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    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    It is and it ain't. If you go by the show (and I believe the book ending will follow the same broad strokes) you will see that from now on the king will be chosen by an election and that one of the most culturaly diverse areas of the realm is now independent. Also, a new culture has been integrated to Westeros (dothraki), a woman has notoriously became a knight, and so on and so forth. All those things stablish precedents for further democratization, further secession, and further social advancements.
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    So where would you live ?

    I'd likely be a bastard from Dorne trying its hardest to acquire a small keep through intrigue and service of some local house.
  3. Here's what would've happened: ( You can believe me, I asked the three eyes raven.) 1. Stannis is fostered at Jon Arryn with Ned and they become friends. This does not softens Stanis because Ned never was the dominant part of the relationship with Robert and there's no reason to think he would be with Stannis. 2. Lyanna does not love Stannis, but she doesn't despise him like she did Robert. And thus, she never runs away with Prince Rhaegar. 3. When Aerys II kills lord Stark and his heir, Ned, Stannis and Jon Arryn rise in rebellion. 4. Stannis is a good fighter, but not a great one like Robert. As a result, he loses the battle to Rhaegar and dies at the Trident. Eddard and Jon Arryn Retreat. 5. At the same time, Robert loses his temper at the siege of Storm's End and rides with his few and weakened troops against Mace Tyrell. They fight bravely, but end up being defeated. Robert gets captured, but Mace, who never was a great warrior or battle commander dies at the hands of some brave knight on the service of the Baratheons. 6. When Storm's End is captured, Tywin Lannister, decides to fight on the side of the king and attacks the Riverlands, getting Stannis's army, now commanded by Eddard Stark. Eddard dies, along with Hoster Tully, but Jon Arryn manages to flee and lock himself on the Eyrie with his bride, Lysa Tully-Arryn. 7. The young Renly Baratheon, heir to Storm's End, is made hostage in King's Landing and Lord Gulian Swann(one of the few non-rebellious lords of the Stormlands) is made castellan. Renly would grow up to become a good politician at court and commanded to marry princess Daenerys Targaryen, a young shy girl deemed distant enough in the line of succession to secure the loyalty of the young Renly without awakening his ambitions. 8. Riverrun surrenders and the boy-lord Edmure is taken to King's Landing as a hostage (where he later dies, tortured by the mad king), while "late" Lord Walder Frey is rewarded for his loyalty to the realm with the title of lord Paramount of the Trident when he forsakens his vows to the Tullys in favor of those to the Crown. His firstborn son Stevron Frey marries the widow Catelyn Stark as a way to cement Frey rule over the Riverlands. (Years later he would face a rebellion from Robb Rivers, allegedly a Tully bastard from Caetelyn, hidden at birth). 9. The armies of the North, lead by the young lord Benjen Stark, fight on for a while and finally surrenders to Prince Rhaegar at the end of winter. As part of the peace dealings, the North will now pay heavier taxes and Lyanna Stark will go south as a hostage. 10. Imediatelly, Jon Arryn also bends the knee and the Vale has to pay tribute and provide hostages to many crownland houses. 11. The Ironborn never join the Robert, and Quellon only dies 15 years later, of old age. 11. On the next few years after the war now known to the maesters as Robert's Betrayal, Aerys II is considered unfit to rule by a Great Council and sent to the Night's Watch, but dies on the way to the Wall. Rhaegar Targaryen, first of his name, now even more prestigious than before the war, is crowned. Jon Connington is made Hand of the King. 12. Rhaegar marries his hostage Lyanna Stark, reviving the old Targaryen custom of polygamy, to the ire of the Faith. Unfortunatelly, the bride dies later, giving birth to Rhaegar's third son, Jon Targaryen (an homage to his hand and great friend). Her death would be considered punishment from the gods. 13. With the death of Lyanna, Tywin Lannister tries to offer his daughter, Cersei, to marry Rhaegar, but is refused again. To placate lord Tywin's wrath, his firstborn son, Jaime Lannister, is dispensed from the King's Guard, becoming henceforth known as "the Oathbreaker". Cersei is later hastly married off to Benjen Stark. (Seven months after this wedding, she gives birth to young Joffrey Stark, later known as "the golden wolf", duo to his blond hair, quite uncommon in the north.) The Great Lords, at the End of the 3rd Century Would, then, be: King Rhaegar Targaryen I, and his firstborn heir Prince Aegon Targaryen Tywin Lannister, and his firstborn heir, Jaime Lannister, the Oathbreaker Benjen Stark, and his firstborn heir, Joffrey stark, the Golden Wolf Renly Baratheon, and his firstborn heir Rhaegar Baratheon, named after the king Doran Martell, and his firstborn heir Arianne Martell Walder Frey, and his firstborn heir Stevron Frey Ballon Greyjoy, and his firstborn heir Rodrick Greyjoy Willas Tyrell, and his brother and heir, Garllan Tyrell It would take another centuty before the clashing customs and the Targaryen lack of Dragons would again plunge the Kingdoms into war an all out war.
  4. Jon Mark Selmy

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    No. It's about the nature of power and a study on how to deal with it and what it causes. The "apocalyptic once in a millenia invasion" is just the text. Politics is the actual subtext. (But I don't see why more houses need to fall, specially considering the show does not presents many of them either way.)
  5. Jon Mark Selmy

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Pretty much this. Except it will be well written and actually make sense.
  6. Jon Mark Selmy

    The Missing Scenes/Episodes

    I pretty much agree with you on all accounts. 7 - More development for Sansa. We need to actually see her become smarter instead of being informed of it by Tyrion. Specifically, this should have been shown by her outwitting Littlefinger which didn't happened (those scenes were super confused). 8 - More development for Bran. We need to understand him, his powers, what he is and how he "ticks" now. 9 - More development for Sam. How is he Grand Maester now? Is he the heir to Horn Hill now since Maesters can't inherit? 10 - More development for Jaime. I think they meant that he went back to Cersei because of taking his duty seriously, since he is a kingsguard and she is his Queen. But the show doesn't make it clear at all. 11 - The final "Great Council" scene should actually have more people representing that most houses left went for it. Also and more importantly to the ending we got: 12 - Daenerys' relationship with the people of Westeros and its consequences for both the people and herself. We must see how common people and lesser lords see her and her strange foreign army as invaders more than saviors, despite the fact that Cersei is clearly an usurper. We must see she responding to it by believing most people from Westeros to have betrayed her. And slowly becoming more and more violent and paranoid.
  7. Jon Mark Selmy

    How would you rate episode 301?

    "9" Great, great episode. And most of the criticism people make (like the 'toned down Tormud and Mance) are actually for the best. TV is a different media and some things won't work in a drama series.