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  1. Reminiscent of Batman ala Adam West. Just missing Bang!!! Whop!!! Pow!!! or whatever
  2. I think it is a tease.... she will tell him something vague about his future. Otherwise it is bogus. Fee Fii foo Fum.... I smell the Kings blood yum yum. Mel does not have this power else they would not be able to pull the wool over her eyes with Val/Gillys babe
  3. My expectations are of a book purist....but I'd still agree best episode yet.... 10!! To me it is art come to life on screen. I love the early sequence of scences from Theon, Ygrette, and espicially the Riot. Perfect locations... how did they do it? I could not have put together a better idea in my head what the physical locations of Myracella leaving in the boat and the street the riot occured
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