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  1. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Sent! Thinking the theme was a bit too narrow this game. If I never have to draw another campfire I won't complain.
  2. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Sent! Back in the US now so shouldn't cause delays again.
  3. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    It me. I'm the bad one. I've been travling so I'm blaming a mix of bad internet connection and forgetfulness, cause I'm a doofus. I can't get the pic to load on the Lisbon airport Wi-Fi I'm currently using. I'll get a sentence in tomorrow at the latest. So sorry everyone.
  4. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Haha, I was panicking a bit cause I hadn't checked the board for a few days and thought I might be late on the description round. Shame shame.
  5. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    So when I heard about this game I though to myself 'I just don't have time right now' and then immediately started thinking of fun start sentences. So I guess that means I'm in. ETA: Sentence sent
  6. Turinqui-Calima

    Eurovision 2019

    Same chat today? :D
  7. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary - A Collection of Beautiful Drawings

    TELEPHONE PICTIONARY XXX - MARCH 2016 Theme - All sentences are in a language other than English Chain #1 - What is the first day of the week? Chain #2 - Obligatory Witchy Ninja Chain #3 - Rodent King Chain #4 - About a white-haired muscular man Chain #5 - Family Tree Chain #6 - Divine Intervention (Warning: This thread is slightly NSFW and could be offensive to some) Chain #7 - The Fashionable Floating Head Chain #8 - Let's stick with French? (Nope) Chain #9 - Rocksniffing Whoa.
  8. Turinqui-Calima

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I was just wondering the same. Ran's last post in each rating thread for season 4 has the following: Ep 1 "Two swords" - 626 votes, 8.16 average. 8 median, 8.28 normalized average. Ep 2 "The Lion and the Rose" - 545 votes in, average of 8.33, median of 9, normalized average of 8.48 Ep 3 "Breaker of Chains" - 549 votes in, 6.97 average, 8 median, 7.08 normalized average Ep 4 "Oathkeeper" - 614 votes, 7.66 average, 9 median, 7.86 normalized average. ETA: Of course we still need all the UK etc. viewers to vote for this episode. :)
  9. Turinqui-Calima

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I gave it a 4 - It was boring and had some infuriating parts, mostly Cersei being Cersei (except in the Margeary scene when she was someone else), Littlefinger's tardiness at telling Sansa to bring her hood up and too much Brienne and Pod. Littlefinger's acting was horrid as usual and I wish Emilia Clarke would do something other than 'mighty teenage queen' once in a while, especially when it's a one and one conversation with Jorah. I know she can, because she did in season 1 and 2. Lysa of course was brilliant and Sweet Robin did very well. The end was not great story-wise but at least it was entertaining. Ninja turtle Burn Gorman, including his death, had be pretty excited. All in all, better than last weeks episode.
  10. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary - A Collection of Beautiful Drawings

    Pictionary IX - Final Results Chain No. 1: One more cup of coffee Winter's Knight said: Less sleep, more coffee. Buckwheat said: 20 minutes till midnight on the 31th December a man in a green sweater tries to eat as much waffles, sunny-side-up eggs, ham and bacon as possible as he has resolved to have a much healthier diet come New Year (he also does not seem to notice that there is a creeping squid in his teacup). Chain No. 2: Toy Soldiers King Gendry said: The Gingerbread King resolves to crush the rebellion in 2014 DreamSongs said: The Queensguard unsuccessfully defended Queen Snow White on her claw-footed throne when GI Joes attacked. Chain No. 3: Blame Canada Arya Kiddin' said: Obama resolves to sell off Obamacare and use the money to launch an all out assault on Canada instead to take away all their Maple syrup. Mark Antony said: The British guy with a top hat burnt 6 million Canadian flags and then flew to Canada Chain No. 4: A change is gonna come Castellan said: She resolved not to delude herself into thinking any sort of change was possible by act of will. Arya Kiddin’ drew: http://i.imgur.com/MtOZztD.jpg Lany said: This person resolves to use magic to change his five wizard's hats and robes from blue with stars to red with diamonds Mark Antony drew: http://i.imgur.com/t1H9oes.jpg?1 King Gendry said: The orchestra conductor takes it upon himself to initiate peace talks between the Orange and Blue sides of the 'Wizard Hat and Ghoul' conflict. Chain No. 5: Hungry like the wolf The Black Bear said: A Sleepy Black Bear has decided to spend this year with cake and happiness. Emmit said: The fat (and large busted) woman is locking away her cheese to remove any temptation that might hinder her New Year's Resolution of becoming svelte and cat-like by Bastille Day. Chain No. 6: Like a prayer Pebble said: After celebrating the new year and new Job Ned Promises his Wife that he will keep his head and not involve himself in the personal lives of the royal family. Snowborn said: Gendry prays at the Winterfell weirwood tree, near the pond, his prayers are answered by a bunch of wildflowers that decide to make him their Nissa Nissa. Chain No. 7: Around the world Koba said: My NY resolution is to start writing a book. The BlackBear said: 2013: Dig 1st prize hole. 2014: Earn money as a pilot. 2015: BURY THE TREASURE! YAR! Chain No. 8: I want to dance with somebody Leap said: This year I will learn Kung Fu, so I can fulfil my dream of winning a fight while dressed as a Panda. Pebble said: The Woman wanted to infiltrate the house of Telephone Pictionary players so she could throw poor Emmit into the recycling and liberate and dance with one eyed Brown bear. Chain No. 9: Written in the stars Lany said: A person will drink only one cup of tea a day. Koba said: King Tyrion of the TTTNE was giving us coffee and tea generously in 2013 but in 2014 Mighty Potato and Rhaenis Balerion will bring some coffee and tea to him....cause he's the king now Chain No. 10: Rains of Castamere Buckwheat said: Balerion the cat resolves not to steal Lord Tywin's meal anymore. Leap said: Pebbles eats the pizza she worships so very much, whilst a nearby cat ponders the meaning of life. Chain No. 11: What does the fox say DreamSongs said: A woman takes a cruise to Alaska and gets to photograph wild bears up close and fly over the glacier fields in a helicopter. Lany said: The water evaporated from the earth causing fires and the fox traveled from Europe, through Africa to Antarctica to get ice for his tea. Comments: Bonus Pictures: Pebble on TC finding out Jennifer Lawrence was on the Bill Engvall show: http://i.imgur.com/qEsAplB.jpg Snowborn on this game: http://i.imgur.com/W6yTNI1.jpg?1 Pebble on this game: http://i.imgur.com/XbwqEOj.jpg
  11. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary - A Collection of Beautiful Drawings

    Excellent. Glad you enjoyed all the results. I'm hosting the current game so I'm really happy to have you as a possible volunteer, although I think we are doing ok in this particular round.
  12. Turinqui-Calima

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    So Theon spent half his life in the North and he doesn't know the banner and ways of the Boltons? Way too much time spent on that scene too. I though it was a horrible episode in general. The Sam scene was cute though.
  13. Turinqui-Calima

    How would you rate episode 302?

    I didn't like the episode at all. Most of it was just boring, but the scenes that stood out where the bad ones, namely Tyrion/Shae and, of course, Catelyn/Talisa. :bang: The only good scene was the Olenna scene and that was pretty much straight from the books. One thing I do enjoy a lot is the acting. Even when the writing is bad I love all the Joffrey scenes just because Jack is doing such a great job. Jaime and Brienne were great too.