given to Talisa, which happens every other episode, so it's really starting to annoy me. Talisa has gotten all Cat's best characteristics, like advocating for peace, for example. Yes! To both of those. I used to love Cersei, then after reading AFFC I hated her. Now I think I love her again thanks to this amazing forum.
  3. Yeah! Also there's this http://tumblrofthrones.tumblr.com/post/47452026335/souberbielle-if-catelyn-had-loved-jon-snow
  4. In the words of Jaime Lannister, we can't choose who we love. And why do you say that Cersei would have given Robert an heir if there was no incest? Robert would have still mistreated her and called her Lyanna. She wouldn't have loved him or wanted his children. And she shouldn't be obliged to have his children if she doesn't want to, even if she is the queen, especially since it was probably her father, not her, who decided that she should be queen. Also, someone up thread said that Jaime is still fighting for the wrong side. Erm, excuse me, he is fighting for his family. There is nor right and wrong side in Westeros. The right side does not equal the Starks.
  5. The scene with Cat pushing Bran out of a tree was odd. Everything else was perfect! The Dracarys scene and Marge/QoT/Varys scenes especially were everything I wanted and more. I also loved the Tywin/Cersei conversation, it was epic. I gave this episode a 10. First 10 this season.
  6. 9/10 The only thing I didn't like was the overly long, unnecessary Pod/Tyrion/Bron thing. It's wasting precious screen time that could be spent catching up with other POV characters on Tyrion's sidekicks. Aslo, the music at the end was strange, I guess. But I loved everything else! We finally got to hear the bear and the maiden fair and Jaime's hand scene was brilliant! Also really loved the Tullys, especially the funeral scene and the "wait for me little Cat". For once, the writers got Catelyn's character right!
  7. The Cat thing was just wrong. The fact that she was making one of these thingies for Jon in the first place when only a mother can make one for her child sort of implies like she thought she was Jon's mother or at least stepmother/surrogate mother, which she never did. And the rest of Westeros never thought that either. If D&D did this to make Cat more likeable, like people are suggesting, then I don't understand them, because in my opinion it actually makes her less likeable. Cat is one of my favourites and she doesn't need to be a mother archetype and coddle Jon Snow in order to be likeable. Also, Hot Pie fat shaming, not cool! Funny, but still, it was too much. Other than that, wow! What en episode! The Jamie/Brienne banter was priceless and the Olenna scene was perfect, exactly as I imagined it. They've really done a good job on the Tyrells. The arrival of the Reeds was pretty kickass too. Amen! I hated those, too! Most women don't act like that towards other women outside of sitcoms. I also just don't like this jealous!Shae angel they seme to be taking. All in all 7/10. I enjoyed this episode less than the premier, which I understand is not a popular opinion. Or is it?
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