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  1. I gave it an 8, not as good ad previous episodes but was still good.
  2. I never once suspected they died in the books. No hodor, osha or direwolfs and two disfigured body's = mmmh
  3. I really enjoyed this episode, I give it 9.5. Was still quite shocked of the ending and what Jaime Lannister did...
  4. You think im making this up? :S I forgot where I read it but I think it was episode 8 or episode 10 but the halfhand "gives Jon a mission". Which if you read the books you'll know what the mission is. So unless the halfhand does a search mission for Jon and finds him and decides to flat out give the mission then I think it hard to believe.
  5. Hes not off to Mance, its been confirmed he'll find the halfhand again and he'll give him a mission.
  6. A chimpanzee has the strength to rip off an arm off a human so I can believe that a group of rioters can rip off an arm if they all tore it together.. As unlikely as it seems.
  7. Ive also read all the books, I imagine most people who voted have otherwise why would they be on avforum dedicated to the books? I loved this episode despite the changes. The main aim of tv is to enjoy it, not compare it incentlaly to the books.. It's still following the main story and thats all that bothers me. IRS fun. I also prefer Twop over these forums, they are good fans and like or dislike the show for the right reasons.
  8. Well all people saying the episode sucks, the fact that more people have voted 9 and 10 than all the scores combined shows the episode was a huge success.
  9. By entertainment I mean't a good storyline that draws the viewer in, I for one do not find clowns or hordes of naked women entertaining, but rather annoying. :P Whats the point of having an episode to the letter if the average viewer doesn't understand it and he grows bored? Many people including myself who have read the books appreciate that this episode was highly entertaining and drew me in and made me sit on the edge of my chair. Yes I do wonder why that was? At the time she was hardly a threat IMO. She had a small host and no real allies backing her up, since the death of Drogo. Perhaps everyone just had a lot of respect for her? I'm not really sure tbh. But I see this as an exciting move from HBO, perhaps a whatif scenario if GRRM did include it in the books. Nobody is doubting that. It wasn't 100% true to the spirit of the book agreed. I read somewhere that GRRM personally praised this episode. I don't know how true this source is but if it is true then GRRM isn't complaining either way. :P PS: I do generally respect what you and your friend have done for ASOIAF, with the wiki, site and forums, its just I'm in a disagreement with the way you analysis went. Obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as it isn't labeled as a fact.
  10. So if people disagree with you they don't know what they're talking about? Almost every analysis I read favours this episode, the main aim of an episode is to entertain which is succesful it seems. I don't agree that making up plots will ruin the main story at all... I always wondered why Dany never had her dragons stolen when her khalasar was so small and weak in the books. The only thing I agree with is the part about Amory dying, but I didn't mind it because I enjoyed it, overall.
  11. The half-hand will return in future episodes where Jon will have to "prove" something. Its been confirmed, no worrys there.
  12. The half-hand will return in future episodes where Jon will have to "prove" something. Its been confirmed, no worrys there.
  13. Well I read the books and even if the show isn't following the books word by word as people would like *cough* the admin *cough* it is still a damn good show and deserves respect. I read around the internet and basically lots of people are saying this is the best episode ever. (a lot of non-readers and readers alike). I loved this episode despite the changes and will probably continue to do so. As long as its entertaining, so what?
  14. I don't like the guys who do analysis on this site. They are too much of book purists... I will read my reviews on ign, perfect 10 and I agree!