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  1. That's very kind of you to say, thanks and I'll respond to your post in the 5 B/W thread as soon as I have a minute. See you around.

  2. thinks, therefore she ams. She thinks.

    1. Kevin_Lannister


      I like that... the thinks, therefore she ams. She thinks. I laughed out loud when I read that, literally, not like when people acronym it all the time falsely.

  3. Actually I think Annelise is sporting him in her avatar now, he's an American B list TV actor type, the kind that makes for a good cult favorite.

    What about "Errant mediaevalist", or is that too much like Errant Bard?

  4. I approve of your Bruces, though I mourn somewhat that you do not find Bruce Campbell worthy. But I can accept our differences with tolerance and understanding.

  5. I've just gotta ask which Bruce you're referring to.

  6. Bwahah, I made you comment in the book forum. Are you people in chat?

  7. Stalk. Stalk stalk stalk.

    But is it asparagus or celery?

  8. No it's not off.

  9. With my screenname is anyone really going to think I'm a guy??!

  10. LB's cat is considering spring fashions and would like to inquire as to the average level of Limecat's hat hair.

  11. Shamelessly googled:

    Did you hear that Ford is recalling all vehicles sold in Iowa? They have to change the dimmer switch back to the floor like it used to be due to all the Iowans losing control of their cars when their foot gets caught in the steering wheel.

  12. What is this an inquisition? Fine, I took care of it, no more orca.

  13. Dammit, you already have a comment.

  14. Zero percent! Zero percent!!!!!!!!

  15. 99 yrs old, huh? I used to be 99, then JL made me change it =(

  16. As a good Minnesotan I have to use this opportunity to get in a proper Iowa joke. Lets start with:

    What do women in Iowa put behind their ears to attract men? Their ankles.

    (Cut me some slack, I'm rusty.)

  17. Comment comment comment comment comment. Comment comment. Comment comment comment comment. Comment!

  18. Just FYI -- I am now without java capabilities for at least a week, so if you by chance see D in chat ever, give her my hellos.

  19. They said you don't even look at anyone under 75. What was I supposed to do!

  20. Fine, man, fine. Just for you. I hope you're happy now.

  21. I'm lying to protect you, JL. You'll understand some day.

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