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  1. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    Thanks or the game! Was lots of fun playing again. Thanks to BB for being an awesome host, despite the delays.
  2. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    Wut? This is, confusing. My Guess:
  3. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    Come on guys.
  4. Turinqui-Calima

    Wed, Bed, Kill

    Why is this thread not called 'Wed, Bed, Behead'? W: Brown Ben Plumm B: The Tattered Prince K: Jorah Mormont Next: Orton Merryweather, Gyles Rosby, Harys Swyft
  5. Turinqui-Calima

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I saw the movie last night and really liked it for what it was. It was really impressive how they balanced so many different characters without making the movie feel too disjointed. It definitely felt like a stepping stone movie though, with a lot of things happening because they needed to have happened in the next movie. Not that I am complaining, the movie was a lot of fun with so many really entertaining scenes and some really cool fights. I loved the cool arrivals, like Cap showing up in Edinburgh or Thor showing up in Wakanda. The 'she is not alone' scene with Wanda, BW, and Okoye was really neat. I saw the movie in Harlem and just the cut to Wakanda made the entire theater cheer, so that was nice and reminded me how much I love BP. Just so much fan service throughout the entire thing. Loved Thor/Rocket, loved Stark/Spidey/Strange and of course Gamora/Thanos was very well done. As for the 'deaths' I feel like the only ones that are really permanent are Loki and Heimdall. My guess is that Gamora will play a role in undoing the finger snap by being a part of the Soul Stone somehow (as someone mentioned earlier in the thread). Vision will probably come back through Shuri, who I am thinking did not turn to dust. I can't imagine them spending so much time on Shuri trying to save Vision if it doesn't lead to something. Anyone have any thoughts on Thanos 'knowing' Stark? Is it just through the events of the previous Avengers movies, through the Soul Stone, both? I was really curious about it and thought it was a really interesting scene. Agree completely here. Thanos' plan to kill half the population just doesn't make any sense. If he has the gauntlet, he controls essentially everything. Why not just, you know, double the resources rather than getting rid of half the 'people'? I do hear a lot of people calling Thanos 'mad', but as someone who has only watched the MCU movies and not read any comics, I've never felt like Thanos is mad, just evil. It did make it tricky for me to wrap my head around his character. I got annoyed with Scarlet Witch too. I know the battle looks bad and you're not doing anything right now, but staying with Vision and Shuri is not exactly an unimportant task... One last gripe for me is that I really wish we had been introduced to the Black Order earlier in the franchise, even if it was just as a rumor or Gamora/Nebula discussing them. I really liked them as villains and their deaths were awesome ways of having victories for our heroes despite the overall defeat, but I think it would have had more of an impact if they were set up already. Wouldn't be surprised if Ebony Maw survives. Finally, 'Thanos will return' as the final text made me laugh. Excellent detail.
  6. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    I'm about half-way done with my drawing. Hope to Will finish it tonight. We can do this. <3
  7. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    I also prefer 9 rounds.
  8. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    Sorry this has been such a pain for you BB. Looking forward to getting this back on track (I already have a podcast picked out for my next drawing session).
  9. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary XL

    Fine I'm in.
  10. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Thank you so much, Zar! Your gifts were amazing. I've gotten to try out both games and they are both so much fun. And thanks to Lany for being an amazing host as always! <3
  11. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    When do we get the Santa reveal? I'm so curious.
  12. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Got my final box and it had a lovely cozy, purple scarf in it! The box I got yesterday had some yummy salty licorice which I am of course already eating! Thank you so, so, so much, SS! I still have no idea who you are, except you have excellent taste and you're too damn generous!
  13. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    There's not a lot of Santa guessing this year... I have no clue who my SS is either. Lots of fun hearing about everyone's gifts though!!
  14. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Received one more box but waiting to open it until I get the last one.
  15. Turinqui-Calima

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    So turns out the box I received from Amazon yesterday that I had left unopened in the corner was in fact not the book I had ordered, but a very generous gift from my wonderful Secret Santa! After I received a bit of a poke from Lany this evening I went to open the box to find three Amazon gift bags. The first gift I opened was the little game Love Letter! I have never played it, but I had heard of it before and it looks awesome. I have since watched the Tabletop with Wil Wheaton episodes on it and can't wait to play. Great choice, SS! Second gift I opened was another tabletop game; Seven Wonders Duel which is a game I've wanted to play with the husband for a while. Thank you for granting my wish! Last gift I opened is a hand cream with a Lavender scent. It smells really wonderful, and it's my favorite color. Gifts Thank you so much SS! A little elf (well, Lany) tells me I still have to keep my eye out for packages from you, and you have already been so generous! I will post again as soon as I've got something to report.