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  1. I was just wondering the same. Ran's last post in each rating thread for season 4 has the following: Ep 1 "Two swords" - 626 votes, 8.16 average. 8 median, 8.28 normalized average. Ep 2 "The Lion and the Rose" - 545 votes in, average of 8.33, median of 9, normalized average of 8.48 Ep 3 "Breaker of Chains" - 549 votes in, 6.97 average, 8 median, 7.08 normalized average Ep 4 "Oathkeeper" - 614 votes, 7.66 average, 9 median, 7.86 normalized average. ETA: Of course we still need all the UK etc. viewers to vote for this episode. :)
  2. I gave it a 4 - It was boring and had some infuriating parts, mostly Cersei being Cersei (except in the Margeary scene when she was someone else), Littlefinger's tardiness at telling Sansa to bring her hood up and too much Brienne and Pod. Littlefinger's acting was horrid as usual and I wish Emilia Clarke would do something other than 'mighty teenage queen' once in a while, especially when it's a one and one conversation with Jorah. I know she can, because she did in season 1 and 2. Lysa of course was brilliant and Sweet Robin did very well. The end was not great story-wise but at least it was entertaining. Ninja turtle Burn Gorman, including his death, had be pretty excited. All in all, better than last weeks episode.
  3. So Theon spent half his life in the North and he doesn't know the banner and ways of the Boltons? Way too much time spent on that scene too. I though it was a horrible episode in general. The Sam scene was cute though.
  4. I didn't like the episode at all. Most of it was just boring, but the scenes that stood out where the bad ones, namely Tyrion/Shae and, of course, Catelyn/Talisa. :bang: The only good scene was the Olenna scene and that was pretty much straight from the books. One thing I do enjoy a lot is the acting. Even when the writing is bad I love all the Joffrey scenes just because Jack is doing such a great job. Jaime and Brienne were great too.
  5. I like to stalk profiles, fair lady.

  6. Why are you looking at my profile, sir?

  7. I'm hoping it's asparagus. With béarnaise sauce. *nods*

  8. Stalk. Stalk stalk stalk.

    But is it asparagus or celery?

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